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    When an issue has two or more covers, the extra covers are called variant covers. They can be part of a monthly theme, a retailer exclusive, or a convention/expo exclusive.

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    How to Use this Concept

    If you find an issue that has variant covers, tag it with this concept.

    As of April 29, 2018, there are 533 different Concept tags for variant covers. Outside of DC and Marvel, many of those are only tagged to one issue. So this page is meant to be a place where you can find all variants.

    So, even if the issue you are working on is tagged with one or more of the 533 existing variant tags, also tag it with this one so users can find variants listed all in one place.

    Types of Variants

    Variants seem to be broken into four main categories:

    1. Monthly theme - DC and Marvel do these regularly (Example: Marvel's What the Duck? covers). However, they've also been done by Archie, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, and Valiant, among others.
    2. Convention Exclusive - A variant you can only get at a con. (Example: VA Comicon)
    3. Retailer Exclusive - this is where about half of the 533 variant tags come from. A retailer exclusive is a cover that a retailer has gotten their name or logo on. (Example: Maximum Comics Exclusive Variant Cover)
    4. Miscellaneous - These variant concepts are more general, and can apply to more than one category.

    Monthly Themes

    Here are the variant concepts that are specific to a company's monthly themes:

    Action Lab (1)

    Aftershock (1)

    Archie (3)

    Aw Yeah Comics! (1)

    BOOM! (2)

    Dark Horse (3)

    DC Comics (29)

    Dynamite (1)

    IDW (14)

    Image (13)

    Marvel (97)

    Oni Press (1)

    Titan Comics (1)

    Udon (1)

    Valiant (7)

    Zenescope (2)

    Convention Exclusive (86)

    Retailer Exclusive (356)


    Stan Lee (3)

    Other (10)


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