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    A Gen'Dai bounty hunter who worked with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, as well as a "Jedi Hunter" for the Dark Acolytes. He was a true force to reckoned with. He hated Mandalorians and enjoyed slaughtering clone troopers as they were clones of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett.

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    Durge was a Gen'Dai bounty hunter active for 2,000 years. Durge was very different from most of his race because of his unnatural rage and aggression. Durge had witnessed bounty hunters in action and saw a purpose for himself. He trained under a Mandalorian named Jaing. Both Durge and Jaing were sought out by a doctor who offered them improved armor, weapons, and cybernetic implants. They were both fused into cybernetic armor which Durge's Gen'Dai healing factor was trying to constantly heal over. Their new found abilities and armor were tested in combat with one another when Mandalorians attacked.

    Jaing was injured by a thermal detonator and Durge, believing his friend dead, went off to hunt down the Mandalore. The doctor then revealed this event as part of his plan to spark war between Mandalorians and the Sith. Durge allied himself with the Sith during the New Sith Wars. After the defeat of the New Sith he was able to kill the current Mandalore, but was caught and tortured. The torture was so intense that it took him a decade to recover and cost him his sanity. Durge would have his revenge in the Clone Wars.

    When he became aware that clone troopers were the spawn of the decimated Mandalorian race, Durge joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems right away. Durge would work for Jabba the Hutt while assigned to hunt Boba fett. Jabba prevented Boba's death, but Durge would not give up. After Fett blew up Durge and a bounty they competed for Durge would go to Naboo with Asajj Ventress. On Naboo they would test a chemical weapon which was lethal to Gungans. Obi-Wan Kenobi and other Jedi engaged Durge. He survived several mortal wounds and being shot in the eye. Durge would be caught off guard by Anakin Skywalker and forced to retreat.

    Durge would later ambush Obi-Wan and a team of five Jedi. He swiftly killed them all save Obi-Wan who he was ordered not to kill. They would face off again on Muunilinst in a large scale swoop bike battle. Durge's droid army destroyed a majority of the clone forces. Obi Wan stabbed Durge in the chest which was met with laughter. The Jedi then cut him in half seemingly killing his opponent. Durge recovered and attacked the clone ARC Troopers and Commandos who ripped apart his armor. No longer restricted by his armor Durge used his true form to swallow Obi Wan Kenobi whole. Kenobi used the force to blow Durge apart from the inside.

    Durge recovered and was sent with Asajj to fight General Grievous who quickly dispatched his foes. They were spared by their master Count Dooku. Durge would remain active in battle and again meet with Kenobi and Skywalker. As the two Jedi boarded his ship he instantly engaged them. Durge was pummeled with shrapnel and electrocuted which did not slow him down. After overpowering both of the Jedi he was forced into an escape pod by Anakin's force abilities. The escape pod was sent right into a star by Anakin and Durge was believed dead.

    On Dantooine, a group of scientists pieced together what was believed to be Durge. The top secret project was known as Project Durge. Project Durge began hunting again and had beaten one of Boba fett's associates to a bounty which caused Fett to order his death. Fett still believes he will meet Durge in combat again.


    Durge is a Gen'Dai, a race of beings that have many unique abilities. Gen'Dai are one of the longest lived species in the known galaxy. Some Gen'Dai can live as high as 5000 years.

    Gen'Dai have no vital organs in their bodies, and they can heal from almost any wound in a given period of time. Also, Durge's skin is almost as hard as steel, yet still flexible like normal skin. This makes Durge almost impossible to kill. He has been stabbed through the chest and head countless times and survived it.

    Gen'Dai have very good reflexes, Durge being no exception. Durge is also very strong also, rivaling the strength of a Wookie.

    Durge is an expert with many weapons including blasters, a force pike, lightsabers, a flail, and small explosives.


    Durge used a variety of weapons including a pair of blaster pistols, energized bolas, machine gun gauntlets, wrist mounted flamethrower, a spiked flail, darts, energy shields, and an armor that was intergrated into his nuero-network. Durge could also construct weapons with his body when out of his armor. He used a NovaSword Space Superioty Fighter.

    Other Media

    Durge appears in The Clone Wars mini-series.

    Durge also was a character in the (2003-2005) Clone Wars cartoon. His main appearance was mainly when he was fighting with Obi Wan Kenobi

    He is also the character Project Durge in Star Wars Galaxies.


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