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    Group replacing Fantastic Four on Earth-982 (MC2) consisting of Thing, Human Torch, Big Brain (Reed Richards), Psi-Lord (Franklin Richards) and Ms. Fantastic (Lyja the Lazerfist).

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    Brief History

    Set 15 years in the future in the MC2 universe, the Fantastic Four are no more. Originally, this is due to The Invisible Woman being missing, presumed dead. The only remaining members of the Fantastic Four are The Human Torch and The Thing. The group is completed by Ms. Fantastic (Lyja, Johnny Storm's wife), Franklin Richards (Reed Richards and Susan Storm's son) and Big Brain (a robot with Mr. Fantastic's intellect).

    The Big Brain robot hides a far more sinister secret, only hinted at with Reed Richards' voice speaking from the shadows hidden within the Baxter Building, implying that some kind of inter-dimensional or teleporter disaster might have trapped Invisible Woman and left Mr. Fantastic a warped monster. It is possible that Big Brain is not a cyborg but rather a H.E.R.B.I.E. Later, it is revealed that Big Brain was remotely controlled by Mr. Fantastic from the Negative Zone. Upon Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman's return later in the MC2 universe the roster is Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing and Lyja. Kristoff is an acting member of the team. In training to become members are Franklin Richards, Torus Storm and Jake and Alyce Grimm. After Mr. Fantastic becomes comatose while facing Doctor Doom, the Invisible Woman stays with her husband. The team is then composed of the Human Torch, the Thing, Lyja, Franklin Richards and Jake Grimm.

    Other Realities

    An alternate version of Fantastic Five consisting of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Spider-Man exists in several realities, for example Earth-772 and Earth-4400.

    The dinosaur version of Earth-99476 is formed by Saur Fantastic, Dinotorch, the Thing (a furry version with the problem of having a slicky and oily skin), Invisiguanodon, and Arachnosaur.

    Earth-912 Fantastic Five consisted of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Silver Surfer.

    Earth-917 Fantastic Five consisted of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Namor.


    In an alternate Earth, where the Axix Powers won the second world war. Similar circumstance that created the real Earth's Fantastic Four, created one for their world too. However, with minor differences, Reed Richards became a power crazed mad scientest, and named himself Mr. Fatal. He then mutated the Thing with gamma radiation and renamed him the Brute. Johnny Storm's powers went out of controland he was forced to wear a stablizer suit and renamed, Blowtorch. Some time later, Peter Parker, known as the Spider, who had gotten his powers in an accident, joined the team to further his own mad quest to examin other powered beings.

    Then years later, after the death of Sue Ricards, Reed's son, Franklin joined the group as the powerful telepath, Psi-Slayer. Together, the Fatal Five were born. A group dedicated to take out the various forces that tried to destroy their world order. Now, with their leader gone, the Fatal Five are one of the few villain groups left on their Earth as they fight the growing rebal causes on their world. They tried to take down the rebels by taking

    Captain America and Storm Trooper prisoner. American Dream, Thunderstrike and Spider-girl eventually fought the team and defeated them. Though Spider-girl had the hardest time against the Spider, since it was her own father she was fighting. Following the freeing of Captain America and Stormtrooper, the small group of Avengers left the alternate Earth to rejoin their fellow Avengers on their Earth. However, the Fatal Five are still around and more then willing to crush their enemies.


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