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The Warlord's daughter
The Warlord's daughter

When Jennifer's mother Rachel died in a car accident when she was just 8 years old, Travis Morgan felt that air force bases was not the place to raise his daughter so he sent her to live with her aunt Marie. But Jennifer missed her father. When she was 10 she was informed that he had been killed in a plane crash. Actually, Travis Morgan had landed in Skartaris, unknown to the outside world and had begun his life as Warlord.

Years later she heard that he had turned up alive and Jennifer learned from Professor George Lakely that her father was still alive in Skartaris. Jennifer went on an expedition to Skartaris on her boat, the Lady J and was reunited with her father. Promising not to reveal the existence of Skartaris, she set sail again for the outside world. However, her ship was wrecked before she left Skartaris' waters and she ended up the sole survivor of her expedition. Jennifer was found by Faaldren, a servant of the evil wizard Deimos and he took her back to his master's castle.

There, Deimos rendered Jennifer's mind blank. After Warlord defeated Deimos in battle, Deimos' former ally, the witch Aiysha, restored Jennifer back to normal. Aiysha hoped that Jennifer, as a denizen of the outside world would teach her how to use Deimos' machinery. Magically making herself look like Jennifer's mother, Aiysha offered to teach Jennifer sorcery in exchange for being taught technology. The offer was accepted, and Jennifer made rapid progression in learning magic. Finally, Jennifer learned the truth about Aiysha, who attacked her father. Jennifer now used her knowledge of sorcery to battle Aiysha, who appeared to be destroyed at the conclusion of their fight. Jennifer then decided to remain at Deimos' castle and hone her sorcery skills.


Jennifer Morgan is a DC Earth One character and was created by Mike Grell..

Character Evolution

Jennifer led a tragic life, losing her mother young, shortly followed by her father's supposed death in a plane crash. However, she discussed through her professor her father was still alive and set out to find him. She managed to meet up with her father and was on her way back to Earth but was taken to Deimos' castle when his assistant found her by a shipwreck. Mind emptied, Jennifer was then tricked by Aiysha who disguised herself as this young girl's mother. Memory restored, Jennifer taught her "mother" everything she knew about technology in return for learning about magic. The pupil proved herself superior to her teacher when she discovered the truth and defeated the witch, becoming the most powerful sorceress in Skartaris.

Major Story Arcs

Outside of her introduction into Skartaris, Jennifer would appear when magic was needed to serve her father, taking on other sorcerers and wizards when the need arose. When the mad Spectre went on a killing spree to kill all magic on Earth, Jennifer Morgan was present at the magic bar owned by Nightmaster when the Enchantress and Ragman arrived looking for help. Lady Jennifer learns from the duo just how powerful the Spectre really is when she is told he had been able to wipe out more than a hundred of trained wizards who met annually and so joins other "homo magi" heroes to defeat him. She is later seen with all the serving mystic of the DC universe trying to find and repair the damaged Rock of Eternity who is causing wild magic to spread around Gotham. During this act Lady Jennifer is somehow possessed by one of the seven deadly sins but Phantom Stranger easily exorcises from the evil force her.

Lady Jennifer has become supreme sorceress of Skartaris and aided her father when he was alive but now aids her half-brother Tinder (Joshua), and stepmother Tara when the need arises. At the end of the last story, she is seen welcoming in her new baby half-sister Morgana into the world and assisting the baby in closing up the portal leading into Skartaris from Earth forever.

Powers and Abilities

Lady Jennifer is a powerful sorceress and has the strength of a physically fit young woman. She has various spells and a magical mirror that allows her to see wherever she wants.

Jennifer Morgan is a very powerful magic user. She can use magic to alter reality itself. Unlike many DC magical users, she does not need to say any words to use her power. This is impressive because only the most powerful magical characters are able to do that. She has used magic for many uses such as:

  • Pyrokinesis-Generation and control of fire.
  • Aerokinesis- Generation and control of the air.
  • Cyrokinesis-Generation and control of ice.
  • Hydrokinesis- Control of water.
  • Geokinesis- Control of earth.
  • Chlorokinesis-Control over plants.
  • Thermokinesis- Able to manipulate the temperature of a place to stay warm in cold environments.

Jennifer 'Morgan uses of sorcery gives her access to a ton of other powers. For example, Flight, weather control, healing, illusion casting, reality-warping, telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, force field generation, dimensional travel, size alteration, spectral sight, mystical invulnerability, probability manipulation, memory manipulation (erasing and altering people's memories), superhuman strength, superhuman durability and extraction and teleportation of souls (she only uses this ability in dire situations).


Jennifer Morgan
Jennifer Morgan

Citizenship: American and Skartarian

Occupation: Sorceress and princess

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight:: 122 pounds (55 kg)

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Jennifer Morgan is a beautiful sorcerress. She seems to be in her early twenties with bright white hair, blue eyes, and full lips. Personality wise, She is very strong minded and will do anything if she thinks that it is the right thing to do.

Other Media

Jennifer Morgan from the DCAU
Jennifer Morgan from the DCAU

In the Justice League Unlimited episode titled, "Chaos at the Earth's Core" Some Justice League members (Stargirl, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and S.T.R.I.P.E. went to the core of the earth in order to help the underworld kingdom, Skartaris. Jennifer Morgan was the princess who helped the Justice League fought Deimos and his henchmen.


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