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Mister Mosaic is a rich criminal who has political ties all the way up to the mayor, but he isn't beyond hiring a hit man or two to take care of his competition.


Mr. Mosaic was introduced into the DCU after the relaunch of 2011. He was created by Tony Daniel.

Major Story Arcs

Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Penguin

Mr. Mosaic has hired, Jill Hampton although its unclear if he knew who he was hiring, to assassinate and steal a briefcase full of money from Boris Gorky, an arms dealer. Afterwards she returns but instead of giving Mr. Mosaic the money she robs him at gun point taking his limo and his room key to The Iceberg Casino, and leaving him to hitchhike back to the city.

Later after Jill is brought in to the Gotham Police, by the Batman, Mr. Mosaic comes to see her. It appears that he has forgiven her for double crossing him but at the last minute he introduces her to her "attorney" who is in fact Snakeskin coming back for revenge.


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