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The Crimes of the Catwoman

Table of Contents Description - Out of the shadows of Gotham City's past stalks the once-dreaded Catwoman to taunt Batman and Robin with her feline felony!

Story Description - A confirmed criminal can reform and go straight -- and Batman and Robin have helped more than one do so! But there are other whom the lure of lawless living beckons back to crime! And such a one involves the Dynamic Duo in a supreme struggle against feline felony! For out of the shadows of Gotham City's past stalks its most dreaded female figure, and the law seems powerless to curb... "The Crimes of the Catwoman!"

Batman's Greatest Thrills

Table of Contents Description - When a TV station televises "Batman's Life Story," you're treated not only to highlights in the caped crime-fighter's career -- but to some extra unscheduled excitement!

Story Description - What would Batman consider to be his greatest moment -- his most memorable adventure? Which of his many and bizarre cases stands forth as the most unforgettable? Not easy questions to answer -- and even Robin, The Boy Wonder, cannot guess what next will be brought forth by the popular TV program, "Your Life Story," when television cameras reveal... "Batman's Greatest Thrills!"

The Invisible Batman

Table of Contents Description - A strange trick of fate causes Batman to lose his shape and form and become invisible! But though this has obvious advantages, it also jeopardizes his entire career!

Story Description - Imagine gangland's predicament when a strange trick of fate causes Batman to lose his shape and form --- to become invisible! But don't jump to conclusion... because while disappearing has its advantages, it can be fraught with unusual problems and grave menace for... "The Invisible Batman!"

Bride of Batman

Table of Contents Description - A wild idea of Vicki Vale propels her and Batman into a sensational engagement -- and wedding bells loom for your favorite hero!

Story Description - Gotham City is a big town --- capable of taking the most sensational developments in stride. But now comes news that rocks it to its core. Batman is getting married! he great lawman who, with Robin, The Boy Wonder, carved a career as a crimefighter equal to none now is taking a wife! Why?? How did it happen? Who is the lucky girl? The surprising answers are right here... in the story of the... "Bride of Batman!"

The City of Ancient Heroes

Table of Contents Description - The Dynamic Duo tracks down modern foes in a fantastic setting where the age of fable lives in the present!

Story Description - It was a modern city -- yet, along its sidewalks strode Ulysses, Robin Hood, Siegfried, King Arthur and a host of other legendary heroes! And along with them walked the evil figures too -- Cyclops, Circe, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Medusa! Such was the opposition facing Batman and Robin, when they sought to capture a modern for in... The City of Ancient Heroes.

The Man Who Shadowed Batman

Table of Contents Description - The famed lawmen face a supreme challenge from a master criminal who is secretly able to observe Batman's every move!

Story Description - A new and startling menace strikes Gotham City as a cunning criminal is able to defy five-foot thick bank vaults and render useless the city's most intricate and foul proof burglar alarm system! This indeed offers a challenge for Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder, as they combat a mysterious for who is secretly able to observe their every move because he was -- "The Man Who Shadowed Batman!"

Batman Specials: Complete Sunday Newspaper Syndicate Story

Batman Specials: Sequence From Daily Newspaper Syndicate Strip


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