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    Trandoshan's come form planet Trandosh (aka Dosha or Hsskor) the neighboring planet of Kashyyyk that is the home planet to the Wookiees.

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    Trandoshan's speak Dosh. Their skin goes from brown to glossy green and have regenerative properties. They are coldblooded and famous for their Trandoshani flatcake. They worhip a goddess they call Scorekeeper. Many Trandoshans are smugglers, bounty hunters of slavers. Though strong they were outmatched by Wookies.

    Trandoshans joined the Galactic Republic 7,000 years before the battle of Yavin. During the Sith Wars Sith troops landed in Trandosha but they were alughtered by the locals, but Sith invaded their world and killed many of them, that led them to serve them.

    During the Clone Wars Dosha was represented by Wookiee senator Yarua something that was in their dismay. Trandoshans tried to kill Yarua but they failed. 23 years before the battle of Yavin a Wookiee spaceship was attacked over a Trandoshan moon, Wookies started a block over Dosha. Peace conversation took place but they failed when it was know that Trandoshans we backing the Trade Federation.

    Some groups of Trandoshans involved in the was supporting the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

    Trandoshans suggested to the Empire to slave Wookiees, when the Empire accepted, Trandoshans led salving raids on Kashyyyk.

    A famous Trandoshan was Bossk. He worked as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars and decades after. He used to wear a yellow flight suit instead of the typical dark clothes. He ate his father when he gained power and became a famous Wookiee hunter on Dosha.


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