Travis Morgan

    Character » Travis Morgan appears in 327 issues.

    A Vietnam veteran who found himself in the magical world of Skartaris, Travis Morgan is a brilliant military strategist and leader, a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, a superb marksman and an extraordinary swordsman.

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    Warlord of Skartaris
    Warlord of Skartaris

    US Air Force pilot Travis Morgan became a widower when his wife was killed in a car crash. Their daughter Jennifer was then eight years old and, believing life on an Air Force base was wrong for her, Morgan sent her to live with her aunt Marie. Morgan subsequently served in the Vietnam War. Morgan was sent on a secret aerial spy mission by the Pentagon to photograph a new Soviet installation. The Soviets fired missiles at his plane, and though Morgan avoided a direct hit, one of the missiles took out a jet, causing a severe fuel leak. Heading towards Alaska, Morgan finally ran out of fuel.

    Parachuting from the plane armed with his pistol, Morgan descended through an inter-dimensional nexus from Earth's arctic region to the other dimensional realm of Skartaris. Soon he rescued Tara, the heir to the throne of the city of Shamballah, from the clutches of a dinosaur. Morgan and Tara were captured and brought to the city of Thera, where he first met his arch enemy, the high priest Deimos. Tara taught Travis her language and they escaped from Thera. She also taught him to become an expert swordsman. Later Morgan was enslaved and trained as a gladiator. He led other gladiators to freedom and intended to bring liberty to the people of Skartaris.


    Travis Morgan was created by Mike Grell. The original Warlord title started in January 1976 and lasted 133 issues and six annuals. There was a six-issue limited series in 1992. In 2006, an eight-issue limited series started in February and went to September.

    Character Evolution

    Original Continuity: Earth-One

    Travis Morgan became known as a great leader in Skartaris and was given the name Warlord. He went on to marry Tara and she became ruler of Shamballah, and they had a son, Joshua. Deimos kidnapped the boy and used advanced technology to clone him and then advance his clone rapidly to manhood. Morgan, thinking the clone was his true son, was forced to kill the clone in battle. Morgan believed his son dead, but he was actually brought up by peasants and lives under the name of Tinder.

    Major Story Arcs

    Original Continuity: Earth-One

    Warlord's friends include Machiste, Mariah and Shakira. His daughter Jennifer came to Skartaris in search of him and became the realm's supreme sorceress. Warlord may not have succeeded in bringing liberty to all Skartaris, but he continued to have many far flung adventures. His marriage to Tara remains intact, despite having their share of difficulties.

    Travis Morgan was accidentally killed by his son Joshua. This occurred shortly after Deimos' return. Travis Morgan died shortly after the birth of his daughter Moragana.


    During the events of Convergence, Warlord was killed when a newly empowered Deimos aged him to dust.

    Powers and Abilities

    Warlord has no superhuman abilities. He is a skilled pilot, and in excellent physical condition. He is an expert marksman and fencer, and also possesses skill in unarmed combat. He is an intelligent and competent leader, and a gifted strategist.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Flashpoint alternate universe, Warlord is a pirate. He is attacked by Deathstroke, who steals the unconscious Jenny Blitz from him. In a later confrontation, Deathstroke shoots Warlord in the eye. Warlord's entire fleet is destroyed by Jenny Blitz.

    Other Media


    The DCAU

    Warlord appears as the ruler of Skartaris in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Chaos at the Centre of the Earth". He is voiced by Paul Guilfoyle.


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