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    An American artist who has worked on Elephantmen, Moonstone, Nixon's Pals, Officer Downe, Batman, Incorporated, and Nameless

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    Chris Burnham is a DC Comics exclusive artist, currently the main artist on Batman, Incorporated. Prior to his DC work, he worked on numerous smaller projects, best known for his work on Nixon's Pals and Officer Downe with Joe Casey at Image. In the fall of 2010, he was brought in to do fill in work for the over sized Batman and Robin #16, Grant Morrison's final issue on the series. Soon after that he was signed to DC as an exclusive artist and began drawing Batman Incorporated. With DC's relaunch in September 2011, the first volume of Batman, Incorporated will come to an end, with the second volume to launch in early 2012 with Burnham scheduled to be the full time artist.

    Chris Burnham was born in Connecticut however he grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He studied at George Washington University. At the age of 26 (2006) he moved to Chicago to start work as a Graphic Designer. So far Chris has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Boom! Studios and Moonstone.

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