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    In a special oversized celebratory issue, Batman is challenged by the "Mystery of the 900!”

    Plot Summary

    The 900


    Man-bats descend on Gotham. Dr Kirk Langstrom looks out on what he has created his wife Francine tries to take him back inside away from what he is seeing. The GCPD activate the Bat signal and Batman comes to the 900 block.

    An hour earlier

    In the 900 block a woman walks into a shop looking for medicine for at first the shopkeeper won’t let her in but in the end he does. The Woman collapses inside the shop and the shopkeeper looks to go see but her and her baby become Man-bats.


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    Batman arrives in the 900 block bringing with him a sonic gun and he begins to fight the Man-bats. A man-bat jumps on him and attempts to cut his suit but Batman knocks him off and they both fall to the ground. Batman takes a bit of the Man-bats blood and sends a specimen back to the Batcave to Alfred. Batman fights the man-bats and it is revealed that when he was flying to the 900 block he contacted Batgirl and Nightwing but they did not respond even though they can hear him this is because of the effect of Death of the Family when they both lost trust in Bruce. Batman heads off to the apartment where the Man-bat disease first appeared while fighting off loads of Man-bats and the Man-bat disease is slowly spreading outside of the 900 block and into the larger area of Gotham. Batman finds the apartment and goes into it finding Zsaz’s knife in the back of a man he killed. Batman studies the serum he finds which is revealed to be like the Man-bat serum that Talia Al Ghul uses in Batman Incorporated. Zsaz now a Man-bat jumps Batman from behind and Batman ties him up and jumps him out of the window and they both crash into a car outside of the apartment. Batwoman appears with Kirk and Francine Langstrom and Kirk reveals that he created the Man-bat serum and it is revealed that he didn’t unleash it on Gotham someone stole it from his lab and Ogivily then released it into the air causing the original infection in the 900 block. Kirk injects himself with the antidote to the virus and becomes Man-bat but cures everyone else of the virus he then flies off into the sky and leaves. In the aftermath a lot of people are taken to hospital and Zsaz says that this was all Ogivily the Emperor penguin to Batman and this is the first part of his war against Batman, Ogivily then appears with Poison Ivy and asks her to return the favour for saving her life.

    Man-bat birth of a family

    Man-bat is out in Gotham on top a church and sees Batman take down a group of criminals after jumping out of the Bat jet. Francine Langstrom remembers her husband and what they set out to do which is to create the serum to help Deaf kids hear things and also she remembers their marriage. Kirk is seen at a press conference telling an audience what he was setting out to do with his serum but a man asks about side effects and Kirk says that there a few but does not mention what they are, which is that the deaf kids have turned into Man-bats and how Kirk worked hard to stop this and how his formula was stolen. Francine misses her husband and takes the Man-bat serum to be with him.

    Bane in War council

    Bane walks through Santa Prisca being saluted by his army. Bane then goes to see his creations and fights with some of his creations that have been genetically engineered for his army using the Venom toxin that he himself Bane uses. Bane then explains to his followers who they are up against.

    A year ago

    No Caption Provided

    Bane is in Gotham in a truck with his men about to intercept a plane at an airport carrying a nuclear device. His truck is attacked by the Talon’s and his men are attacked and killed. Bane fights them breaking one of their heads breaking their heads and one of the talons back and pulling off the 3rd talon’s head. The Court of Owls wants Bane out of and they tell him that a night of Owls will descend on Gotham and they want him out. Flash-forward to when Bane was fighting Batman and he was knocked off the cliff. At the bottom a shadowy figure appears telling him who his enemy is and he show him an owl mask and tells him that the Court of Owls will ruin all his plans.


    Bane throws the Owl mask on the ground and steps on it telling his men he will kill every one of the Court of Owls and then they will kill Batman Bane then orders them to head to Gotham with him.


    Mr Combustible raids a Jewellery shop with his gang and they steal everything in it. One of his gang takes off his mask because his nose itched and then Mr Combustible orders his other men to kill him and he becomes a Man-bat and is then shot. Mr Combustible gets his men out explaining that the virus is spreading over Gotham turning more people in Man-bats. Emperor Penguin is revealed to be behind it and that the reason for the 900 was simply to get money to fuel his crime empire and he made robberies across Gotham with other villains doing it robbing money, computers and paintings. Mr Combustible talks with Penguin and Penguin reveals that he is going to get out after he gets Mr Combustible to threaten his judge to let him off.

    Through a Blue lens

    Batman is seen fighting with a Man-bat and we see a Policeman sitting in hospital with his friends and the Policeman is revealed to have been a Man-bat but has been cured now. His friends joke about how he should have hurt Batman more because he doesn’t respect anything they do and he’s a maniac. A police woman responds saying that he doesn’t mean that about Batman but he then explains why he doesn’t like Batman and he and his friends have a joke and a drink about it and tells the Police woman who thinks Batman is good that no one will partner up with her because of this. The ex-Man-bat Policeman talks to the policewoman and says he likes Batman as well because he saved him from killing a woman the two then share a drink and he says he will gladly partner up with her.

    This oversized anniversary issue also includes 8 pin ups by Alex Maleev, Brett Booth, Chris Burnham, Jason Fabok, Andy Clarke, Fransesco Francavilla, Cameron Stewart and Dustin Nguyen.


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    The Man-Bat 0

    I have been a huge Batman fan all my life, and although I stopped reviewing this series following Death of the Family due to not having time to review everything, I wouldn't be much of a fan if I neglected to review the 900th issue of the series that introduced Batman, whether the issue was good, or not.PlotsThe 900The 900 block of Gotham City has been infected, turning into Man-Bat's, but without the help of the rest of the Bat-Family, Batman is relying on someone else to help him cure this out...

    10 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    900 issues of Detective Comics and it is pretty good (but pricey) 0

    SPOILERS IN REVIEW SORRY THIS IS UNAVOIDABLE!!!!!Note: due to this being so big I will break each story into different sections.I have been enjoying this series a lot since Layman joined and it has become one of my favourites being consistently a good read with strong characterization and a fun plot and when I heard that this would be issue 900 I wandered what Layman would do with the extra sized story and if he’d make it worthy of being issue 900 also I wanted to see what the extras at the bac...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    BatWatch Review: Detective Comics #19 0

    Preparing to read Detective Comics #19, (Detective Comics #900 for those fans counting at home) I find myself with mixed emotions. On the positive side, this is an extra long issue commemorating Detective Comics 900th uninterrupted issue which I believe is a record second only to Action Comics. Also, John Layman (former writer of Image's Chew and current writer of Detective Comics) has been doing an excellent job writing the series, and Jason Fabok's (former penciler for Aspen MLT's Michael Tur...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.
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