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    One of the greatest and most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Boba Fett was the first clone of Jango Fett who acted as his father. After Jango was killed by Mace Windu, Boba Fett harbored a hatred for Jedi and swore that he would get revenge

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    Boba Fett was a clone of Jango Fett. When Jango agreed to have himself cloned by the Kaminoans, part of their deal was to give Jango one unaltered clone for him to raise as a son. Jango trained Boba to be a great warrior like him. When Jango was killed by Mace Windu on Geonosis, Boba vowed vengeance on the Jedi believing them to be madmen. He continued to train until he became one of the greatest bounty hunters to ever live and had the skills to kill powerful Force users.


    Boba Fett's first appearance was in "The Story of the Faithful Wookie" part of The Star Wars Holiday Special. He was created by George Lucas and Ralph Mcquarrie.

    Major Story Arcs

    Birth of a Future Hunter

    About thirty years before the Battle of Yavin, the secret project for the clone army was set in fruition in Tipoca City in Kamino. Jango Fett was selected as the prime host and demanded one thing: a legacy. A single clone without the growth acceleration and the absolute loyalty that was placed on all the other clones that would become the Grand Army of the Republic.

    Mandolorian Insignia
    Mandolorian Insignia

    This clone was called Boba Fett, who would grow up to become the most feared bounty hunter of them all. Despite Boba being a clone, Jango loved him more so than any other average father and retired bounty hunting to raise his son. Jango trained and disciplined Boba in the way of the mandalorian warrior. And though, Boba had not a proper education, he had an extremely high intellect and paid regular visits to the local library to make up for his lost schooling. Boba, not having a mother, had made him look upon Zam Wesell and Taun We as mother-like figures. After a few years have passed, Jango was put back into commission, sometimes leaving young Boba with Taun We. Not always though. Sometimes Jango would bring Boba along with him to obtain experience and knowledge. During his training on Kamino Boba would often meet with and train alongside many of the Advanced Recon Commandos (ARCs) he developed a rivalry with one of the Null ARCs (Ordo) and he once went so far as to insult Ordo's adopted father which resulted in Ordo sticking Boba's head down a toilet.

    Tragic Outcomes

    With Boba at around ten years of age, Jango accepted a highly classified mission to assassinate Senator Amidala. Jango brought Zam along leaving Boba at the apartment with Jango's sea eel, a bowl of five sea-mice, and a note saying "we'll be back after these are gone." When Jango returned, Boba noticed that Zam was absent. He also saw that Jango's face was wet, even when he wasn't in the rain. He realized that Zam wasn't coming back. This was the first time Boba had ever saw his father emotionally disturbed. Jango, realizing that he will not last forever, gives young Boba a black book and says "Open this when I'm not here anymore." A few days later a Delta-7 landed in Tipoka City. A Jedi called Obi-Wan Kenobi proceeded inside the city and was led right to the Fetts. After a brief interrogation from Kenobi, Jango and Boba prepare to leave their only home. Upon concluding packing, Kenobi bursts out on the landing platform Slave I and the Fetts were on pursuing Jango. Fett and Kenobi engaged in combat. Young Boba even managed to fire upon Obi-Wan with the short ranged cannons from Slave 1, with Kenobi barely dodging and being knocked down by the tremors. Jango outmaneuvered Kenobi in combat, and bested his powerful foe and managed to escape, their destination Geonosis. Though not before Kenobi planted a tracking device on Slave 1.

    Showdown in the Stars

    After successfully entering Geonosis space, Boba noticed a familiar blip on the radar. The Jedi had survived and was right on the trail of Slave 1. Jango took evasive action by pulling toward the asteroid field surrounding Geonosis, deploying devastating sonic charges. Kenobi's powers truly appeared worthy after dodging every one of them. But Jango's piloting skills were far superior than Kenobi's, turning the tables on the Jedi, releasing several volleys of lasers at the tiny starship. After landing a shot, Jango decided to make the finishing move, and fired a deadly missile at the weakened Jedi. Once again Fett defeated Obi-Wan. But little did Jango know that Obi-Wan evaded certain death once more.

    The First Hunt

    Once Slave I was grounded, Jango and Boba were given an apartment in Stalagmite City. Boba began to explore, discovering the battle droid factory. After making his way back to the apartment, Jango found Boba and brought him along to meet his employer, the cold, sinister looking Darth Tyrannus. Jango and Boba were the only two people in the galaxy to know his true identity as Count Dooku. The next day, Boba again decided to explore, this time to understand this strange new world by breaking out of city walls to the planets terrain. Once out, he heard strange noises coming from a cliff top by a red mesa. After investigating he saw a sand snake being harassed by two massiffs. The massiffs noticed young Boba as a potential meal and lunged at the boy. Boba quickly countered and jabbed a shard of mica rock at one, making it limp away. He barely jumped out of the way of the other massiff and it stumbled off the cliff. This is to be considered Fett's first hunt. Getting up, Boba noticed the silhouette of the tenacious Delta-7.

    Young Life in Ruins

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    After alerting the authorities of Kenobi's presence, Jango caught Boba out of the apartment and confined Boba to his room. However, Jango was still proud of his son's skills to break out of the city and find Kenobi. After a short while, Jango told Boba to follow him down the hall. He ended up taking Boba to the battle arena, where Obi-Wan Kenobi and two other fugitives were going to be executed by the hands of three ferocious beasts, one of which was a colossal bull-like reek. The two other prisoners were Jedi Kinight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala. Suddenly the action started, and some of the prisoners slipped from their chains. Skywalker even managed to harness the power of the reek, killing the feline nexu beast. After a while, Jedi Master Mace Windu and hundreds of other Jedi infiltrated the arena. Mace landed in the trade federation's private box, and prepared to attack Dooku but Jango blasted the Jedi with his flamethrower, but Windu jumped down from the box and into the ensuing chaos. Jango opened fire upon the Jedi, killing several including Jedi Master Coleman Trebor. Jango himself put on his helmet and blasted into the arena. He landed and was about to confront Windu until an enraged reek trampled the warrior. Surprisingly, Jango got up, badly wounded, and his armor and visor began malfunctioning, however he still managed to give a precise shot to the skull of the reek, killing it. Windu, seeing that Jango is severely injured, decided to engage the hunter. Jango attempted to defend himself, but proves useless. At the last moment Jango tried to activate his jet pack, but it was damaged by the reek, leaving Jango without a means of escape. As Boba watched in horror, Jango was decapitated by the powerful Jedi Master. Ironically, the clone army appeared and sided toward the Jedi. After the battle passed over, Boba found Jango's corpse, and cradled his father's empty battered helmet in his arms.

    The Mighty Have Fallen

    After burying his father and concealing the Mandalorian armor in a cave, Boba headed toward the city. Before breaching the walls he realized a nauseating thought, he had left the black book on Kamino. He crept past all the guards and successfully made it to Slave I and off the planet, evading a lone Jedi starfighter. After landing in Tipoka City and retrieving the book, Taun We halted Boba and informed him that the Jedi were after him. He narrowly escaped back to his ship and blasted off. Boba opened the book, and it told him to seek out Darth Tyrannus so that he could collect Jango's pay. The young Fett went through Slave 1's navigation archives to decide where to look first. Bogden was his first destination. Upon landing on Bogg IV, Boba decided to fuel up Slave 1 and find nourishment. He had an alien called Honest Gjon work on his ship while he searched for Tyrannus and food. Fett met a scrawny petty thief called Aia, who offered to help the lad. He led the young Fett to a bar called The Bonny Bounty, where two bounty hunters attempted to capture the small alien, but Boba paid them off in hopes that Aia would return the favor, but he instead made a hasty retreat. But the two bounty hunters helped the boy and bought him dinner and a drink. Boba told them the tragedy that had befell him and asked where to find the Count. The Golden Cuff Tavern on Coruscant was his next destination, or was it? When he returned to the landing platform, Slave I was missing, as was Honest Gjon.

    To Find the Relic

    Boba was feeling uneasy until Aia returned to pay his debt. He flew Boba to Bogg XI where Honest Gjon's shop was, where he would strip Slave I apart. Boba and Aia confronted Gjon, who was impressed and gave Fett his ship back seeing that crime was nothing more than a mere game. After that they all seemed like friends. Honest Gjon even told Boba of a counterfeit credit scheme that was about to take place. Boba decided to foil this plot, and having his own credits depleted, tried to reap the benefits as well. And it was a success, with a minor confrontation by a thug, whom Boba flung out the airlock. Boba said his farewells to his new friends and set course for Coruscant, realizing too late that his credits were missing. Fett landed on Coruscant, trying to keep notice to a minimum, and entered the Tavern spoken of the two hunters. He told the bartender who he was looking for and the bartender told the boy to wait. It is revealed that the bartender and the two hunters on Bogg IV are all working together and have been after Boba's bounty. The bartender tried to restrain the boy, but Boba inflicted pain upon the man and was too quick to catch. Boba tried escaping through the door but was captured by none other than the notorious bounty huntress, Aurra Sing. Sing rescued Boba from the barkeep and took him to his ship. She told Boba that she was working for Dooku and that she was going to bring Boba to his "care."

    The Old Man and the Boba

    Aurra had Boba pilot to the cesspool of a planet, Raxus Prime. Once they were grounded, Aurra stranded the boy by a wide mountain, taking Slave 1 as her payment. Suddenly the mountain side started to open, and Boba dashed for the entrance. Fett was greeted by the Count, who gave Boba a room to stay in. He awoke after a brief sleep Boba opened his door and was confronted by Prax, Tyrannus's head of security, who escorted Boba to the Count's lair. Dooku and Boba had a long chat about the many things Boba had witnessed since the Battle of Geonosis. Tyrannus then sent Boba to his room where he would wait until Dooku would call for him again to finish the training that Boba's father was unable to complete. But Boba was growing increasingly aware that the Count's intentions were evil and decided to investigate. Fett stealthily searched the facility, avoiding Prax, and discovered the sinister project known as the Force Harvester. Unfortunately, Prax discovered Fett and brought him before Tyranannus. Angered, Dooku ordered Prax to eliminate Boba and left the room. However, Boba outwitted Douku's henchman. And luckily, the Republic discovered Dooku and attacked the facility, exposing a hole in the ceiling giving Boba's escape. Once out, Boba was rescued by a clone trooper called CT-5/501. The trooper took Boba to a gunship that was meant to escort orphans of war to the Republic star cruiser, Candasaerri. In order to hide the fact that he was Jango Fett's son, Boba came up with the alias Teff. Once on board, "Teff" was introduced to the Jedi Master Glynn-Beti and her padawan Ulu Ulix, who told Boba that the ship's destination was Cloud City of Bespin. Ulu gave Boba a meal and a bed in the orphan section. Once rested, Boba met his first true friend, Garr.

    A Brief Friendship

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    Boba and Garr became quick friends, having many adventures on their time on the Candasaerri. They spied on the clone troopers, workers, and sometimes the Jedi. But they mainly hung around in the rear docking bay. They had cleared just about every part of the ship except the bridge. One day, Boba found an airlock and two space suits their size. They managed to get outside of the ship and make their way toward the bridge, Boba stealthily, Garr not so much.

    Once they had made it to the bridge, Boba learned that the ship was about to make the jump to hyperspace. Boba and Garr hurried toward the airlock, but they broke off the safety line Boba had set. But Boba managed to use his airtank as a jetpack and safely flew to the airlock. Once inside, Boba had noticed an orange star, but this was'nt a star, it was none other than his lost ship, Slave I. The Candasaerri finally made to Bespin and had a shuttle full of the two Jedi, the orphans, and a few of the clone troops land in Cloud City. Once landed, Boba saw Slave I on a far platform, and broke off from his group toward his ship, with Garr after him. Boba confronted Sing, who took Garr hostage. But Boba convinced Aurra to release Garr and he said his tearful goodbyes to his friend. Fett then made a deal with Sing. She was to finish her business on Cloud City and then return Slave I to Boba. Sing agreed and set a rendezvous in the city of Tibannapolis, where they would meet the next day with no police. When the time had come, Aurra had thought Boba had betrayed her when the police, Glynn-Beti and Ulu Ulix, and Garr who had come to rescue "Teff" from the bounty hunter.

    Sing again left Boba with Slave I. But Boba was able to use a cloud-car to save his friends and pursue Sing. Fett had made a daring move when he hovered above his ship and opened the cock-pit of the cloud-car and lept for Slave I. It seemed as if Fett was going to fall to his death until Aurra saved the boy. Sing was impressed and made another deal with Boba which he agreed to; find the vast riches of Jango Fett on the banking planet Aargau. Once Boba reached Aargau, he was scammed by a Clawdite named Nuri who stole 500, 000 of his father's money while receiving the rest. Sing also tried to steal the money from Boba, but the boy managed to escape. The black book that Boba had received prior to his adventures told him to go see Jabba the Hutt on Tattooine. Unfortunately for him, the Gen'Dai bounty hunter Durge was on a mission to track down the boy, while assigned by Jabba the Hutt to kill criminal Gilramos Libkath. Durge found him in a Mos Espa Cantina and attacked, but Boba escaped into the streets. He found Jabba and the Hutt would assign Boba also to kill Gilramos Libkath. Durge was outraged, but Jabba had favored the young Mandalorian and gave him a lead by tasking Durge with fighting combat arachnids. Durge disposed of them and chased Boba into Libkath's operations. However, this was a trap as Boba fired an air tank and blew up both Durge and Likbath (Likbath was killed, Durge survived).

    Bounty Hunting Career

    Boba Fett was a boy on the run and had no other choice but to be employed by Jabba. He befriended Jabba's cook Gab'borah and his daughter Ygabba and the two resized Jango's armor for his frame. Jabba then gave the boy his first off-world assignment; to hunt Wat Tambor, a Techno Union Foreman who was located on Xagobah. When the Republic forces stormed the planet, Boba had to sneak past the attacks and he escaped a second encounter with Nuri by poisoning him with xabar fungus. Unfortunately for the young bounty hunter, General Grievous entered the fray and Boba was no match for the Kaleesh. He had no choice but to fake his death and escape and Wat Tambor had eluded him. Boba tried to pursue them in Slave I, but ran into a dogfight with Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress who damaged the ship. Jedi hero Anakin Skywalker would then intervene and drive off Ventress, saving Boba. This would be the first time Boba would meet Anakin Skywalker as he would numerous times in his later life. Anakin would help Boba repair his ship and while Boba was there, he repainted his armor to a green and red color scheme. Anakin was going to take the boy in for infraction of Republic zone air space, but Boba convinced the Jedi that he had information that was needed for Chancellor Palpatine only. That was the fact that Darth Tyrannus is actually Count Dooku and Boba would use that to his advantage to find the Jedi he loathed, Mace Windu. He would be escorted to Coruscant by Governor Wilhuff Tarkin and Boba stalked for Mace Windu's headquarters, but he was not there. Boba then deduced that the Jedi Master would be in the Chancellor's quarters to give a Jedi status report. He checked there and was right, so he began the assault on the man who had orphaned him. Windu began to gain the upper hand and tried to convince Boba to stop because he did not want to kill him, but Boba refused. Master Windu then had no other choice, but a Royal Guard-flanked Palpatine interrupted the fight. He sent Windu away, despite the Jedi having misgivings about the boy going on unpunished. Palpatine surprised Boba by revealing having known the dual identity of Count Dooku as well as having predicted the boy's grudge against Mace Windu. Nevertheless, the Chancellor paid Boba for the information and told him that they share a common enemy. By the time the Clone Wars ended, Boba had turned thirteen, which is the manhood age for Mandalorians.

    Growing Reputation

    As time passed, Boba Fett grew more renown among bounty hunters. He would hone his skills while upgrading his armor and weaponry, even managing to find the armor of Jaster Mereel, Jango's mentor. Fett had briefly worked for Imperial Grand Inquisitor Malorum and was assigned on a mission to gather information on the deceased Padme Amidala. In this, he collaborated with another bounty hunter named D'hahran, in which the two would track Jedi to Bellassa and end a Rebel insurgency. He would later encounter and battle the outlaw Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ferus Olin on the Red Twins. The scuffle ended with the Jedi being forced out of the system and Fett crash-landing into a nebula.


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    Later, in his career, sixteen-year-old Boba Fett would meet Kiffar bounty hunter Sintas Vel, aged eighteen. They married as Fett decided to try his hand at being a normal family man. Sintas would conceive a child named Ailyn, but Boba's duties had driven a wedge in their relationship. With the false name of Jaster Mereel, Boba was working as a Journeyman Protector before the title was stripped from him when he killed a rapist who had raped his wife. After being jailed and driven off Concord Dawn where he was working, the relationship between Boba and Sintas had resulted in a divorce. Having abandoned his family, Fett then dedicated himself to bounty hunting while incurring the wrath of his daughter Ailyn. Fett would then meet his ex-wife once more after a canister containing flatpix of his family was stolen by a Human named Pizztov who had threatened to sell it unless they pay him an hefty fee. A fight broke out between the three and Boba defeated Sintas and Pizztov whom he killed. However, he decided to let his ex-wife keep the box along with telling her that her time would heal her wounds as his did now

    Force Unleashed II

    Boba was living and working with fellow bounty hunter Xasha on Nar Shaddaa when he was hired by Darth Vader. Vader wanted him to take out Starkiller, a clone of Vader's former apprentice Galen Marek. Boba and Xasha traveled to Cato Neimoidia where Boba had to dispatch of an injured gorog. Realizing the danger of their situation, Xasha left Boba to complete the job without her.

    Boba then traveled to Kamino where he and Vader made plans to capture Starkiller's love and fixation: Juno Eclipse. After being given Imperial forces to command for the duration of the mission, Boba attacked a group of Rebel Ships, including Juno's. Boba was able to escape with Juno a prisoner after narrowly avoiding a confrontation with Starkiller.

    Shortly after Boba reached Kamino with Juno, the Rebel Alliance attacked in force. After giving Juno to Vader, Boba was forced to retreat by a squad of troopers led by General Rahm Kota. After a short fight with a malfunctioning clone of Galen Marek, Boba confronted the man responsible for the cloning. Boba discovered that while Xasha had been living with him, she had been collecting DNA samples for the Empire so he could be cloned. Boba killed every one of the clones.

    While watching a confrontation between Vader and Starkiller, Boba was attacked once again by Kota and his troops. Boba easily dispatched of the troops and took out Kota with one hit but when the droid PROXY took on the hologram of Boba's father Jango he hesitated, giving PROXY the upper hand. After being detained by PROXY, Boba was able to use a sonic disruptor and escape.

    Although Boba had his sniper trained on Starkiller after he defeated Vader, Boba did not shoot and get his pay after seeing the love Galen and Juno shared. Instead he opted to chase down the couple - who were holding Vader - in Slave I.


    Boba returned to mandalore were he was eventually persuaded by his people to become the leader, just as his father had been. During his accumalation of supporters he learned that his daughter hadn't died and had just been frozen in carbonite all this time. He managed to rescue her and took her out. With the help of his grand-daughter he began rehabilitating his daughter who had lost all her memory.

    Also during this time Darth Caedus (jacen solo) had killed Mara and was on a rampage. His twin Jaina Solo came to Boba and requested that he teach her to fight in the beserker Mandalorian fighting style. He eventually agreed having learnt that Darth Caedus had put his daughter in carbonite and trained her in the ways of the berserker fighting style and gave her a suit of beskar'gam armour, the first time anyone outside the planet had been given one and sent her off. Where she combatted and defeated her brother.

    Coming soon: Legendary missions


    Hunting Luke Skywalker

    Boba is seen being hired by Darth Vader to hunt down the young man who was responsible for the destruction of the Death Star and attempted to duel Vader with his own former lightsaber back when he was a Jedi.

    Powers, Weapons, and Abilities

    As one of the most proficient bounty hunters, Fett is a skilled weapons master and marksman.


    • Slave I
    • Slave III
    • Slave IV
    • silver speeder bike

    Power Suit

    • Mandalorian battle armor.

    Weapons and Gadgets

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    • EE-3 Carbine rifle
    • Czerka ZX Minature Flamethrower
    • Tenloss DXR-6 disruptor rifle
    • Dart launcher knee-pads
    • mm9 concussion grenade thrower
    • Blaster pistol
    • BlasTech Dur-24 wrist laser
    • Mitrinomon Z-6 Jet pack
    • Lightsabers


    Homeworld: Kamino

    Species: Human (clone)

    Height: 6'0'' (1.83 m)

    Hair color: Black

    Eye color: Brown

    Occupation: Bounty Hunter

    Alternate Versions


    After Han Solo escaped the Imperial Academy, Boba Fett was hired by Grand Moff Tarkin to hunt him down and return him to the Empire. Believing this to be a show of weakness from the Empire, Darth Vader joined the hunt. They both tracked him to Tatooine where he was having a drink in cantina. Fett insisted on collecting the bounty while Vader insisted he should claim Solo. While his hunters argued, Solo escaped. A fight ensued between Fett and Vader with Fett revealing a lightsaber in his possession. Meanwhile, Solo had been trapped in a stasis field but the destructive fight destroyed it, allowing him to escape. Both Fett and Vader exited the cantina but were too late to catch him. Fett vowed that wherever Solo went, Fett would find him.

    Other Media

    Video Games

    Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Boba Fett was hired to help kill rebelling clones on Kamino. He is a playable hero for the Empire.

    Lego Star Wars: The Video Game

    Players could purchase Boba Fett as a boy to play as in free play mode.

    Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

    Players could purchase Boba Fett to play as in free play mode.

    Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

    Boba Fett was a purchasable characters as both a boy and normal to play as in this compilation of the first two games.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    In a non-canon DLC mission where Galen Marek fell to the dark side, he was given the task of traveling to Tattooine so as to recapture the Death Star plans being carried by R2-D2 and C-3PO. After a confrontation with Jabba the Hutt, a bounty was placed on Starkiller's head. Boba Fett attempted to collect on the bounty but was slain by Starkiller who used Fett's own missiles against him.

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    Boba Fett is hired by Darth Vader to hunt down Juno Eclipse in order to bring the clone of Galen Marek to Vader.


    Star Wars Epidode II: Attack of the Clones

    No Caption Provided

    Courageous to the point of recklessness, and possessing a wild independent streak, twenty-year-old Anakin Skywalker, apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi, is coming of age in a time of great upheaval. The attempted assassination of Senator Padmé Amidala before a crucial vote thrusts the Republic even closer to the edge of disaster. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, a low rumble of discontent is building into the roar of thousands of clone soldiers readying for the ultimate fight. The dark side is growing. Masters Yoda and Mace Windu sense enormous unease…for the fiercest battle of dark versus light is fast approaching, threatening to consume them all in a tidal wave of war.

    • Written by: R. A. Salvatore

    Star Wars: The Hutt Gambit

    No Caption Provided

    Once one of the Academy's brightest stars, Han Solo is now a fugitive from the Imperial Navy. But he has made a valuable friend in a former Wookiee slave named Chewbacca, who has sworn Han a life debt. Han will need all the help he can get. For the Ylesian Hutts have dispatched the dreaded bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the man who already outsmarted them once. But Han and Chewie find themselves in even bigger trouble when they agree to lend their services to crime lords Jiliac and Jabba the Hutts. Suddenly the two smugglers are thrust into the middle of a battle between the might of the Empire and the treachery of their outlaw allies…a battle where even victory means death!

    • Written by: A. C. Crispin

    Star Wars: Rebel Dawn

    No Caption Provided

    The Millennium Falcon is "the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy." So when Han Solo wins it in a game of sabacc, he and Chewbacca become kings of the smugglers—uncatchable and unstoppable. But with the Empire clamping down, Han knows his luck can't last. Still, when an old girlfriend who is now the leader of an insurgent Rebel group offers him a shot at an incredible fortune, Han can't resist. The plan seems a sure thing. The resistance will be light and the take enormous. Han and his friends will divide it equally with the Rebels. Too bad for Han that the planet of Ylesia is far from a pushover, that the Rebels have an agenda of their own, and that smuggler friends can often turn into enemies…quicker than lightspeed.

    • Written by A. C. Crispin

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

    No Caption Provided

    As ruthless apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller was mercilessly schooled in the ways of the dark side, commanded to exterminate the last of the purged Jedi Order, and groomed for the ultimate Sith power play: assassination of the Emperor. He served without question, killed without remorse, and lost his heart without warning to beautiful Imperial fighter pilot Juno Eclipse, never suspecting that he was just a tool in the schemes of his masters—until it was too late to escape their lethal betrayal.

    Juno mourned Starkiller as dead...but now he is back, purged of all memories and programmed to kill. And as fate brings Juno and Starkiller closer to reuniting, with Darth Vader determined not to lose his assassin a second time, they will both have to make a stand. The prize is freedom. The punishment for failing will be eternal enslavement to the dark side of the Force...

    • Written by: Sean Williams

    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

    No Caption Provided

    Although they had won a significant battle, the war between the Rebels and the Empire had really just begun. Soon, Luke, Han, the princess and their faithful companions were forced to flee, scattering in all directions…the Dark Lord's minions in fevered pursuit…

    • Written by: Donald F. Glut

    Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars: The Mandalorian Armor

    No Caption Provided

    He's the most feared and successful bounty hunter in the galaxy. He is Boba Fett, and even the most hardened criminals tremble at his name. Now he faces the deadliest challenge of his infamous career—an all-out war against his most dangerous enemies.

    As the Rebellion gathers force, Prince Xizor proposes a cunning plan to the Emperor and Darth Vader: smash the power of the Bounty Hunters Guild by turning its members against each other. Only the strongest and most ruthless will survive, and they can be used against the Rebellion. It's a job for the fiercely independent Boba Fett, who jumps at the chance to destroy his rivals. But Fett soon realizes the game is rigged, as he finds himself the target of murderous factions, criminal conspiracies, and the evil at the Empire's dark heart. Boba Fett has always finished first. And in this game, anything less is death.

    • Written by: K. W. Jeter

    Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars: Slave Ship

    No Caption Provided

    He's both feared and admired, respected and despised. Boba Fett is the galaxy's most successful bounty hunter. Now he finds himself hunted in the oldest game of all: survival of the fittest.

    The once powerful Bounty Hunter's Guild has been shattered into warring factions. Now the posting of an enormous bounty on a renegade Imperial stormtrooper is about to start a frenzy of murderous greed. Hoping to fuel rumors of his death, Boba Fett abandons his ship, Slave I, and sets out to claim the prize. Yet his every move leads him closer to a trap set by the cunning Prince Xizor. Fett will die before becoming Xizor's pawn in the Emperor's war against the Rebels. And he may have to. For in order to gain his freedom he must outwit a sentient weapon that feeds on Human spirits. Then he must escape a galaxy of deadly enemies who want to make the rumors of his death a reality.

    • Written by: K. W. Jeter

    Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Wars: Hard Merchandise

    No Caption Provided

    Feared and admired, respected and despised, Boba Fett enjoys a dubious reputation as the galaxy's most successful bounty hunter. Yet even a man like Boba Fett can have one too many enemies….

    When Boba Fett stumbles across evidence implicating Prince Xizor in the murder of Luke Skywalker's aunt and uncle, Fett makes himself an enemy even he fears: the unknown mastermind behind a monstrous deception, who will kill to hide his tracks. Fett also finds himself in possession of an amnesiac young woman named Neelah, who may be the key to the mystery—or a decoy leading Fett into a murderous ambush. Fett's last hope is to run through the list of Xizor's hidden enemies. And since Xizor's hidden enemies are almost as legion as Fett's, the chance of survival is slim—even for someone as skilled and relentless as Boba Fett.

    • Written by: K. W. Jeter

    Star Wars: Boba Fett: A Practical Man

    No Caption Provided

    On the surface, it seems like just another routine contract for Boba Fett and his Mandalorian commandos, but the mystery client who hires them to start a small war is more dangerous than any of them can possibly imagine. When the Yuuzhan Vong invasion force sweeps into the galaxy, the Mandalorians find they’re on the wrong side–fighting for an alien culture that will bring about the end of their own.

    Now Fett has to choose between his honor and the survival of his people. Since he’ s a practical man, he’s determined help the resistance beat the Yuuzhan Vong–even if it means working with a Jedi agent. Trouble is, no one trusts a man with Fett’ s reputation. So convincing the New Republic that they’re fighting on the same side is a tall order. Denounced as traitors, Fett’s Mandalorians need to stay one step ahead of their Yuuzhan Vong paymasters–and the Republic who sees them as collaborators with the most destructive enemy the galaxy has ever faced...

    • Written by: Karen Traviss

    Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force

    No Caption Provided

    The Galactic Alliance's hard-won success in countering the extragalactic Yuuzhan Vong onslaught has proven all too brief—and the tide has turned more to the invaders' advantage. The marauding aliens have pushed deeper into the galaxy in their ruthless quest for domination. The remnants of the resistance are struggling to form a united front. Clearly the stage is set for endgame.

    Now, as Luke and his team try desperately to convince the living world of Zonama Sekot to join the Jedi's final campaign against the Yuuzhan Vong, a lone space station is all that stands between Alliance headquarters and ferocious enemy forces, which are poised to wage their most decisive assault. For both sides, too much has been sacrificed—and too much is at stake—to ever turn back. And now nothing can stand in the way of seizing victory...or facing annihilation.

    • Written by: James Luceno

    Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force: Bloodlines

    No Caption Provided

    Civil war looms as the fledgling Galactic Alliance confronts a growing number of rebellious worlds-and the approaching war is tearing the Skywalker and Solo families apart. Han and Leia return to Han's homeworld, Corellia, the heart of the resistance. Their children, Jacen and Jaina, are soldiers in the Galactic Alliance's campaign to crush the insurgents.

    Jacen, now a complete master of the Force, has his own plans to bring order to the galaxy. Guided by his Sith mentor, Lumiya, and with Luke's young son Ben at his side, Jacen embarks on the same path that his grandfather Darth Vader once did. And while Han and Leia watch their only son become a stranger, a secret assassin entangles the couple with a dreaded name from Han's past: Boba Fett. In the new galactic order, friends and enemies are no longer what they seem.…

    • Written by: Karen Traviss

    Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force: Sacrifice

    No Caption Provided

    Suspected of treason, Han and Leia Solo are on the run, hunted by none other than their own son, Jacen. But though his family sees in Jacen the chilling legacy of his Sith grandfather, Darth Vader, many of the frontline troops adore him, and countless citizens see him as a savior in a galaxy torn apart by too many wars. All Jacen wants is safety and stability for all-and he's prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve that goal... even if it means embracing the teachings of Lumiya, the Dark Lady of the Sith. But there is one final test that Jacen must pass before he can gain the awesome power of a true Sith Lord: He must bring about the death of someone he values dearly. What troubles Jacen isn't whether he has the strength to commit murder, but who the sacrifice should be.

    • Written by: Karen Traviss

    Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force: Revelation

    No Caption Provided

    Jacen Solo’s shadow of influence has threatened many, especially those closest to him. Jaina Solo is determined to bring her brother in, but in order to track him down, she must first learn unfamiliar skills from a man she finds ruthless, repellent, and dangerous. Meanwhile, Ben Skywalker, still haunted by suspicions that Jacen killed his mother, Mara, decides he must know the truth, even if it costs him his life. And as Luke Skywalker contemplates once unthinkable strategies to dethrone his nephew, the hour of reckoning for those on both sides draws near. The galaxy becomes a battlefield where all must face their true nature and darkest secrets, and live–or die–with the consequences.

    • Written by: Karen Traviss

    Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force: Invincible

    No Caption Provided

    The rebel cause is losing ground under the twin blows of Admiral Gilad Pellaeon's assassination and the death of Mara Jade Skywalker. The Galactic Alliance, with the extraordinary power of the newly ascendant Sith Lord Darth Caedus at its helm, may be unstoppable. Tormented and torn between the call of duty and the thirst for vengeance, Luke Skywalker has searched the Force and beheld an unspeakable vision of the galaxy enslaved under tyranny more monstrous than even Emperor Palpatine's. It seems that the last, best hope lies in mobilizing the scattered Jedi for one decisive search-and-destroy mission. The objective: eliminate Darth Caedus. There is only one who is bound by destiny to stand against him in what will surely be a duel to the death, only one with any chance of bringing down the dark lord who was once Jacen Solo...

    • Written by: Troy Denning

    Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi: Conviction

    No Caption Provided

    Chief of State Natasi Daala has been overthrown, and the Jedi Order has taken control of the Galactic Alliance. But while the new governors dismantle Daala’s draconian regime, forces still loyal to the deposed official are mobilizing a counterstrike. And even the Jedi’s new authority may not be enough to save Tahiri Veila, the former Jedi Knight and onetime Sith apprentice convicted of treason for the killing of Galactic Alliance officer Gilad Pellaeon.

    Meanwhile, Luke and Ben Skywalker are relentlessly pursuing Abeloth, the powerful dark-side entity bent on ruling the galaxy. But as they corner their monstrous quarry on the planet Nam Chorios, the two lone Jedi must also face the fury of the Sith death squadron bearing down on them. And when Abeloth turns the tables with an insidious ambush, the Skywalkers’ quest threatens to become a suicide mission.

    • Written by: Aaron Allston

    Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi: Ascension

    No Caption Provided

    As Luke and Ben Skywalker pursue the formidable dark-side being Abeloth, the Lost Tribe of the Sith is about to be sundered by an even greater power—which will thrust one Dark Lord into mortal conflict with his own flesh-and-blood.

    On Coruscant, a political vacuum has left tensions at the boiling point, with factions racing to claim control of the Galactic Alliance. Suddenly surrounded by hidden agendas, treacherous conspiracies, and covert Sith agents, the Jedi Order must struggle to keep the GA government from collapsing into anarchy.

    The Jedi are committed to maintaining peace and ensuring just rule, but even they are not prepared to take on the combined threats of Sith power, a deposed dictator bent on galaxywide vengeance, and an entity of pure cunning and profound evil hungry to become a god.

    • Written by: Christie Golden

    Star Wars: Fate Of The Jedi: Apocalypse

    No Caption Provided

    In the stunning finale of the epic Fate of the Jedi series, Jedi and Sith face off—with Coruscant as their battlefield. For the Sith, it’s the chance to restore their dominance over the galaxy that forgot them for so long. For Abeloth, it’s a giant step in her quest to conquer all life everywhere. For Luke Skywalker, it’s a call to arms to eradicate the Sith and their monstrous new master once and for all.

    In a planetwide strike, teams of Jedi Knights take the Sith infiltrators by swift and lethal surprise. But victory against the cunning and savage Abeloth, and the terrifying endgame she has planned, is anything but certain. And as Luke, Ben, Han, Leia, Jaina, Jag, and their allies close in, the devastating truth about the dark side incarnate will be exposed—and send shock waves through the Jedi Order, the galaxy, and the Force itself.

    • Written by: Troy Denning

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