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    Durosians are species from planet Duro and they're famous because of their skills as pilots and their knownledge of space routes.

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    A species of near humans who looked very different facially to baseline humans, the Duros species had large red eyes with slit pupils, mouths with no lips, a long thing face and no nose. Although they had olfactory organs beneath their eyes which were the source of their capability to smell. They also had extremely smooth blue or green skin and bright green coloured blood coursing through their bodies.

    Much like their ancient reptile ancestors, the Duros species laid eggs rather than giving birth to live young. And also unlike their ancestors, or indeed another species of humanoids named the Neimoidian whom let their young fend for themselves, the Duros took care of their young from the minute that they are birthed.

    Jedi/Sith Duros

    Felanil Baaks - A Jedi Knight and Jedi Artisan.

    Tantron Dow - A Jedi Master.

    Teo Gronn - A Jedi Padawan.

    Klis Joo - A Jedi Knight.

    Lyron - A Jedi Master.

    Qwallo Mode - A Jedi Knight.

    Melari Ruxon - A Jedi Padawan who left The Jedi Order.

    Cei Vookto - A Jedi Master.


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