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    A lethal creation by a dying race to get their revenge on the Celestials. Terminus is an incredibly powerful and gargantuan cosmic scavenger, who exists in various stages and has threatened the Earth a number of times.

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    Terminus Revealed
    Terminus Revealed

    Many eons ago, an alien race known as the Terminex, had been judged unfit to live by the almighty powerful Celestials. The Terminex were fairly scientifically advanced creatures in their own right, (despite also reveling in violent, aggressive and spiteful ways) capable of interstellar travel, genetic engineering. Yet they they were also aware of the massive power disparity between themselves and their would be destroyers, and so turned their attention and focus to revenge on both the Celestials and life anywhere else.

    Thus Terminus existence was set into motion. The final act, the final gesture of the Terminex, was to send a ship out, managing to barely avoid destruction, as the Terminex and their planet (Terminon) were reduced to ruin at the hands of the Celestials. This fleeing ship carrying a carefully created and designed batch of microbes, known as Termini, otherwise known as Stage 1 of the Termini. Terminus itself, is known as Stage 4.

    Engineered specifically by the Terminex, the Termini in its microbe stage, Stage 1, were designed to convert native species of other planets, by being digested and then attacking them on a cellular level, converting them into mechanical robot like life forms, passing on the characteristics of the Termini. The subsequent life form created by this merging also known as Stage 2 of the Termini life cycle. Such creatures are usually violent and aggressive, very similar to the original native creature (a cat or dog would for example still look like a cat or a dog) but now composed of a metal like substance, vastly increasing its durability. Stage 2 Termini can then go on to feast and feed on metal, being particularly fond of titanium, and with this, the creature can increase in size, rather rapidly depending on the relative amount of metal processed. If an adequate power source is harbored, material of a toxic nature, then Stage 3 of the Termini development can occur. Stage 2 Termini evolving into Stage 3 Termini.

    Stage 3 Termini take on a distinctive humanoid form, at measure in at around 10 feet in height initially. They still maintain a metallic robotic shell like look, and quality. They are very robust and durable and possess a type of hive mind, possibly being connected to each other telepathically. They work in unison well together. They are very strong and possess strength in the 20 - 50 strength class area. Multiple Stage 3 Termini are required in order to advance to the next level of being. When numbers are sufficient enough Stage 3 Termini can combine to create a Stage 4 Termini, or more famously known as Terminus.

    Terminus himself, is incredibly large, his height standing in at roughly 150 feet, and he possesses immeasurable strength, beyond that of 100 tons, he is extremely durable and has the ability to manipulate energy, even more expertly so with his lance weapon. He can travel though out space under his own power, and is hardly bothered by the experience of crashing into the planets he seeks for scavenging. We are originally introduced to the character Terminus in this incarnation of being. His arrival on Earth, after traveling great distances around the cosmos, bringing him into conflict with Earths heroes, initially the Fantastic Four. Terminus has claimed to have usurped a thousand planets before his arrival to Earth. There may be some accuracy to this claim, as he has a travel companion in the form of a slave, the Zundamite scientist Mizix, who confirmed waste being laid to his planet Zundam and many times more. It was also Mizix who first gave a small background on this powerful threat, relaying the nature of Terminus to Reed as well as his understanding that the Earthlings hopefully being technologically advanced to halt and end the threat that was Terminus.

    As it turned out Terminus was able to be delayed by Reed, with the assistance of She Hulk, buried under tons of Earth. The nature of Terminus and what it is, has been expanded on many times, but one thing has remained the same, an inherent built in hatred towards the Celestials, a need and craving for advancing itself though its various levels and stages of development. Also a significant and dangerous threat, regardless of the level of development of the Termini. It is theorized that there may be countless Termini out in space, and Terminus himself, the oldest and original consequence of the Terminex is never gone for long.

    On rare occasions two Terminus (Stage 4 Termini) can merge forming a Ulterminus (Stage 5 Termini) as was witnessed during the Terminus Factor. Terminus was last seen in his original Stage 4 form, defeated by Hank Pym's Mighty Avengers.


    Terminus was created by John Byrne, first appearing in Fantastic Four #269, released in August 1984. His shadow is cast ominously on the cover, without revealing his huge monstrous form, and the cover poses the question "Who Is Terminus?". Introduced and intended as a powerful cosmic scavenger like behemoth, Terminus barely appears in his debut appearance, still, his presence is felt heavily though out the issue, his arrival heralded by a message he has laser etched onto the Earths crust, with cataclysmic damage caused, as the laser was miles thick. That message was "I Claim This Earth - Terminus" Terminus finally appearing for the first time, in dramatic fashion on the final page.

    Character Evolution

    Stage 2 Termini
    Stage 2 Termini

    Originally Terminus was created as a giant cosmic scavenger, appearing in Fantastic Four #269, and for his subsequent appearance in Fantastic Four #270, he still remained a rather elusive mystery. with not many hard details of facts being revealed about his nature, save for the words of another character introduced that issue, Mizix, a victim of Terminus from another planet, one of a thousand Terminus is said to have plundered for resources. No indication of what he was, how he was created, and so on.

    Concepts and characters like Termini, Terminex, Jorro, and how they related to the original Terminus, were later introduced by writers including Roy Thomas, Chris Claremont and Mark Gruenwald in respective writings of the character. Now it seemed like it was possible that that a source of energy could be used to fuel the giant form of the Terminus, as well as there being multiple Terminus. Only two have ever been revealed however, as a second Terminus briefly formed during the Terminus Factor, but this creature was short lived after it merged with the more famous and well known Terminus. The second Terminus was identifiable as it had a tail and minor superficial changes in its armor.

    At one stage Terminus was revealed to be a member of the Fonabi race, but that has since been retconned. Terminus last appearance was back to his original appearance, and as it stands now, he is still the last ditch efforts of revenge against the Celestials by the Terminex people, who created the Termini, first as evolving microbes, who progressed to the stage of Terminus, who then undertook a journey across a thousand planets scavenging and plundering before find opposition on Earth.

    Major Story Arcs


    Stage 1 Termini
    Stage 1 Termini

    After delivering a message of intent, via a powerful laser bean, which traveling a hundred years to scar the face of the Earth, stating that the Earth was his, Terminus arrives on Earth. Appearing as a large ship rather than anything sentient in the middle of a desert, Reed Richards, Wyatt Wingfoot, and She Hulk investigate in person. Not entirely sure if anything could have survived the impact of entering Earth at its projected velocity. Taking the time to investigate the earlier laser bean attack, which itself had been a cause for concern, a recovered Terminus shadow looms large over our heroes, and they are quickly incapacitated by the huge metallic behemoth after just one attack from his lance. Terminus ignores their condition to walk towards Hanover City, preparing to start the process in which he absorbs and scavengers raw materials from the very Earth itself for his own gain. Along the way out of anger, he discards the Zundamite scientist who had lead him to Earth in the first place, annoyed that the Earth did not seem that impressive a planet for harvesting, especially after the century of travel required to get here. Terminus sets about creating a ravaging aura of energy that brings destruction and is even said to have the Earth itself scream in agony. However Terminus neglect and underestimation of the Fantastic Four, leads them to hear the dying words of Mizix, who informs there of Terminus. Reed's smart thinking allows him to create an Acceleration Device, that is able to instantly drive Terminus downwards at an incredible velocity. His massive frame puncturing though the ground disappearing, only to be followed by millions of tons of rock, as he descended presumably to the Earths core. His defeat dramatic, but only temporary, as Reed noted that although a necessary move, such efforts would not actually stop Terminus, only delay him. He would start to climb out, thankfully with She Hulks help they had managed to separate Terminus from his lance, likely delaying his ascent even further.

    Evolutionary War

    Terminus appears at the Savage Land, and the mutant Storm's connection to the Earth allows her to sense the destruction that Terminus wrecks upon the incredible, tropical prehistoric landscape. It fills her with an uncontrollable rage and she makes great pace to reach the area so she could survey the damage and cause for herself. The X-Men, follow, not yet sure of what is going on. Teleported by the Aborigine Gateway, the X-Men arrive, the benefit of traveling though the Gateway's "Dreamtime" allowing them to arrive earlier than Ororo. Wolverine, however, is shocked. Having been quite knowledgeable of the Savage Land, he is quick to point out to his confused teammates that the barren, lifeless landscape they stood in, was in fact the Savage Land, despite its radically altered appearance. Using a combination of Longshot's recall and Psylocke's telepathy, the X-Men are able to experience firsthand what had happened in the Savage Land, Terminus hulking form, destroying and creating great destruction to the tropical jungle, and even it appears to many of the human inhabitants of the Savage Lands, some on friendly terms with the X-Men are killed.

    Elsewhere the High Evolutionary is also investigating the event that has taken place at the Savage Land's, when he is attacked suddenly by Terminus. Even the powerful Evolutionary is no match for the terrible Terminus, but aid comes to him in the form of the X-Men. Now also joined by Storm, they manage to bury the giant scavenger under an entire mountain. Meeting and discussing recent events with the High evolutionary, the X-Men are overjoyed to realize their Savage Land friends are safe in a nearby pocket dimension. The group split up, hoping that Terminus has been injured enough to not be an issue for a little while. Rogue and Psylocke stand guard over the mountain burying it. After finding their old friends and joining up with them, the other X-Men return to realize that Terminus had arisen earlier than hoped, but with the power of team work, and some unorthodox tactics, that are able to fell the metallic giant. Except not all had been seen.

    Garokk the Petrified Man is discovered inside of the Terminus armor, disorientated and confused; after his removal from the suit, the Terminus body seemingly disintegrates leaving an air of confusion over what just happened and who is to blame. The X-Men believe that Garokk was innocent of Terminus actions, but despite this, Garokk troubles himself over what has happened. He volunteers his body, in an experiment the High Evolutionary believes will return the Savage Land to its lush tropical jungle like habitat. The X-Men depart the Savage Land, the hidden sanctuary restored to its former glory before the genuine Terminus' original attack.

    The Terminus Factor

    Double Trouble?
    Double Trouble?

    Terminus origin delved into and detailed. After being stranded in space by the Avenger Quasar, Terminus remains rather helpless in floating about, his lance broken, and with no way to escape his situation. However on Earth it is revealed that Terminus had in secret collaborated with a Deviant Weapons maker known as Jorro, their collaboration eventually leading to a creation of a new batch of Termini microbes. Stage 1 Termini. These had been left in a volcano, but had began to seed.

    Several small creatures including birds, cats, dogs, raccoons, squirrels had been overtaken by the Stage 1 Termini, converting them into Stage 2 Termini and although small in nature they are still causing more than a small nuisance. More worrisome is that they are starting to merge into the measurably more powerful Stage 3 Termini. Captain America, Machine Man, and Iron Man, are able to realize the potential danger present, and their initial efforts as well as the efforts of other Avengers joining in, is able to start reigning in the threat.

    Unfortunately their efforts are too late, and even with the assistance of the mighty Avenger Hercules, a new Stage 4 Terminus is born, this mammoth creature, as large as the original Terminus, except with this newer version sporting a metallic tail.

    Being somewhat familiar with the original Terminus, and his location in space, the Norse god Thor sought the massive space being out. Finding his floating body out far beyond Earth's vicinity. Given the situation on Earth, Thor decided against his better judgement to engage Terminus, hoping to find out more about the creature. After several failed attacks, but successful evades from the now roused Terminus, Thor is able to puncture though Terminus chest, and enter the cavity. However he is swarmed unexpectedly by Terminus interior immune system, and he is separated from his hammer. Terminus takes this opportunity to utilize Thor's potent weapon for his own means, finding an astonishingly powerful source from which to drain and use power. Spitting out Thor, Terminus is able to use Mjolnir to aid his reconstruction of his broken lance. He makes rapid pace to Earth.

    Now for the Ulterminus

    His arrival coincides with the birth of the second Terminus and both mighty behemoths start to engage each other in battle, where their can only be one victor. The damage occurring is devastating to the surroundings. Luckily for the civilians at risk, the West Coast Avengers were at the scene, and are able to separate the two powerful creatures. Unfortunately they are quick to realize that these two Terminus creatures are considerably more powerful than they though, as in prior instances fake Terminus had set a precedent for being easy to defeat.

    The original Terminus managed to emerge the victor, between the two class 4 Termini and he proceed to devour his foe, as that had been what both had been functioned to do. Fight until a victor had emerged, and the gestalt being formed afterwards mutating into the extremely rare Stage 5 level of Termini. The Ulterminus. A even larger creature with four arms. It stood a massive 500 feet tall and continued to grow.

    By this stage even the main Avengers team and the Great Lake Avengers had arrived on the scene, but in the face of the adversity known as Ulterminus, even their combined efforts seemed fruitless. However in a twist of luck, a recovered Thor, miles and miles away in space, has began a desperate bid to regain his hammer, now absorbed within the massive bulk of the Ulterminus creature. After a dramatic and tense moment, Thor's spoken enchanting aiding his concentration, the enormous Ulterminus is suddenly launched away from the Earth and is pulled towards Thor. Unfortunately the Avengers had been sucked up as well and caught in the vacuum Ulterminus had left. Now in space joined with their team mate Thor, the team managed to finally separate Ulterminus from his lance, Ulterminus being much more reliant on his lance, its separation causing him to form a black hole, his form to unstable. Finally defeated and now Thor reunited with his hammer the Avengers leave to return to Earth.

    Against the Avengers and X-Men

    The Avengers, and X-Men have both run into the giant cosmic being in more recent times, stopping him both times. A team of Iron Man, the Protector, Spider-Woman, and more and Ulik posing as Tanarus (a charade the character was pulling, replacing Thor) stopping Terminus in his stage 4 form. Terminus was then shipped to SWORD, which is Earths agency in dealing with aliens and alien threats. Its escape there, and return to Earth was subsequently dealt with by the X-Men.

    Powers and Abilities

    Terminus is an incredible powerful being. Initially early on, his power was even suggested at rivaling that of the mighty Galactus. Over time, it is yet to be seen if this is a fair comparison, Terminus having never quite eliciting or functioning on the same level as the world devourer. Still, Terminus is a being that has incalculable level of strength and has required teams of Avengers and X-Men to defeat him.

    Terminus is extremely durable, his outer shell is composed of an organic metallic material, this shell also capable of self repairing itself, so even if somehow damage was to inflicted upon the outer layer, it would look to repair and heal itself rapidly. He can survive in outer space perfectly fine, and the process of entering a planets atmosphere at great concerns, is of bare concern. Terminus can withstand multiple hammer blows from Thor. Wolverines adamantium claws were able to slice though his shell to a degree, but his wounds closed over almost healing faster than the wounds were being inflicted. Molten lava or extreme heat is of little concern as well. Being sent to the core of the Earth, only slowing Terminus down. The interior areas of Terminus are filled with metallic sentient creatures, a type of immune system. Though weak individually, the sheer amount of them, and the diversity of creature can be enough to even temporarily overwhelm the powerful thunder god Thor. Some of these interior insectoid's are capable of leeching and draining power from intruders.

    Terminus higher levels of speed and mobility are dependent on his lance, and although it can be destroyed, Termunis can recreate it, if he himself is in a health condition. Using his lance he can attain escape velocity, and in the vacuum of space he can travel at warp speed. Terminus also seems to have advanced technology capable of predicting and accounting for the location and position of the Earth from light years away, to actually send a continue predetermined laser beam in years advance, from light years away, and yet still accurately laser etch a message on target.

    Stage 1 Termini are capable of taking over small life forms, converting them into Stage 2 Termini. Stage 2 Termini vary in power. Stage 3 Termini are strong enough and durable enough to taker on the Olympian god Hercules in groups. Stage 5 Termini, otherwise known as the Ulterminus are incredibly powerful, even more so than Terminus, presumably with all his powers, enhanced in greater proportions.

    Physical Statistics

    Height: 150'0 (Stage 1 Termini are microscopic, Stage 2 Termini vary in height, Stage 3 Termini stand at 10'0, Stage 5 Termini start at the colossal height of 500'0.

    Weight: Unrevealed. Logically, Termini weight increase varying on the Stage they advance to.

    Eyes: White. No visible pupils

    Hair: Not applicable

    Equipment and Weapons

    Terminus's Lance
    Terminus's Lance
    Terminus has a Lance which is proportionately as large as he is, measuring 240 feet in length. He employs this lance as a weapon, to absorb energy and to redirect stored energy, firing it as a concussive or heat blasts, or both simultaneously. Using it he was able to carve a message miles thick across the crust of the Earth (North America) and he can render the ground digging further and further into the Earth's outer most later. Terminus can also use this lance to deploy a barrier of sorts around himself. This shield of sorts being referred to as an "atomic storm" also having energy absorption properties itself. Terminus lance is also made of the same sturdy material as Terminus himself, and as such is capable of self repairing. There is an undefined relationship between Terminus and his lance, he can mentally summon it to his hands and have it respond, but there appears to be a limit on this ability.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth - 912

    Terminus appears as a villain in this reality, which was a What If tale, "What If... The Silver Surfer Had Not Escaped Earth?" He is defeated by the Fantastic Five.


    In the JLA/Avengers crossover, Terminus appears in the DC reality, and proceeds to attack the DC Earth. For undisclosed reasons, Metropolis is paramount to his plans, and so Terminus begins to travel there. Outside Keystone City, he encounters the Justice League of America and is able to hold his own against the powerful members of the team. Terminus is eventually defeated after Batman surmises the importance of Terminus' lance and put into motion a plan for the various members of the JLA to distract Terminus by feigning an attempt to steal it away, whilst Green Lantern analyzes it with his power ring. This is a success, with Green Lantern thus being able to successfully reflect Terminus' power back at him, defeating him. Hal Jordan, at that time serving as the Spectre, appears on the scene and announces that Terminus is alien to that plane of existence. The Spectre then transports Terminus away, leaving the JLA to rescue civilians trapped in the rubble created by their battle.

    Other Media


    Fantastic Four (2006)

    Cartoon Terminus
    Cartoon Terminus

    Terminus was featured in the 2006 Fantastic Four cartoon series, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. He appeared in the episode "Scavenger Hunt" and was voiced by Lee Tockar. An alien invader set to use the Earths resources to his advantage, the Fantastic Four almost found him to be nigh unbeatable, but eventually they overcame him, uncovering a smaller alien hiding within the gargantuan suit. This episode was also notable for being the last episode of that cartoon series.


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