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When Travis Morgan found that a beautiful girl had been captured by evil titans in Skartaris , he rescued her. Calling herself Shakira, the girl revealed that she could shapeshift into a black cat. When he saved her from bloodthirsty bird-men, Shakira became his friend. She proved to be a valuable ally, such as when she used her cat form to escape a robot's trap and free Travis, or turned a villain's laser array weapons against themselves. Warlord asked Shakira if she was a woman who became a cat or a cat who became a woman, but she has never given him an answer.


Shakira and the rest of the citizens of Skartaris seemingly perished during the events of Convergence.

Other Media

Shakira had a brief cameo in Justice league Unlimited. In the cartoon she transformed into a large black panther instead of the small black cat.


Shakira is able to assume the form and abilities of a black cat whenever she chooses. When she changes her necklace becomes a collar. She retains a cat's fear of water even in human form.

According to Deimos, Shakira's powers come from the Red, the same domain that empowers Animal Man and Vixen.


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