Cameron Stewart

    Person » Cameron Stewart is credited in 319 issues.

    Shuster Award-winning artist. He has collaborated with well known writers such as Ed Brubaker, Mike Mignola & Grant Morrison.

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    Stewart is best known for his work on Catwoman with writer Ed Brubaker or his work with Grant Morrison such as The Invisibles. Cameron Stewart is also responsible for the pencils on Batman and Robin issues #7-#9. The issues are loosely involved in the Blackest Night story arc for DC Comics and ties in more to the Return of Bruce Wayne story spearheaded by Grant Morrison.

    He lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is known more as an inker then a penciler. When he is "hired" as an inker it tends to be because of his ability to "fix problems" the penciler may have had with "flaws" with, such as his work on filler issues on Brian Azzarello's Hellblazer run, in which Giuseppe Camuncoli was young in the business at the time and needed a skilled inker.

    Cameron Stewart is a "professional" in every sense of the word. At a convention, he displays his product for sale and those who are interested in purchasing take priority of his attention. Another example of "professional" behavior is that he does not like to be called "Cam". Cameron is what it best to call him or possibly "Mr. Stewart". Many of the Toronto-based artist are friends and can confirm to never call Cameron Steward "Cam".

    He has been inactive since 2020 due to sexual harassment allegations.


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