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    Letterer for DC Comics.

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    Carlos M. Mangual was born on a dying planet located in a galaxy far, far way from our own. He was rocketed to Earth by his birth parents to become our greatest hero, but comic books, video games, and science fiction movies distracted him from his original calling. He started drawing at an early age but it wouldn’t be until he saw the Batman movie in 1989 that he would take comics and illustration a little more serious. He decided he wanted to become a comic book artist, but instead joined the C.I.A. where he served our country as a super spy for a little over a decade before being given a burn notice forcing him to rethink his purpose in life.

    He has a Bachelors degree in graphic design from IADT in Tampa, FL. On his spare time, between saving people from burning buildings or other dire situations, he’s created A Self Portrait Comic, an autobiographical romantic comedy about his search for true love, which he both writes and illustrates. Carlos now lives in Jersey City, NJ and currently letters comic-books for DC Comics!

    He still watches Saturday morning cartoons, has a vivid imagination and aspires to be the official mattress tester at the Playboy mansion someday.


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