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Brief History

Zaladane is the self-proclaimed half-sister of Polaris but with no relationship to any of Magneto's other children, since she and Polaris' share the same mother but different fathers. Upon learning that her sister had powers yet she didn’t, she grew furious and sought to obtain her own powers and, to this end, ventured to many different nations. She finally arrived in the Savage Land and became the warlike queen of the Sun People, who are the worshipers of  Garokk. She offered several human sacrifices until Ka-Zar met with Garokk and convinced him to stop her. During her years in the Savage Land she learned a primitive form of magic that she would use from then on. Years later, Zaladane became the assistant to the High Evolutionary in his project to restore the Savage Land after its near destruction by the alien Terminus. Zaladane was allied with the Savage Land Mutates. She uses this technology to mutate herself and gained the ability to tap into the electromagnetic spectrum to cause small metallic objects to move. With the help of the Mutate Worm, she enslaved many of the land’s natives and abducted her half-sister, Polaris. Thanks to machinery supplied by Brainchild that augmented her ability to tap into the electromagnetic spectrum, and her half-sibling heritage, she drained Polaris’ of her magnetic powers, while Polaris underwent a secondary mutation and gained new powers. Zaladane took over the Savage Land. She then managed to steal Magneto's powers as well and tried to take control of the Earth's magnetic field. Nicky Fury and SHIELD became aware of this and, with the help of Rogue, Ka-Zar and a depowered Magneto, launched a series of attacks using the various tribes in that region. They managed to distract Zaladane, allowing Magneto to use Brainchild's machine to regain his power, since he was not a blood relative of Zaladane. With his powers restored, Magneto reversed the blood flow in Zaladane’s body, thereby killing her. Some time after Zaladane's death, and the Shadow King incident, Polaris' powers were returned to her.

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