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    Sheldon Moldoff is a legendary comic book artist for DC comics. Not the most polite guy to meet and not outgoing to fans. Moldoff co-created Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Batwoman, Clayface (Matt Hagen) and the original Batgirl.

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    One of Bob Kane's uncredited artists (aka "Ghost Artist") for years he went without getting any credit for his work in Batman and Detective comics. So all the artwork that Sheldon Moldoff did Bob Kane got credit for. It was decades before DC Comics acknowledged all his efforts. His career spans almost every first appearance of the most famous DC creations ever known. Sheldon drew the covers for the first appearances of both the Green Lantern (Alan Scott) in All-American Comics #16 and The Flash in Flash Comics #1. He also worked on Sensation Comics #1, which featured the origin story of Wonder Woman. And he did the artwork on the inside cover of Action Comics #1 featuring the first appearance of Superman. He has pencilled 146 issues of Detective Comics, 121 issues of Batman and 67 issues of Worlds Finest Comics. But this Golden Age phenomenon is known, to hardcore comic enthusiasts for his work on issues of both Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the Flash Comics series.

    Many fans would buy Batman artwork thinking it was Bob Kane's, when it was actually Sheldon's. Moldoff has co-created numerous Bat-creations including Poison Ivy, Batwoman, Batgirl, Mr. Freeze (although when he fist appeared Freeze was known as "Mr. Zero"), Bat Mite, Ace the Bat Hound, Simon Hurt, Christopher Freeman, Lord Death Man and Matt Hagen ( Clayface) (Just to name a few). Hagen is not the first Clayface, but the more popular Clayface later used in the animated series. Moldoff is also the sole creator of The Black Pirate ( Jon Valor). Moldoff also penciled Detective Comics #33 (as well as co-lettered) which featured the first appearance of Martha and Thomas Wayne (Bruce Wayne's Parents) (though he does not get creator credit).

    When Moldoff was let go by DC in 1967 he turned to doing storyboards for animation. He did work for the show Courageous Cat & Minute Mouse. He also did a cartoon called Marco Polo Jr. And he has done contract work for Big Boy, Blockbuster and Red Lobster among others.

    Moldoff also did service for the Military during World War 2.

    Moldoff's son was a jerk to his fans as was his grandson. And Mr. Moldoff (who wasn't the kindest or most polite man) actually fought Mart Nodell (a great guy and the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet) at a convention for recreating one of Moldoff's covers and having it on display!

    As for Awards he has received both the Inkpot in 1991 and the Xanadu in 1997.

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