Character » Hypnotic appears in 29 issues.

    An upstart criminal under Penguin's guidance. He uses radio waves to control his victims minds.

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    Hypnotic came to Gotham to make a name for himself but a rash of murders of criminals has forced him to seek the protection of the Penguin.


    Hypnotic was created by Detective Comics writer Tony Daniel and was first introduced into the DCU after the relaunch of 2011.

    Major Story Arcs

    Detective Comics: Faces of Death- Penguin

    The Penguin has called several of Gotham's lower end criminals to join his group and come under his protective wing. On the opening night of The Iceberg Lounge Penguin holds a meeting, during which Batman shows up trying to find, Jill Hampton, who he thinks is the murderer of several crime figures in Gotham. While Batman tries to find Jill he calls in a bomb threat to clear out the innocent bystanders. The Penguin leave the group and tries to save himself, this is when the group figure they need to take care of there own valuables in the Penguins safe. When they get there Batman is fighting Jill Hampton. The group steps in trying to get revenge on Jill for stealing there money. Hypnotic tries to use his hypnotics on Batman but they fail and Batman pushes his glasses off. Before the fight goes on anylong the group realizes they have been set up and the Penguin tries to blow them up. It is unclear what happened to Hypnotic after the blast that almost killed the villains.


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