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    Whiteout is a Savage Land Mutate that is able to selectively blind people with light emitted from her body.

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    Amphibius, Gaza, Barbarus, Brainchild, Whiteout, Lupa
    Amphibius, Gaza, Barbarus, Brainchild, Whiteout, Lupa

    Whiteout is a mutate with a very mysterious past, not alot is know about her origins and her past. It is assumed that Whiteout is a native of the Savage Land and spent most of her life in that area. It is also possible that her genetic enhancements which caused the activation of her powers also affected her on physical level making her somewhat albino, she is as white as snow and her white constume is usually covering her entire body maybe due to that condition her body is sensitive to heat.

    Whiteout was either created or recruited by Zaladane and became one of the Savage Land Mutates. In her first apperance she was ordered by Zaladane, along with the other Savage Land Mutates to attack the mutant superhero's the X-Men in the geographical area of Chile.

    The X-Men were on a mission there looking for the missing companion Lorna Dane aka Polaris. While on the search for Polaris, the X-Men run into the Mutates and a all out battle commences. The battle proves to be a victory for the X-Men, they capture the mutates and try to question them, but through a distraction the Mutates manage to flee without a trace.


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    Whiteout would later resurface as a villainess, hired by the the evil Superia. Whiteout would recieve $100,000 when she joined the cornicopia of lady villains on a cruise. Superia's plans were to rule the known world and hoped to accomplish this through hiring various villains, while on the cruise a fight breaks out among two of her team mates Anaconda and Quicksand, Whiteout watched with the other ladies in amusment.

    The Members would later attend the power pagent to watch there fellow members Impala and Screaming Mimi perform before Ferocia sensed Captain America on board the vessel. In a epic battle the Femizons attacked the two in mass capturing Captain America and Paladin, While they were apprehended Superia addressed the Femizon's stating that they would create a world were women would be supreme.

    But unfortunately for them Captain America and Paladin escaped, Whiteout proceeded to blind Captain America and Asp and Diamondback, but a stray shot from Asp caught her off guard and left her unconsious, paladin manges to escape using whiteout's costume, but what happened to Whiteout after was never specified.

    Unlimited X-Men

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    White out would later return in a brief story line in Unlimited X-Men. She would appear to have rejoined the ranks of the Savage Land Mutates, this time under the leadership of the crazed Sauron. Sauron bent on re-energising himself and in order to gain as much power as possible, sent Worm and Whiteout to capture Havok.

    Worm and Whiteout Sucessfully capture Havok and Bring him back to the Savage Land. In the meantime while Whiteout and Company are on the way back to the Savage Land. Brainchild is busy at work making an energy draining machine for Sauron. While on the way to the lair, Havok breaks free and manages to run. Whiteout manage to track him but they being to panic when they are followed by Cyclops, Phoenix and Polaris.

    Whiteout manages to recapture Havok and take him to Brainchild, Sauron enters the scene and is eager to feed. Upon sensing the other X-Men he chooses to use Havok as bait instead and proceeds to defeat the heros. Whiteout uses the black lotus flower to take control of Cyclops and helps Brainchild Hooks Cyke and Havok to the draining machine.

    Sauron then feeds upon the energy but does so too quickly transforming with to much power, Brainchild beening able to control the machine panics and accidently free's Phoenix and Polris. They in tern destroy the maching and regain the abilities, leaving Sauron nothing but a mindless beast. Brainchild assumes leadership of the Mutates and then allows the X-Men to leave without further assault.

    Extreme X-Men

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    Brainchild taking leadership of the Mutates and planning to get revenge against the X-Men. He gathers the Mutates and attempts to lure them to the Savage Land. Being successful in attracting the attention of the X-Men's Storm & Rogue attempt to take them on.

    Whiteout and Leash lead an assualt against her, Leash tries to put Rogue under hes control but her defenses prove to much for her to handle. In the fight they manage to grab storm instead. The captured Storm is then genetically altered into a more primitive state.

    Primitive Storm is brought to attack the other members of the X-Men in there next bout. Storm successfully slashes Sage, while Whiteout Blinds all the X-Men. Rogue manages to render Whiteout unconsious and the team slowly defeat the remaining Mutates. They Make Brainchild return Storm to normal and then had them over to the authorities.

    The Uncanny X-Men

    The story is then continued in Uncanny X-Men, the X-Men offer the Mutates freedom and a Pardon if they help to free there home land from the newest threat the Hauk'ka. The Mutates accept the offer and are freed. The X-Men split into teams the Mutates join forces with Psylocke, X-23 and the famous Kazar and Zabu to free the captives of the Hauk'ka.

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    The Mutates and there new allies are successfull in freeing Savage Land humans, Saurids, Nightcrawler and Bishop. After the humans are brought to safety they go on to fend off the powerfull taken over Phoenix (Rachel Summers) and Ma'sa'no of the Hauk'ka.

    As they plan to escape they are Spotted by Hauk'ka hunting party and are visioucly attacked, the Mutates Vertigo and Whiteout Team up to take the Threat away of the Flying Hunters. The Mutates and there new allies retreat to safety just before a massive weather system hits the Savage Land.

    New Avengers

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    Later on in the New Avengers the Mutates are seen trying to get there imprisoned member Lykos back. They try to hire Scorcher to break him out, but he refuses and then reports the information back to wolverine. Turning to Electro to help orchestrate and breakout, Electro successfully broke Lykos out, in the chaos he took his place with his fellow mutates.

    The New Avengers thought the Mutates broke him out and made there way to the Savage Land to confront them. the heroes were then attacked my mutated primates and vertigo appeared with strange new powers and put the Avengers to sleep.

    When they awoke they found themselves nude and trapped in the Mutates lair. Iron Man manages to summon his armor and blows up brainchild's machine freeing them. The Avengers then take on the Mutates but manage to recapture Sauron and take him back to prison.


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    Whiteout has the ability to project a flashing white light from her body. This light hit's her opponents with such brightness that is causes them to go blind for a short period of time. Due to unknown reasons, her power only seems to affect the victims she chooses, it does not affect everyone in a certain range.

    She is also able to make her abilities affect those who cannot be blinded in normal circumstances e.g. Psylocke (who at one point had cybernetic eyes, which gave her the ability to adjust to different light intensities.) This maybe because her abilities are psionic in nature.

    The intensity and range of her powers are unknown and it is not clear if has a secondary ability which allows her to use the affects of the black lotus flower which gives her the ability to control the will of her opponent.


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