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    Peter Mortimer is a deep-sea diver and pirate who wears a specifically-designed diving suit to scavenge valuable treasure off the ocean floor and sell them at their highest bidder, thus receiving the name "Scavenger". He is an enemy of Aquaman.

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    Current Events

    After the events of Throne of Atlantis, Scavenger scours the ocean floor for all Atlantean weaponry and then sells them off to the highest bidder.


    Scavenger was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney and makes his first appearance in Aquaman #37. He is re-introduced in the New 52 series Aquaman #17 by writer Geoff Johns and artist Paul Pelletier.

    Major Story Arcs

    The origins of the Scavenger remain one of the mysteries of the seven seas. He appeared to menace Aquaman and Aqualad in the depths of the ocean in an attempt to find the "Time Decelarator" - an ancient device created by an alien civilisation.

    Without the usual posturing or boasting of costumed villains, Scavenger went after his goal without explanation of his unusual motif and advanced scientific equipment.

    Aquaman was able to destroy Scavenger's heavily armed Scorpion ship, but not before Scavenger gained possession of the decelerator. His prize, however only suceeded in sending him on a seemingly reverse trip through time, devolving him into an infant and then nothing.

    The decelerator sent Scavenger into a timeless limbo from which it took him years to escape. The timeless limbo sent him to the other dimensional world of Skartaris. He gains mystical powers-calling himself the Scavenger of Souls. He battles the Warlord until he loses the powers and returns to his world.

    Eyes of the Hawk

    Scavenger has renamed himself Barracuda and has become a supposed friend of Aquaman but in actuality, he is a depraved pedophile. Hawkman has set his sights on Scavenger because he represents the avatar of the Barracuda and Carter is searching for the significance of animal avatars within certain individuals like Ephraim Dees who was possessed by the spirit of the Bear. Carter goes off intel that Oracle received from the Scavenger. Scavenger heard about Hawkman's avatar quest and he wanted the chance to take on formidable opponent.

    Meanwhile, Scavenger recites a reading from Master Cheng to his young captive who is skater that has been reported missing. Scavenger proclaims that "The original goodness of man is like the original clearness of water because a great man keeps a child's heart." Scavenger is merely remarking that a child is perfectly pure like water until its polluted by corruption unless they can prevent it and to that end, Scavenger maintains his captive's purity by tearing out his heart.

    Hawkman was told that he could reach the Scavenger at the Waid Salvage Yard located in San Diego but Carter enters facility with caution since he is aware of Scavenger's previous exploits as a treasure plunderer. Carter finds an underground tunnel located beneath the facility but when he enters the tunnel, he comes under attack by guns that Scavenger stationed throughout the sewer system. Carter tries to double back but the flood gate that led out of the tunnel closes and a flood of water enters the tunnel. Fortunately, Carter uses his Nth metal mace to break the walls of the tunnel before he can drown.

    Hawkman returns to the surface and contacts Oracle to do some more digging around on Scavenger since his supposed reform from crime is false. Carter scouts the coastline to find another way into Scavenger's base of operations but comes under attack by mechanical flying fish with razor sharp fangs and the Sea-Lobster, Scavenger's mobile submarine/ tank. Carter uses concussion grenades to destroy the Sea-Lobster and his mace to dispense with the mechanical flying fish.

    Oracle replies back to Hawkman with some new troubling information. Oracle dumped all of Scavenger's digital records as the Barracuda and it turns out Scavenger is part of an elusive pedophile website with forty exclusive clients. Scavenger pretends to be another kid on various social networks and lures children to his salvage firm. He then videotapes his raping of the children and streams the videos to his clients.

    Oracle has already sent a spike through the website so that she can track down the other pedophiles thereby allowing Batman to apprehend them which only leaves Scavenger. Hawkman contacts Aquaman because he is the only one who can get him close enough to Scavenger. Carter reveals the truth about the Scavenger to Arthur and he agrees to help Hawkman apprehend Scavenger.

    Aquaman contacts Scavenger and Scavenger opens his doors. Hawkman comes charging in and pins Scavenger to a wall. Scavenger scoffs at Hawkman's hatred towards him by saying he is a hypocrite. Scavenger is well aware of Thanagar's superficial hierarchy and methodology. Thanagarians prey on those weaker than themselves without any consequence and Carter admits that what Scavenger says is true.

    However, Carter replies that he is no longer on Thanagar and Earth is more pure than Thanagar because each person has the ability to control of their baser instincts and certain crimes should be universal when it comes to punishment. Hawkman then kills Scavenger by plunging his face into a computer monitor. Hawkman remarks how the electrical surge from the monitor electrocutes Mortimer as the flesh from his face begins to burn and his head swells until it explodes.

    New 52

    Scavenger survives his encounter with Hawkman. Scavenger, Weapons Master, The Key, The Scarecrow, Captain Cold, and Cheetah were all attacked, captured, tortured, and interrogated to find out information on the members of the Justice League. The Scavenger, unbeknownst to anyone, has located the Atlantean tech and has his minions retreive the technology. Scavenger was indirectly responsible for creating Dead Water. He took enough damage that he is now in now comatose and may be in that state for months. His state renders him incapable to tell anyone where the "dead water" awaits in the ocean.

    Powers & Abilities

    Although the Scavenger does not possess any superpowers, he is a cunning opponent with a vast array of resources.

    Expert Diver

    Mortimer is one of the best divers in the world, often finding and recovering valuable stuff from the deepest parts of the ocean before anyone else can get there.

    Weapons Expert

    Mortimer has vast knowledge of high tech weaponry and equipment. He is also one of DC Earth's most prominent black market weapons dealers.


    The Scavenger leads his own private fleet that consists of large number of henchmen and multiple nuclear submarines.


    Scavenger is cunning criminal who often uses his knowledge and skills to devise appropriate plans against his opponents.


    Scavenger Suit

    Mortimer wears a special diving suit. It protects him against the crushing pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep as well as provides him with an oxygen supply.

    The suit is also equipped with an electrical discharge strong enough to kill normal Atlanteans. It can also map and project the ocean floor, track nearby energy signatures and allows Scavenger to link and communicate with his fleet.

    Harpoon Gun

    Scavenger uses a harpoon gun, powerful enough to kill Atlanteans.

    Scavenger's Fleet

    Scavenger has his own fleet of multiple submarines and henchmen, paid by the selling of high tech weapons and equipment. The submarines are equipment with special torpedoes ("Shredders") that can kill Atlanteans.

    Scorpion Ship

    A submersible vehicle and is the primary tool of transporation for the Scavenger. In addition to navigating through the ocean depths, the ship is also equipped with four, modular legs for traversing the ocean floor. The ship is also equipped with a "retriever beam", which uses a column of energy to pull cargo from sunken ships and could also generate a force field beam, ideal for catching prey. The exterior of the ship is extremely durable and can withstand massive blunt force attacks. The ship can also coat itself with a sheathe of ice, which is ideal for warding off heat-seeking weapons.

    Most of the advanced weaponry he uses comes from the ship, but he does have other hand-to-hand energy weapons such as Atlantean firearms.


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