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    Kashyyyk is a jungle planet in the Star Wars Universe which is best known as the home of its native inhabitants, the Wookies.

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    Kashyyyk is a mid-rim planet that is covered in lush and dense forests and is home to the Wookiees and a diverse range of flora. It was in the original Republic, was captured by the Empire and later joined the New Republic.


    Kashyyyk is inhabited by billions wroshyr trees that completely encompass the surface of the planet in thick foliage. As a result the land at the floor is very dark and relatively inhabitable for humans. Wookies are the primary sentient creatures that inhabit the planet.

    In order to survive they have had to build large catwalks and tree houses were they can survive high above the eerie shadowlands in which many carnivorous plants lived that were fully capable of eating a fully grown human or adolescent Wookie. The forests are divided into 7 layers and the majority of Wookies live above the 4th and practically none venture onto the surface.

    Notable Events

    During the war between the Jedi and the Sith, The Brotherhood of Darkness took control of Kashyyyk until they were eventually repelled by the Jedi. During the Clone Wars the Wookies allied themselves with the Republic prompting an invasion from the Separatists. This invasion was met by Republic and Wookie forces and most famously Grand Master Yoda, the Republic despite daunting odds won.

    Yoda and several other Jedi were on Kashyyyk when Order 66 was announced and only Yoda escaped the planet, the rest were either killed or forced into hiding. Following the Rise of the Empire and the declaration of Jedi as outlaws, Kashyyyk didn't join the Empire or extradite their Jedi inhabitants, as a result Darth Vader tried to burn down the forest, the Wookies rebelled, however were soon overrun and occupied by the Empire under a Moff.

    During the Yuuzhan Vong war significant areas of forest were burnt down by the Vong. In the second Galactic Civil War Jacen Solo, using long range turbo-lasers destroyed immense areas of forest before being driven off by the Jedi.

    Famous Inhabitants

    • Grand Master Yoda spent a great deal of time living among the Wookies and training young Jedi in the outpost there.
    • Chewbacca, undoubtedly the most famous Wookie of all time, was co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon and friend of both Luke Skywalker and Yoda later became a Hero of the Rebellion which was recognized with his medal of honour.
    • Lowbacca nephew of Chewbacca, is one of the few force sensitive Wookies, and goes on to become a Jedi Knight at a similar time to Jaina Solo

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