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Fantastics of the Omniverse

Because they deserve respect.

Homages, parodies, imitators, wannabes. The Omniverse also is populated by versions of the Fantastic Four, explores of the uncanny, a family of adventurers. To be in this list, the team requieres to have at least some of these characteristics. Not necessarily exclusionary:

  • Team of explores/researches/adventurers/travelers instead crimebusters.
  • Adventures in strange, weird mysterious places.
  • Identities public known.
  • A core team of four members, inspired in the classic monster hunters trope: the scientist, the brawler, the damsel, the hothead/the kid. Number variation accepted.
  • Elemental powers (asociated to earth, air, fire and water or their qualities).
  • Family dynamic among members.
  • Matching uniforms.
  • Shared origin: all received their powers or mission in the same event.

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