Torus Storm

    Character » Torus Storm appears in 14 issues.

    Existing only in the MC2verse, Torus is the son of Johnny Storm and Lyja. Torus would love to become one of the Fantastic Five.

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    Existing only in the MC2verse, Torus is the son of Human Torch and Lyja. He is in training to become a member of the Fantastic Five, which he idolizes as the world's greatest heroes.


    • Height: 5 ft.  (5 ft. 9 in. as adult)
    • Weight: 100 lbs.  (150 lbs as adult)
    • Eyes: white, no visible pupils
    • Hair: Green
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: unknown
    • Marital Status: single, still a minor
    • Occupation: student and occasional adventurer

     Unusual features 
    He has green hair, pointed ears and eyes with no visible pupils


    He is half skrull half human allowing him to shape-shift.  He often utilizes this power in a way similar to Mr. Fantastic. When fighting alongside the others, he uses his shape shifting powers to become the size of an adult.  
    He also possesses a degree of his father's flame powers though not as powerful. Unlike his father he can shape his flames much in the same way as Pyro.


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