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Eat your heart out wannabies
Eat your heart out wannabies

Thank you for checking out this list. I worked very hard on it and have updated if four about four years, and I honestly spent way too much time working on it. I made this list because I wanted to find the greatest heroes of all time. All Time is the key phrase. Not just who is cool and known today. In other-words I wanted something better than an opinion or a popularity contest. I think it is fair to say that the vast majority of comic readers either only read recent comic books or are reading a very small portion of older books. This does not necessarily make them bad fans, after all it is sometimes hard to find a whole run of books of books for a decent price. That said, with more and more Golden Age books becoming available on-line for free it is becoming easier to see these older heores in their hay-day.

The sad part is heroes that were huge for decades become unknowns because the company that produced them went out of business or was bought out by another company. What many don't seem to know is that the company going out of business usually was not reflected in their popularity. Captain Marvel is the biggest example of this. More popular than Superman DC Comic sued the Fawcett Publications and led to the DC bankrupting Fawcett. Later, DC bought the rights to the character and did virtually nothing with him. Then DC lost the rights to even use the Name Captain Marvel to Marvel comics further pushing Captain America into obscurity.

 Let's Go Blackhawks!
Let's Go Blackhawks!

It is not only business that changes the character popularity but fads change for example war comics and westerns were huge a few decades ago but are all but non existent now. Take a look at a character like Blackhawk. He was huge for decades but you rarely see him anymore. He had films and theme songs and all sort of things. He was one of the biggest comic heroes there ever were but most readers today never even heard of him. Check out his page on the vine. Ice has a better page and she never had one self titled issue ever.

So, while I was conceptualizing this list I had to find a way to objectively rank the charters who are the greatest in comics of all time. The best way I came up with is to count their self titled issues. A self titled issue is a comic the uses the name and only the name of the main character to sell the book. Quite often new heroes will have a book title that is trying to make the character more appealing like Superman in Action, Spectacular Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Sensational Comics, and Tales of Suspense. Eventually, the hero becomes well enough known that they get their own book. Sometimes, this takes too long but only the biggest and best get a self titled series for an extended period of time.

Thanks to Liberty my page is awesome.
Thanks to Liberty my page is awesome.

Not only is it true that only the greatest heroes given their own self titled book for an extended period but they also almost always only print one self titled book at a time. The other books are made with adjectives to differentiate the many titles. I didn't want this to turn into a who has the most appearances list. It is more about sustainability and marketability over a period of time. I will grant you that it is not flawless. For example Spider-man is lower than then some think he should be but, he still made the list because he is one of the greatest heroes of all times.

The other side of this is the "B-List" heroes. I see so many reviews and posts that will list a legendary hero arbitrarily as a B-List hero. One of the most famous of these is Booster Gold. So much so that he B-List status has actually become part of his character and yet he has had 74 issues in his two self titled books. There is not that many characters that can support their book that long and Booster is still going strong as a hero. Comics are made to make money and Booster would not have the runs he has had without fan support.


This list sets out to prove something. Most comic readers think that they know a lot about comics without knowing the past. Most readers start reading at a certain time and don't really bother or don't have the chance to look at older comics. The point is they don't understand the popularity of characters like Dick Tracy, Green Hornet or even the Blue Beetle. For example most people don't even know who the first Blue Beetle was or that his first comic came out within a few months of heroes like Superman and Batman.

Blue Beetle Dan Garret/Garrett was huge in his day with Fox Comics. Blue Beetle was the figure head for the franchise. he even starred in a book called the Big 3. This was Blue Beetle, The Flame and Samson. It would be like DC's Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman today. Had Blue Beetle been in DC Comics he would be one of the staples of the franchise. There are numerous characters like the this. Spirit, Lone Ranger, Jonah Hex and the Phantom that have movies and shows and comic series that have lasted decades but most fans miss the flavor of what comics are and dismiss them as B-List heroes. I invite you to look back and see the greatest comic characters of all times.

Any good list requires guidelines to follow. Here they are.

 The First Blue Beetle!?!
The First Blue Beetle!?!
  1. All the characters can not be too cartooney. There are a few characters however that bordered on the too cartooney rule and I added them. They are the characters like the Riverdale characters, Joe Palooka, and Scooby Doo. These characters for reasons explained below are the exception. To be completely fair. I added an extra entry for each one of these exceptions so you can make up your mind if they belong or not and still have a top 100 list. (Update: I had to add the extra entries to the bottom of this page Honorable Mention because of the new 100 limit for ordered lists. So they are still here just not listed as and entry. I also added any English language hero with sixty or more self titled issues)
  2. Only self titled books are counted. This means that it has to have the character's name and only the character's name in order for it to count. For example Superman, Clark Kent and Superman: Clark Kent would all count. Things that would not count would be Superman in Action, The Adventures of Clark Kent, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen or Lois and Clark. After all this is a list of characters with self titles books and that is what a self titled book is.
  3. Team issues are not in this list. I am looking for individuals. No books like Fantastic Four, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles and so on.
  4. I am looking at who the star is for each book. Take Green Lantern for example. There have been several Green Lantern books, but several different characters were the star from Alan Scott to Kyle Rayner. I am going to count the hero who is the star and not count them as all the same for one Green Lantern tally.
  5. No rebooting. When a character like Superman (in Superboy comics) is rebooted to be Superboy-Prime) I count who he was at the time. When the original Superboy books were written they were suppose to be Superman. It was only later rebooted to be Superboy-Prime)
  6. When tallying the number of issues in a series I have added the annuals and specials in. This is the case as long as they qualify for the self titled criteria. So a book that has 37 issues 3 Annuals and 5 specials would say that it has 45 issues for the series instead of listing every annual and special separately.
  7. I will not count reprints of the series. Sometimes comics and even whole runs of comics have been reprinted I am only counting the first run.
  8. I will not have any non English comics. The reason for this is only a lack of information. I have not found a reliable source that lists all the comics from a particular country. Comicvine is great but still incomplete. I can also only read English, and a little Spanish and German. So if anyone has a reliable and complete source they can refer me to I will look closer into it. Also note that I may miss some English language books due them being printed in another country like England and Australia. I may miss some heroes but I will add them as I become aware of them. If you see someone who is missing, let me know.
  9. Lastly, I will update this list from time to time but considering all the work I will not do it every week just because one new issue came out. If I missed someone or made a glaring mistake let me know.
  10. Keep in mind that this list changes from year to year, month to month and week to week. Whenever a current self titled issue comes out the numbers change. If I fall behind on a issue let me know and I will change it.

I hope you enjoy the work I put into this list and recommend it to others. Thank you.

Honorable Mention:

The first Daredevil and Black Terror
The first Daredevil and Black Terror

70 - a star in nearly all forms of media Lassie also showed her stuff in the comic world with the self titled comic series that ran during the popularity of the television show in the 1950's.

Lassie 70 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

  • Lassie (1950) 70 Issues

69 – The Original Daredevil got a little bit of exposure with Dynamite Entertainment after wallowing in obscurity. Thank God. Although his first and so far only self titled series lasted 134 issues he only appeared in the first 69 issues.

Daredevil 69 Issues (Updated 9-20-2013)

  • Daredevil (1941) 69 Issues

68 - Jesse Custer A.K.A. Preacher is not exactly your traditional superhero type but back in the mid 90's he was a hugely popular character with a long running series lasting a little over five years.

Preacher 66 Issues (Updated 11-4-2013)

  • Preacher (1995) 66 Issues
One of the best characters of the 1990s
One of the best characters of the 1990s

68 - Katy Keen is a supermodel on Archie Universe, and as such I've added mainly due to crossovers like Punisher meets Archie. Katy however really has transformed into an even less cartooony character than Archie in style.

Katy Keen 68 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

  • Katy Keen (1949) 62 Issues, 6 Annuals = 68

67 – Dark Horse set up a new universe called Comic's Greatest World. Although it may not have been the greatest it did prove that there is room in the comic world for a great universe. The Comic's Greatest World was an awesome superhero universe and Ghost was the Greatest of these characters. X being a close second. This however is about Ghost whom I have read is getting here own ongoing series again. I can only hope she does.

Ghost 66 Issues (Updated 12-22-2013)

  • Ghost (1995) 36 Issues, 3 Specials = 39
  • Ghost (1998) 22 Issues
  • Ghost (2012) 5 Issues
  • Ghost (2013) 1 Issue (still on going)
Green Hornet: Legacy
Green Hornet: Legacy

67 - There have been numerous Captain Marvels in the Marvel Universe alone. Not even to mention the others. This Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) is the third in line as Captain Marvel for the Marvel universe and has definitely put his stamp on the comic world and this list.

Captain Marvel 67 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

  • Captain Marvel (2000) 36 Issues
  • Captain Marvel (2002) 25 Issues

66 – The original Green Hornet not to be confused by his son has had a legacy of self titled comics going back to 1967. Created as a radio character in Detroit along with the Lone Ranger it is no wonder that the two share a family tie.

Green Hornet 66 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

  • Green Hornet (1967) 3 Issues
  • Green Hornet (1989) 14 Issues
  • Green Hornet (1991) 40 Issues, 2 Annuals = 42
  • Green Hornet (2013) 7 Issues (Still on going)

65 - Dreadstar had his own self titled series with Marvel Comics (Epic Comics) for 65 issues.

64 - Doc Savage has been around since before comic books even existed. Starting out in a series of novels Doc Savage has been converted to comics in both old and new stories.

Doc Savage 64 Issues (Updated 9-21-2013)

  • Doc Savage (1966) 1 Issue
  • Doc Savage (1972) 8 Issues
  • Doc Savage (1975) 8 Issues
  • Doc Savage (1987) 4 Issues
  • Doc Savage (1988) 24 Issues, 1 Annual = 25
  • Doc Savage (2010) 18 Issues
Bring Her Back
Bring Her Back

64 - Candy O'Connor is one those character that goes back to the time when comics were actually comical. She starred in a very humorous comic called Candy in the 1940' and 1950's. I would love to this character brought back as a supporting character in another comic. Like a friend to Booster Gold or something like that.

Candy 64 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

  • Candy (1947) 64 Issues

63 - Quasar (1989) 60 Issues, 3 Specials = 63

63 – I can honestly see no reason not to have Barbie make this list, but if you don't think she does notice my honorable mention section above and add one to the list. Barbie it one of two entries on this list (Rom being the other) that started out as a toy. To me a barbie comic sounds like it would fail flat out but no. The Barbie fans a huge and the 63 strait issues proves that.

Barbie 63 Issues (Updated 9-8-2013)

  • Barbie (1991) 63 Issues

62 - Deathlok is one of my favorite Marvel characters. He seems so underrated in the Marvel Universe, but even so he has had four series putting him on this list above so many Marvel characters that might be coincided more popular.

Deathlok 62 Issues (Updated 9-20-2013)

  • Deathlok (1990) 4 Issues
  • Deathlok (1991) 72 issues 4 Specials, 2 annuals = 78
  • Deathlok (1999) 67 Issues
  • Deathlok (2010) 13 Issues
The Original was the Greatest Novel Ever!
The Original was the Greatest Novel Ever!

62 - There have been numerous Captain Marvels and it really is very confusing. What I found is there was only one series for the original Captain Marvel that lasted 62 Issues. He how ever has been suppressed on this list by two of his predecessors. That said. It all starts with the original.

Captain Marvel 62 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

  • Captain Marvel (1970) 62 Issues

62 - Hitman

Hitman 62 Issues (Updated 10-20-2013)

  • Hitman (1996) 61 Issues, 1 Special = 62

61 - Here is another character with no name. He is officially called Frankenstein's Monster or the monster of Frankenstein. Sometimes he is called Frankenstein after the man who made him. I counted all these as his name. He was also called Doc Frankenstein in one series but in all case he is the same character but different wrters took different avenues after the famous Mary Shelley Novel.

Frankenstein's Monster 283 Issues (Updated 9-21-2013)

  • Frankenstein (1945) 29 Issues
  • Frankenstein (1964) 4 Issues
  • Frankenstein Monster (1973) 18 Issues
  • Frankenstein (1983) 1 Issues
  • Frankenstein (1989) 3 Issues
  • Doc Frankenstein (2004) 6 Issues

61 - Mister Miracle has had three self titled series with DC Comics the first was 26 issues, the second was 28 issues and the third was 7 issues.

61 - Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley)had one fifty issue self titled series before it was changed to Azrael: Agent of the Bat. Jean-Paul Valley was also Batman in his own title as Batman for 11 issues.

List items

  • 1820 - Considered by many to be the first Superhero the Phantom has been published by many publishers. The Phantom comes from a long line of heroes with the same name. This entry is for the most famous 21st Phantom. Also note "The Ghost Who Walks" is an alias of the Phantom.

    Phantom 1820 Issues (Updated 11-2-2013)

    1. Phantom (1948) 1676 Issues

    2. Phantom (1962) 74 Issues

    3. Phantom (1988) 4 Issues

    4. Phantom (1989) 13 Issues

    5. Phantom (1992) 9 Issues

    6. Phantom: Ghost Who Walks (1995) 3 Issues

    7. Phantom (2003) 26 Issues, 2 Annuals = 28

    8. Phantom: Ghost Who Walks (2009) 13 Issues

  • 1014 - With five self titled series for DC Comics (three as Supermen and two as Superboy) Superman has the highest number of all heroes. The thing about the Superboy books is when Crisis of Infinite Earths happened Suerman's origin was changed and Superboy became Superboy-Prime, but at the time he was plain old Superman.

    Superman 1014 issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Superman (1939) 477 Issues, 12 Annuals, 3 Specials = 491

    2. Superboy (1949) 230 Issues, 1 Annual, 1 Special = 232

    3. Superman (1987) 228 Issues, 14 Annuals, 1 Special = 243

    4. Superboy (1990) 17 Issues, 1 Special =18

    5. Superman (2011) 29 Issues, 1 Annual = 23 (Still on going)

  • 949 – Batman: Bruce Wayne has had his own self titled series for decades but he is not the only one to be Batman, Dick Grayson and Jean Paul Valley became the stars of the books for an extended period of time. That is why his number may seem a little lower than someone might think.

    Batman 943 issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Batman (1940) 888 Issues, 28 Annuals, 1 Special = 917

    2. Batman (2011) 30 Issues, 2 Annuals = 34 (Still on going)

  • 856 - The Spirit has had more self titled comics than any other hero. During the 1940's the Spirit's comic was actually published and put in the Sunday Newspaper. This was not a comic strip. This was a full sixteen page comic book. The Spirit is without a doubt the most underrated superhero ever.

    Spirit 694 issues (Updated 10-19-2013)

    1. Spirit (1940) 645 Issues

    2. Spirit (2007) 32 Issues

    3. Spirit (2010) 17 Issues

  • 654 Wonder Woman is the icon of female superheroes. Is is any wonder (no pun intended) that she is the highest ranked woman on this list?

    Wonder Woman 654 issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Wonder Woman (1942) 329 Issues

    2. Wonder Woman (1987) 228 Issues, 8 Annuals, 1 Special = 237

    3. Wonder Woman (2006) 59 Issues, 1 Annual = 60

    4. Wonder Woman (2011) 28 Issues (Still on going)

  • 581 - Daredevil has lasted for decades. He is the top Marvel hero on this list. Completely underrated hero. He is the one to break DC's top four consecutive heroes on this list.

    Daredevil 581 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Daredevil (1964) 381 Issues, 10 Annuals = 391

    2. Daredevil (1998) 134 Issues, 1 Annual = 135

    3. Daredevil (2011) 34 Issues, 1 Annual = 35 (Still on going)

  • 536 - First of all I know I don't want to have any characters that are too cartoony. Archie borders that but, in my defense he had a Punisher crossover so I felt I had to count him. Besides it is not like there isn't room in a superhero universe for an All-American Teen. If you do not want to count him see the Honorable Mention section in the above description of this list. Second, If the numbers don't look right that is because Archie started out as Archie Comics. I only counted the Archie books.

    Archie Andrews 536 issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Archie (1960) 536 Issues (Still on going)

  • 516 - Iron Man has been in five separate self titled series with Marvel Comics. He is one of the greatest champions and the few who could be considered an Icon of the Marvel Universe.

    Iron Man 516 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Iron Man (1968) 336 Issues, 19 Annuals, 2 Specials = 357

    2. Iron Man (1996) 13 Issues

    3. Iron Man (1998) 90 Issues, 3 Annuals = 93

    4. Iron Man (2005) 35 Issues

    5. Iron Man (2013) 18 Issues (Still on going)

  • 514 - Although Steve Rogers was rebooted in his first self titled series to be many other heroes playing the part of Captain America at the time it was Steve Rogers. Even when Steve wore the Nomad costume he was still the star of the book. In the fourth series Bucky Barns became Captain America so I only counted 25 of the book.

    Captain America 514 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Captain America (1968) 355 Issues, 17 Annuals = 372

    2. Captain America (1998) 50 Issues, 3 Annuals = 53

    3. Captain America (2002) 32 Issues

    4. Captain America (2005) 25 Issues

    5. Captain America (2011) 19 Issues

    6. Captain America (2012) 13 Issues (Still on going)

  • 437 - Thor is obviously based off of the Thor from Norse mythology. Somehow the fascination with those stories has catapulted him as one of the Greatest characters of all time. He is in the top ten on this list and fourth among Marvel heroes, beating out icons like Captain America, Wolverine and Iron Man.

    Thor 437 Issues (Updated 8-15-2013)

    1. Thor (1966) 293 Issues, 19 Annuals = 312

    2. Thor (1988) 85 Issues, 3 Annuals = 88

    3. Thor (2007) 35 Issues, 1 Annual, 1 Special = 37

  • 402 - Jughead...yeah, I know what you are thinking. I just have a hard time giving up the Riverdale characters after they had a Punisher cross over. Besides I added a few extra characters in the Honorable Mention section of the list. So, you can see the list that you want.

    Jughead 402 Issues (Updated 8-22-2013)

    1. Jughead (1957) 226 Issues

    2. Jughead (1987) 176 Issues

  • 360 - Marvelman is just another "tribute" character to what Captain Marvel means to the world. Unfortunately due to tons of legal battles he doesn't have the self titled issues to make this list. At least we have the "tributes".

    It should also be noted that the last thirty-six issues were reprinted stories, so I didn't add them in the tally.

    Marvelman 360 Issues (Updated 11-29-2013)

    Marvelman (1954) 316 Issues 9 Annuals 1 Special = 326

    Miracleman (1985) 24 Issues

  • 335 When people think X-Men they think Wolverine. He is the most successful X-Man and yet he never started out as an mutant. The mutant angle was only added later. If you don't count the Riverdale characters than Wolverine is in the top 10 of this list.

    Wolverine 332 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Wolverine (1982) 4 Issues

    2. Wolverine (1988) 192 Issues, 6 Annuals, 1 Special = 199

    3. Wolverine (2003) 75 Issues, 2 Annuals = 77

    4. Logan (2008) 3 Issues

    5. Wolverine (2010) 40 Issues, 1 Annual = 41

    6. Wolverine (2013) 11 Issues (Still on going)

  • 316 - Young Marvelman just like Marvelman is just another "tribute" character to what Captain Marvel means to the world. Unfortunately due to tons of legal battles he doesn't have the self titled issues to make this list. At least we have the "tributes".

    It should also be noted that the last thirty-six issues were reprinted stories, so I didn't add them in the tally.

    Marvelman 316 Issues (Updated 11-29-2013)

    Marvelman (1954) 316 Issues

  • 311 – John Constantine: Hellblazer had the longest running vertigo comic ever. He was just one of many to get his title clipped in the wake of the New 52. He would eventually get his own title again however called simply Constantine. Hopefully that series will have an even longer run.

    John Constantine 311 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Hellblazer (1988) 300 issues, 1 Annual, 1 Special = 302

    2. Constantine (2013) 8 issues (Still on going)

  • 310 - Tarzan had more than three self titled series, but only three were printed in English. This goes to my rule on non English comic and there not being a complete source for me to use to determine if they are reprints, if I have all of them in a series and, if I have all the whole series. Of the English series the first one started with Dell Comics then continued on with Gold Key and again with DC Comics for 258 issues. The next series was Marvel Comics who restarted the series and produced 32 issues, and the last was a 20 issue series with Dark Horse Comics. Also, if you don't count the Riverdale characters than Tarzan is in the top 10 of this list.

    Tarzan 310 Issues (Updated 8-24-2013)

    1. Tarzan (1948) 258 Issues

    2. Tarzan (1977) 29 Issues, 3 Annuals = 32

    3. Tarzan (1996) 20 Issues

  • 303 - Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) has stared in five runs for DC Comics that lasted 297 issues. He is one of several Green Lantern Stars but is is definitely top of this list. There is some difficulty in determining who the star of certain runs of Green Lantern. This is truest in the1960 and 1990 runs. In the 1960 run Hal costarred with Green Arrow for several issues and then was replaced by John Stewart and then the title was about the whole Green Lantern Corp. In 1990 the series picked up where the other left off. Guy Gardner and John Stewart had short stays as the beginning. Later Kyle Rayner took the series over and was the over all star of most of the books. I also added the runs Green Lantern 2.1 and 2.2 as one run and didn't separate them as two listings. Lastly, Hal had a run as the Spectre too. I have as fairly as possible added them below.

    Green Lantern: Hal Jordan 303 Issues (Updated 11-25-2013)

    1. Green Lantern (1960) 133 issues, 1 Special = 134

    2. Green Lantern (1990) 43 issues, 2 Annuals = 45

    3. Spectre (2001) 27 issues

    4. Green Lantern (2005) 66 issues

    5. Green Lantern (2011) 30 issues, 1 Annual, = 31 (Still on going)

  • 288 - Flash (Barry Allen) is pretty evenly matched with his predecessor Wally West at this point however Barry is ahead. If you added the two heroes together they would end up in the 6th spot.

    Flash 288 Issues (Updated 11-26-2013)

    1. Flash 1959 246 Issues

    2. Flash 2010 12 Issues

    3. Flash 2011 29 Issues, 1 Annual = 30 (Still on going)

  • 286 - Blackhawk was huge in his day but has lost a lot in recent times as the common comic fan has no sense of history. He was huge had movies and a theme song and on and on. Hell he had a series that lasted 265 issues. He is completely underrated as DC Comics have failed in updating the character.

    Blackhawk 286 Issues (Updated 8-25-2013)

    1. Blackhawk (1944) 265 issues

    2. Blackhawk (1988) 3 issues

    3. Blackhawk (1989) 16 issues, 1 Annuals, 1 Special = 18

  • 263 – Flash:Wally West had one series that lasted 263 issues in DC Comics. When Barry Allen died Wally West took on the mantle of the Flash, and compltely filled any need for the hero. It was years later that Barry was unnecessarily resurrected and Wally got shafted into nonexistence. A very sad way for a superhero to go. Only Ted Kord: Blue Beetle got it worse. He was shot in the head and then wiped from existence. Superheroes need super-heroic conclusions to their tales.

    Flash 263 Issues (Updated 8-24-2013)

    1. Flash (1987) 250 issues, 13 Annuals = 263

  • 263 - Punisher has had seven self t286 – It is amazing that Punisher's comics were ever canceled as he has pretty much run either a self titled series or a Punisher: War Zone and Punisher: War Journal series.

    Punisher 286 Issues (Updated 8-26-2013)

    1. Punisher (1986) 5 Issues

    2. Punisher (1987) 104 Issues, 7 Annuals = 111

    3. Punisher (1995) 18 Issues

    4. Punisher (1998) 4 Issues

    5. Punisher (2000) 12 Issues

    6. Punisher (2001) 37 Issues

    7. Punisher (2004) 65 Issues, 1 Annual = 66

    8. Punisher (2009) 16 Issues, 1 Annual = 17

    9. Punisher (2011) 16 Issues

  • 251 - Green Arrow, (Oliver Queen) stared in six self titled series but did not get his own for over four decades after his creation. Green Arrow was basically Batman with arrows in his initial creation but later came into his own in the 1960s and In his 1988 series he was killed off and Connor Hawke took over the mantle. Connor also makes this list as well.

    Green Arrow 251 Issues (Updated 11-26-2013)

    1. Green Arrow (1983) 4 Issues

    2. Green Arrow (1988) 102 Issues, 7 Annuals = 109

    3. Green Arrow (2001) 75 issues

    4. Green Arrow (2010) 24 Issues

    5. Green Arrow (2011) 27 Issues (Still on going)

    6. Arrow (2013) 12 issues (Still on going)

  • 247 - Aquaman has had seven different self titled series but none were as great as the 1994 Peter David series. There is a reason it went the longest of all of them. The beard and hook gave him the iconic look to go with and keeping/amplifying the iconic hero. I wished he was still that way.

    Aquman 247 Issues (Updated 11-26-2013)

    1. Aquaman (1962) 63 Issues

    2. Aquaman (1986) 4 Issues, 1 Special = 5

    3. Aquaman (1989) 5 Issues, 1 Special = 6

    4. Aquaman (1991) 13 Issues

    5. Aquaman (1994) 77 Issues, 5 Annuals = 82

    6. Aquaman (1966) 50 Issues

    7. Aquaman (2011) 28 Issues (Still on going)

  • 231 - Swamp Thing is one of the set of unusual heroes like Ragman that popped out of the 1970's. His popularity led to another character on this list John Constantine.

    Swamp Thing 231 Issues (Updated 11-12-2013)

    1. Swamp Thing (1972) 24 Issues

    2. Swamp Thing (1986) 126 Issues, 6 Annuals = 132

    3. Swamp Thing (2000) 20

    4. Swamp Thing (2004) 29 Issues

    5. Swamp Thing (2011) 25 Issues, 1 Annual = 26 (Still on going)

  • 227 Gina Diggers in her own Indiana Jones style has had herself launched to the top of this list. Leaning on the Manga-Style her book is American.

    Green Arrow 227 Issues (Updated 11-2-2013)

    1. Gold Digger (1992) 4 Issues

    2. Gold Digger (1993) 50 Issues, 18 Annuals = 68

    3. Gold Digger (1999) 155 Issues (Still on going)

  • 223 - Red Robin (Tim Drake) is arguably the most successful of all the other Robins. At the time of writing this he is the highest on this list, he has the longest self titled series, and it was his first Robin Suit that became the iconic look of the character finally overshadowing the green panties Dick use to wear.

    Red Robin 213 Issues (Updated 11-4-2013)

    1. Robin (1991) 5 Issues

    2. Robin (1993) 185 Issues, 7 Annuals 192

    3. Red Robin (2009) 26 Issues

  • 217 - The Lone Ranger didn't start out is Texas but rather got his start in Detroit along with the Green Hornet. The city could sure use them today.

    Lone Ranger 217 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Lone Ranger (1948) 145 Issues

    2. Lone Ranger (1964) 28 Issues

    3. Lone Ranger (1993) 1 Issues

    4. Lone Ranger (2006) 26 Issues

    5. Lone Ranger (2012) 17 Issues

  • 213 - Dick Grayson most famously known as Nightwing has been the star of four self titled Three as Nightwing and one as Batamn. He is one of the few characters in comics who actually grows up and gets better and more popular as he evolves.

    Nightwing 213 Issues (Updated 10-29-2013)

    1. Batman (1940) 26 Issues

    2. Nightwing (1995) 4 Issues

    3. Nightwing (1996) 155 Issues, 2 Annuals = 157

    4. Nightwing (2011) 25 Issues, 1 Annual = 26 (Still on going)

  • 213 - Vampirella is just one of several characters that made the list due to the resurgence brought on by Dynamite Entertainment. Like the other characters they did not start out with Dynamite Entertainment but had a following that was recognized by the company and thankfully produced. Look for Vampirella to move up the list.

    Vampirella 213 Issues (Updated 11-12-2013)

    1. Vampirella (1969) 113 Issues 1 Annual, 1 Special = 115

    2. Vampirella (1975) 4 Issues

    3. Vampirella (1992) 6 Issues

    4. Vampirella (1997) 27 Issues

    5. Vampirella (2001) 23 Issues

    6. Vampirella (2010) 36 Issues, 2 Annuals 38 (Still on going)

  • 210 - I'll be honest and say I never got the appeal of Silver Surfer but there is no denying the character's appeal. There are only a handful of characters that had a self titled series that lasted over a decade.

    Silver Surfer 197 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Silver Surfer (1968) 18 Issues

    2. Silver Surfer (1982) 1 Issues

    3. Silver Surfer (1987) 148 issues, 7 Annuals = 155

    4. Silver Surfer (1988) 2 Issues

    5. Silver Surfer (1993) 1 Issues, 1 Annual = 2

    6. Silver Surfer (2003) 14 issues

    7. Silver Surfer (2011) 5 issues

  • 208 – If Catwoman is a “bad guy” she has to be the most successful. In the times of darker heroes it is getting harder to tell who the bad guys are. None the less Catwaman is a phenomenal character that can and should be listed among the greats.

    Catwoman 208 Issues (Updated 9-19-2013)

    1. Catwoman (1989) 4 Issues

    2. Catwoman (1993) 96 Issues, 4 Annuals = 100

    3. Catwoman (2002) 83 Issues

    4. Catwoman (2011) 21 Issues (Still on going)

  • 210 A this point you must be surprised at how many Riverdale characters had their own series and not only that but also how long they lasted. Veronica is no exception. She also beat out Betty for most issues. I think that surprised me the most.

    Veronica Lodge 210 Issues (Updated 11-5-2013)

    1. Veronica (1989) 210 Issues

  • 192 - I know, I know. Very Cartoony. I broke my own rule. That said I am going to defend Scooby for a second. A talking dog is no less weird than other animal like characters in DC Comics. That said the main reason he is here is because he has had more than one cross over with guests like Batman, Robin, Joker and Penguin. It is hard to refuse his entry at that point. I also added a bonus entry for every borderline character on the list. So if you want you can pretend like he is not here and look at the bonus characters as the real entries.

    Scooby Doo Issues (Updated 11-4-2013)

    1. Scooby-Doo (1977) 9 Issues

    2. Scooby-Doo (1992) 3 Issues

    3. Scooby Doo (1995) 21 Issues

    4. Scooby Doo (1997) 159 Issues

  • 184 - Spawn seemingly came out of nowhere. His first series went off like a bang and is still going today. Although, he is no longer the star of the book he was the star for the first fifteen years.

    Spawn 184 Issues (Updated 11-4-2013)

    1. Spawn (1992) 184 Issues

  • 195 - Again, Betty Cooper borders on the cartooney side but it is hard to argue when they have crossovers with characters like Punisher so I counted her.

    Betty Cooper 195 Issues (Updated 9-8-2013)

    1. Betty (1992) 195 Issues

  • 180 - Jonah Hex is a confederate soldier with half his face burnt off and yet he cannot only command two self titles for years but also have his mug star in his own feature self tiled film.

    Jonah Hex 162 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Jonah Hex (1977) 92 Issues

    2. Hex (1985) 18 Issues

    3. Jonah Hex (2006) 70 issues

  • 174 - Witchblade is perhaps the most unusual character on this list. If you don't know why them maybe you should check out some of the issues from the last eighteen years of his self titled series. Yeah. I said his.

    Witchblade 174 Issues (Updated 11-21-2013)

    1. Witchblade (1995) 172 Issues, 2 Annuals = 174

  • 171 - Warlord come froma lost land much like Turok. I would love to see these two have adventures together both made the list and both are great characters.

    Warlord 171 Issues (Updated 11-17-2013)

    1. Warlord (1976) 133 Issues, 6 Annuals = 139

    2. Warlord (1992) 6 Issues

    3. Warlord (2006) 10 Issues

    4. Warlord (2009) 16 Issues

  • 170 - Savage Dragon had a simple three issue start that led to an ongoing series that is still going after twenty one years. It seems so much more impressive to see a character like this be so high on the list beating out so many Marvel and DC characters.

    Savage Dragon 192 Issues (Updated 11-12-2013)

    1. Savage Dragon (1992) 3 Issues

    2. Savage Dragon (1993) 189 Issues (Still on going)

  • 168 - Shadow is an Australian Superhero completely unrelated to the American hero. Although printed in another country he is an English based superhero thus he makes the list. If you don't want to add this character just skip him and look at the Honorable Mention section above.

    Shadow 168 Issues (Updated 11-29-2013)

    Shadow (1954) 168 Issues

  • 164 - Spider-man has had three self titled series. The first was a mini comic that was sold with Hi-C fruit drinks. Spider-Man is surprising low on the list but his comics are often sold with adjectives like Amazing, Spectacular, Ultimate and so on. It is as if Marvel doesn't have faith in the face of their franchise.

    Spider-Man 164 Issues (Updated 11-2-2013)

    1. Spider-Man (1987) 4 Issues

    2. Spider-Man (1990) 100 Issues, 2 Annual = 102

    3. Peter Parker: Spider-man (1999) 57 Issues, 3 Annuals = 60

  • 162 - Deadpool may be the most successful completely mad character that ever existed. A darkly humorous character he has become one of the most successful characters in comics. One day little kids will be walking around with Deadpool T-Shirts and I'll be shock but I shouldn't because he is just getting that popular. Deadpool the Animated Series he we come.

    Deadpool 162 Issues (Updated 10-27-2013)

    1. Deadpool (1994) 4 Issues

    2. Deadpool (1997) 72 issues

    3. Deadpool (2008) 67 Issues, 1 Annual

    4. Deadpool (2013) 18 Issues (Still on going)

  • 161 - The Rawhide Kid is right up there with Jonah Hex in popularity of western comic heroes. His first series lasting longer that any of Jonah's.

    Rawhide Kid 162 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Rawhide Kid (1955) 151 Issues, 1 Special = 152

    2. Rawhide Kid (1985) 4 issues

    3. Rawhide Kid (2003) 5 issues

  • 158 - Namor is a huge character and was once considered a flagship character. He has seem some other heroes in the lime light but he is still a force to be reckoned with.

    Namor 158 Issues (Updated 10-27-2013)

    1. Sub-Mariner (1968) 72 Issues, 2 Specials = 74

    2. Namor the Sub-Mariner (1990) 62 issues, 4 Annuals = 66

    3. Namor (2003) 12 Issues

    4. Sub-Mariner (2007) 6 Issues

  • 158 - Moon Knight is an intriguing character that I know little about. I have used three main resources in coming up with this list and I know for sure is I need to buy some Moon Knight comics. In the meantime I am open to any thought you have on this or any entry if I have made an error.

    Moon Knight 158 Issues (Updated 10-27-2013)

    1. Moon Knight (1980) 38 Issues, 3 Specials 3 = 41

    2. Moon Knight (1985) 5 issues

    3. Marc Spector: Moon Knight (1989) 60 Issues, 1 Special = 61

    4. Moon Knight (1998) 4 Issues

    5. Moon Knight (1999) 4 Issues

    6. Moon Knight (2006) 31 Issues

    7. Moon Knight (2011) 12 Issues

  • 151 – White Lantern: Kyle Rayner has really been shafted by the DCU. He completely overshadowed Hal Jordan as Green Lantern and yet he has been pushed aside and Hal brought back. First there was Alan Scott and then Hal Jordan. I wonder if one day they will just go back and start over with Alan Scott. Barry Allen was replaced successfully by Wally West, yet Barry is brought back. Again will they one day decide to start over with Jay Garrik? It makes me wonder. Anyway Kyle is awesome starring in one series for 133 issues. Standing over a decade as the main Green Lantern.

    White Lantern: Kyle Rayner 151 Issues (Updated 9-22-2013)

    1. Green Lantern(1990) 133 Issues, 6 Annuals = 139

    2. Ion (2006) 12 Issues

  • 148 - Dick Tracy got his start in comics before all the bigs, Superman, Batman and Blue Beetle all started out in 1939 but Dick Tracy had a long history before that and in comics he started in 1937.

    Dick Tracy 148 Issues (Updated 9-20-2013)

    1. Dick Tracy (1950) 121 Issues

    2. Dick Tracy (1984) 24 Issues

    3. Dick Tracy (1990) 3 Issues

  • 147 - G.I. Joe and Nick Fury have nothing on Franklin Rock. Rock is the one. Nick Fury might one day pass Rock on this list but in my heart Rock is the best.

    Franklin Rock 147 Issues (Updated 11-19-2013)

    1. Sgt. Rock (1977) 121 Issues, 13 Specials, 3 Annuals = 137

    2. Sgt. Rock (1991) 8 Issues, 2 Annuals 10

  • 144 Superboy use to be just the stories of Kal-El when he was a boy and then Crisis of Infinite Earths happened. After that all bets were off and after Superman died at the hands of Doomsday Conner Kent (as we know him now) became the new Superboy.

    Superboy 144 Issues (Updated 11-20-2013)

    1. Superboy (1994) 102 Issues, 4 Annuals = 106

    2. Superboy (2010) 11 Issues

    3. Superboy (2011) 26 Issues, 1 Annuals = 27 (Still on going)

  • 144 – Arguable the most well known Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze has “blazed” his way to two feature films and four series.

    Ghost Rider 144 Issues (Updated 9-22-2013)

    1. Ghost Rider (1973) 81 Issues, 10 Specials = 91

    2. Ghost Rider (2001) 7 Issues

    3. Ghost Rider (2005) 6 Issues

    4. Ghost Rider (2006) 35 Issues, 2 Annuals = 37

  • 144 - Judge Dredd is not your a typical superhero comic. He really sits is a category all his own mixing the dark comic hero with science fiction and comedy.

    Judge Dredd 144 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Judge Dredd (1983) 35 Issues, 15 Annuals 50

    2. Judge Dredd (1987) 61 Issues

    3. Judge Dredd (1988) 5 Issues

    4. Judge Dredd (1994) 18 Issues

    5. Judge Dredd (2012) 10 Issues (Still on going)

  • 141 - The absoulute most irritating thing about Tomahawk is how can a character go from being so well loved that he warrants a run of 140 issues lasting over a decade to almost complete obscurity. He was only lucky enough to get a one shot back in 1998.

    Tomahawk 141 Issues (Updated 11-22-2013)

    1. Tomahawk (1950) 140 Issues

    2. Tomahawk (1998) 1 Issue

  • 139 - Hellcat is justification for adding characters like Archie, Jughead, Buzzy Brown, Katy Keene and all the rest. She started is "Romantic Comics" and was altered into the character she is today in a traditional superhero archetype. This could be done with so many other characters. Not that they all need to be made into Superheroes but it would be cool to have then in the same universe with the heroes and have their lives effected by the heroes.

    Hellcat 139 Issues (Updated 10-29-2013)

    1. Patsy Walker (1945) 124 Issues, 7 Annuals = 131

    2. Hellcat (2000) 3 Issues

    3. Patsy Walker: Hellcat (2008) 5 Issues

  • 135 - Turok son of Stone is an awesome character somewhat cheapened by the video game. Not to mention the complete lack of mentioning him in the game leads to much confusion. This list is for the original.

    Turok 135 Issues (Updated 11-22-2013)

    1. Turok son of Stone (1956) 130 Issues

    2. Turok son of Stone (2008) 1 Issues

    3. Turok son of Stone (2010) 4 Issues

  • 135 – Hopalong Cassidy came at a time when it was a change of pace to be a “Good guy in a black hat” I remember hearing about Hopalong in various references all my life but little about the character. This is a classic example of a character having a huge impact on our culture and a generation that becomes lost into obscurity after being a household name.

    Hopalong Cassidy 135 Issues (Updated 10-20-2013)

    1. Hopalong Cassidy (1943) 85 Issues

    2. Hopalong Cassidy (1954) 50 Issues

  • 134 – For me nothing beats Nick Fury in the Ultimate Universe. That is the cool thing about Fury. Unlike so many reboots of characters Fury has been able to evolve successfully where others have not.

    Nick Fury 134 Issues (Updated 10-29-2013)

    1. Sgt. Fury (1963) 120 Issues, 7 Annuals = 127

    2. Fury (1994) 1 Issues

    3. Fury (2001) 6 Issues

  • 133 – In the history of comic books Cable is a pretty new figure. None the less he has made an incredible stamp on the comic world with his self titled issues. His first self titled series only started in 1993 and yet he has 133 issues to his credit.

    Cable 77 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

    1. Cable (1993) 107 Issues, 1 Annual = 108

    2. Cable (2008) 25 Issues

  • 132 - Thanks to the modern convenience of rebooting the Spectre is now a being instead of a mantel. So, all people who were the Spectre were one half of a whole. Thus all Spectre books count toward the same being. Hopefully some that just made sense.

    Sectre 132 Issues (Updated 11-19-2013)

    1. Sectre (1967) 10 Issues

    2. Sectre (1987) 31 Issues, Annuals 1 = 31

    3. Sectre (1992) 63 Issues, Annuals 1 = 64

    4. Sectre (2001) 27 Issues

  • 131 - Hawkman has one of the most confusing histories of all. He has been rebooted several times to explain it and the reincarnation one seems to me to be the one that is gaining the most traction. All of this considered there seems to me to be an overwhelming argument that Carter Hall, Katar Hol are the same and are the same person in his four self titled series. So I counted them all.

    Hawkman 131 Issues (Updated 10-20-2013)

    1. Hawkman (1964) 27 Issues

    2. Hawkman (1986) 17 Issues, 1 Special = 18

    3. Hawkman (1993) 34 Issues, 2 Annual = 36

    4. Hawkman (2002) 49 Issues, 1 Special = 50

  • 128 - Joe Palooka is a character who borderline qualifies for this list. He and some main cast members look a little cartoony and yet everyone else in the universe is drawn with great detail. One character (Little Max) is very cartoony and yet Joe goes on all kids of dangerous adventures and even fights in the army in World War II. He is even depicted killing while being at war. Obviously, I believe he qualified so I added him.

    When I first wrote this list the above statement was my defense for adding him. Thank God for IDW who about 2-3 years revamped the character giving him a more realistic look and universe. For those unfamiliar with Joe the style of art follows similarities to Plastic Man. Now few would doubt his belonging on this list. Joe is a great character and his 128 issues proves that.

    Joe Palooka 128 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Joe Palooka (1942) 27 Issues

    2. Joe Palooka (1945) 118 Issues

    2. Joe Palooka (2012) 6 Issues

  • 126 - Billy the Kid was a real life person but he also stared in his own self titled book very loosely based on his life in Charlton Comics. You could say that the comic character is easily a completely different character than the one from history. I also didn't count any issues after 124 because they are reprints.

    Billy the Kid 145 Issues (Updated 9-9-2013)

    1. Billy the Kid (1957) 126 Issues

  • 123 - Having many reboots and transformations and sequel Kara is the original. Do not mix her up with Matrix or Linda Davners she is the first and the top of them all on this list.

    Supergirl 123 Issues (Updated 11-21-2013)

    1. Supergirl (1972) 10 issues

    2. Supergirl (1982) 23 Issues

    3. Supergirl (2005) 68 Issues, 2 Annuals = 70

    4. Supergirl (2011) 22 Issues(Still on going)

  • 123 - Marvel's Black Panther has had five self titled series. He is one of the greatest characters in the Marvel Universe and he is the first African on this list.

    Black Panther 123 Issues (Updated 9-10-2013)

    1. Black Panther (1977) 15 Issues

    2. Black Panther (1988) 4 Issues

    3. Black Panther (1998) 62 Issues

    4. Black Panther (2005) 41 Issues, 1 Annual = 42

  • 119 - Although he is not featured on the cover of most of his books, and he changed from a hero to a plain clothes crime fighter Blue Bolt none the less had a self titled series that lasted 119 issues with Novelty comics. Go figure.

    Blue Bolt 119 Issues (Updated 9-12-2013)

    1. Blue Bolt (1940) 119 issues

  • 119 - Captain Marvel may not be on this list but Captain Marvel Jr. is. It seems like the originl Captain Marvel gets jipped out of everything. Even having to go by Shazam over a copyright issue. (LAME) At least this is a small representation of the mighty Original and no slouch himself.

    Captain Marvel 119 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

    1. Captain Marvel Jr. (1942) 119 Issues

  • 117 – The Darkness is a fairly new character but he already has three self titled series lasting at least two years or more each. He is one of two of the Triad of Power on this list.

    The Darkness 117 Issues (Updated 9-20-2013)

    1. The Darkness (1996) 42 Issues

    2. The Darkness (2002) 24 issues

    3. The Darkness (2007) 51 Issues

  • 115 - Although it may not seem like it but Robot Fighter is the name of Magnus. In all issues I have ever seen he is referred to as Robot Hunter by robots. So Magnus, Robot Hunter counts as Self titled. Magnus being his name and Robot Hunter is his hero name.

    Magnus 115 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Magnus Robot Hunter (1963) 46 Issues

    2. Magnus Robot Hunter (1991) 65 Issues

    3. Magnus Robot Hunter (2004) 4 Issues

  • 114 - Animal has got to be the most underrated superhero in the DC Universe. I have to admit I don't know the character well and yet he makes in on the list with 114 issues.

    Animal Man 114 Issues (Updated 9-5-2013)

    1. Animal Man (1988) 89 Issues, 1 Annuals = 90

    2. Animal Man (2011) 24 Issues, 1 Annuals = 25 (Still on going)

  • 112 - Doctor Strange first series is sometimes broken up into two series. However you want to count them won't change the individual issues.

    Doctor Strange 112 Issues (Updated 9-21-2013)

    1. Doctor Strange (1968) 96 Issues, 1 Annual, 1 Special = 98

    2. Doctor Strange (1999) 4 Issues

    3. Strange (2004) 6 Issues

    4. Strange (2010) 4 Issues

  • 111 - X-O Manowar has very recently been brought back is his own ongoing series. With any luck he will shoot up this list.

    X-O Manowar 111 Issues (Updated 11-24-2013)

    1. X-O Manowar (1992) 71 Issues

    2. X-O Manowar (1997) 21 Issues

    3. X-O Manowar (2012) 19 Issues (Still on going)

  • 111 - Red Sonja has even surpassed Conan in self titled series having her last one lasting about seven years. She is only surpassed by Warlord for the "Medieval type" of fantasy characters.

    Red Sonja 111 Issues (Updated 11-4-2013)

    1. Red Sonja (1977) 15 Issues

    2. Red Sonja (1983) 2 Issues

    3. Red Sonja (1983) 13 Issues

    4. Red Sonja (2005) 81 Issues

  • 109 - Plastic Man is a character that blends the line of too cartoony but what do you expect from a guy named Plastic Man.

    Plastic Man 109 Issues (Updated 11-2-2013)

    1. Plastic Man (1943) 64 Issues

    2. Plastic Man (1966) 10 Issues

    3. Plastic Man (1976) 10 Issues

    4. Plastic Man (1988) 4 Issues, 1 Annual = 5

    5. Plastic Man (2004) 20 Issues

  • 107 - When I first made this list Invincible was barely able to make it. His series is so successful he is pushing hero after hero down the list with every update.

    Invincible 112 Issues (Updated 10-25-2013)

    1. Invincible (2003) 107 Issues (Still on going)

  • 103 – In my opinion Zorro is the first ever superhero going all the way back ton 1919. In that light is is no surprise that Zorro is on this list that said however I am surprised at how low on the list he is. There is also a lot of uncertainty in how many self titled series he has. I listed a spanish one for reference but did not count it on this list per the above rules. I also could not find more than two covers for the 1952 series but all the references I could find listed the series going from 50 to 87.

    Zorro 103 Issues (Updated 10-20-2013)

    1. El Zorro (Unknown Year) 20 Issues (At least 20 issues)

    2. Zorro (1952) 37 Issues (At least 37 issues)

    3. Zorro (1960) 8 Issues

    4. Zorro (1966) 9 Issues

    5. Zorro (1990) 12 Issues

    6. Zorro (1992) 12 Issues

    7. Zorro (2005) 5 Issues

    8. Zorro (2008) 20 Issues

  • 103 - She is not just one of many but a step ahead of all other Spider characters with the obvious exception of the Original Spider-man, and she is almost as high as he is on the list.

    Spider-Girl 103 Issues (Updated 11-20-2013)

    1. Spider-girl (1998) 102 Issues, 1 Annual = 103

  • 101 – It is ironic that Ghost Rider, (Dan Ketch) has the longest self titled series of the three Ghost Riders because he was the third and because Johnny Blaze has more self titled issues and Blaze is also arguable the most well known. Either way Ketch is on the list with 101.

    Ghost Rider 101 Issues (Updated 9-22-2013)

    1. Ghost Rider (1990) 94 Issues, 2 Annuals = 96

    2. Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch (2008) 5 Issues

  • 92 - Bart Allen has made a notch for himself as Impulse, Kid Flash and even Flash, But it was as impulse that he was the best. The television show Smallville recognized this and made Bart the main speedster of the show and only giving a nod to the other Flashes as aliases of Impulse.

    Bart Allen 101 Issues (Updated 10-25-2013)

    1. Impulse (1995) 90 Issues, 2 Annuals = 92

  • 91 - You cannot argue with the love of American Westerns, and you cannot argue with Charlton comics. The Cheyenne Kid was just one of quite a few heroes from the Charlton universe to be on this list. He may have only had one self titles series, but he made it count with 91 issues.

    Cheyenne Kid 91 Issues (Updated 9-19-2013)

    1. Cheyenne Kid (1957) 91 Issues

  • 89 - There have been numerous Captain Marvels two have been woman but there is only one Ms. far as I know. Anyway of all the characters to have the name Captain Marvel only Ms. Marvel has more self titled issues and is the top of all the Captain Marvels.

    Captain Marvel 89 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

    1. Ms. Marvel (1977) 23 Issues

    2. Ms. Marvel (2006) 50 Issues, 1 Annual, 1 Special = 52

    3. Captain Marvel (2012) 16 Issues (Sill on going)

  • 87 - What can be said about Nova, that hasn't already been said by Green Lantern. Nova seems to be in every way a pale comparison to the Green Lantern. no matter if you agree with that or not, Nova has proved all the negative remarks wrong by blasting out self titled series after self titled series and making a huge mark on this list.

    Nova 87 Issues (Updated 10-30-2013)

    1. Nova (1976) 25 Issues

    2. Nova (1994) 18 Issues

    3. Nova (1999) 7 Issues

    4. Nova (2007) 36 Issues, 1 Annual = 37

  • 85 - Jack Knight (Starman) is the only Starman of about eight (I lost track) that has made this list. he is the legend of the characters.

    Starman 85 issues (Updated 9-7-2013)

    1. Starman (1994) 83 Issues, 2 Annuals

  • 85 – I regrettably regret that I know almost nothing of the Badger. That said the character sounds fascinating. He has multiple personalities like the Rose and Thorn One of my all time favorite superheroes) I really look forward to finding out more about this hero who has obviously left his mark on the comic world.

    Badger 85 issues (Updated 9-7-2013)

    1. Badger (1983) 4 Issues

    2. Badger (1985) 70 Issues

    3. Badger (1997) 11 Issues

  • 83 - Linda Danvers was Supergirl and in the mind of many people the best Supergirl. This support is what got her on this list.

    Supergirl 83 issues (Updated 11-21-2013)

    1. Supergirl (1996) 81 Issues, 2 Annuals = 83

  • 82 - Have you ever noticed the similarities in looks Bloodshot has to Lobo and how Lobo looks more like him in the New 52? Well I have. I'll tell you this too. The "Main Man" got beat out by Bloodshot on this list. Makes you wonder.

    Bloodshot 82 Issues (Updated 11-21-2013)

    1. Bloodshot (1993) 52 Issues

    2. Bloodshot (1997) 16 Issues

    3. Bloodshot (2012) 14 Issues

  • 82 - Shadowman is the man. Shadowman started out the year I started collecting comics and just like me he is still awesome. his new persona still going strong. Check him out.

    Shadowman 82 issues (Updated 11-19-2013)

    1. Shadowman (1992) 44 Issues

    2. Shadowman (1997) 20 Issues

    3. Shadowman (1999) 6 Issues

    4. Shadowman (1012) 12 Issues (Still on going)

  • 81 - Conan does not have many other characters that are well know in his universe. Red Sonja being the big exception. He has however, carried three self titled series not to mention all the others.

    Conan 81 Issues (Updated 9-20-2013)

    1. King Conan (1984) 19 Issues

    2. Conan (1995) 11 issues

    3. Conan (2003) 51 Issues

  • 81 – First Comics had a lot of great characters and Grimjack is one of the biggest. His 81 issue run shows he deserved more but nothing as of yet has shown up.

    Grimjack 81 Issues (Updated 9-30-2013)

    1. Grimjack (1984) 81 Issues

  • 80 – Batgirl (Cassadra Cain) is the most legendary on this list as she had just one title last 73 issues. This one series lasted longer than all the other Batgirl books put together. Even the original Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) hasn't had close to that many issues. That said Barb's series is still on going so she mat pass her in another four or five years.

    Batgirl 80 Issues (Updated 9-8-2013)

    1. Batgirl (2000) 73 Issues, 1 Annual = 74

    2. Batgirl (2008) 6 Issues

  • 79 - Rom started as a toy from Parker Brothers. The comic was kind of an advertisement for the toy but the comic far outlived the toy. It is had to believe that from such simple beginnings that the character grew high enough to make this list.

    Rom 79 Issues (Updated 11-16-2013)

    1. Rom (1979) 75 Issues, 4 Annuals = 79

  • 78 - Shade the Changing Man This is a tough one. Having not read a Shade comic I did not know "The Changing Man" was one of his monikers. It was because of that, that I didn't have him on this list originally. A user corrected me and thus he made the list.

    Shade, The Changing Man 78 Issues (Updated 11-19-2013)

    1. Shade, The Changing Man (1977) 8 Issues

    2. Shade, The Changing Man (1990) 70 Issues

  • 77 - The Two-Gun Kid (Matt Hawkins) had a 77 self titled issues, he took over the series from the original Two-Gun Kid. with Marvel Comics.

    Two-Gun Kid 77 Issues (Updated 11-22-2013)

    1. Two-Gun Kid (1948) 77 Issues

  • 77 - Buzzy Brown started off as a much more cartoon-like character but then later evolved into a very "Archie" style character making him easily fit into the same universe as batman and Superman.

    Buzzy Brown 77 Issues (Updated 9-12-2013)

    1. Buzzy (1944) 77 Issues

  • 76 - Dream of the Endless in one of many unique heroes that went by the name Sandman. He however is by far the most critically acclaimed and in not only the only one to make this list, but no others even come close.

    Sandamn 77 Issues (Updated 11-17-2013)

    1. Sandman (1989) 75 Issues, 1 Special

  • 75 - Lucifer Morningstar is a character based on the Angel of Death. Every universe has at least one version of the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Prince of Darkness, The Beast, Diablolus, Old Nick, Jeannie and so on. Lucifer Morningstar is a new take on an ancient concept. Strutting out in his own series lasting over six years.

    Lucifer Morningstar 75 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Lucifer (2000) 75 issues

  • 74 - Booster Gold, one of my top three superheros, has had two self titled series. I am hoping for a third soon but with the way the New 52 is going who knows how they'll destroy him.

    Booster Gold 74 Issues (Updated 9-12-2013)

    1. Booster Gold (1986) 25 issues

    2. Booster Gold (2006) 49 Issues

  • 74 - Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett/Garret) has had several reboots that changed him. He started out looking a lot the Green Hornet and then went form being a patrolman to being an archeologist. His powers changed too. The original version took a pill that gave him powers the next got his from the scarab. Blue Beetle was so popular that he had his own radio show.

    Blue Beetle 74 Issues (Updated 9-12-2013)

    1. Blue Beetle (1939) 60 issues

    2. Blue Beetle (1955) 4 Issues

    3. Blue Beetle (1964) 5 Issues

    4. Blue Beetle (1965) 5 Issues

  • 73 - Captain Atom had two self titled series. There are two other sereis with the same name but they do not pertain to the Nathaniel Adams character. Nathaniel Adams started with DC comics and it was his predecessor who was started in Charlton Comics.

    Captain Atom 73 Issues (Updated 9-18-2013)

    1. Captain Atom (1987) 57 Issues, 2 Annual = 59

    2. Captain Atom (2011) 13 Issues

  • 73 - Not a big fan of the new 52 Lobo at all but Lobo was the Main Man and commanded enough respect to make this list. Hopefully we will see the Main Man return to the Guy we love to not the guy we love to hate.

    Lobo 73 Issues (Updated 10-26-2013)

    1. Lobo (1990) 4 Issues

    2. Lobo (1993) 66 Issues, 3 Annual = 69

  • 73 - Captain Midnight a WWII era Superhero of the Golden Age of Comics has been nearly forgotten in the world comics. It is a damn shame considering his one time popularity. His one self titled series with Fawcett Comics lasted for 67 issues, but like most great characters who were not owned by either DC or Marvel was left in obscurity when the company that owned the character folded. Now the Captain has made a small come back. I for one hope it lasts.

    Captain Midnight 73 Issues (Updated 11-14-2013)

    1. Captain Midnight (1942) 67 Issues

    2. Captain Midnight (2013) 1 Issues

    3. Captain Midnight (2013) 5 Issues (Still on going)

  • 70 - The Shadow is one of those inspirational character who in the inspiration for many that came after. He is a pulp hero who came before comics and who some consider the first Superhero. It is no surprise he made this list.

    Shadow 70 Issues (Updated 11-19-2013)

    1. Shadow (1964) 8 Issues

    2. Shadow (1973) 12 Issues

    3. Shadow (1986) 5 Issues, 2 Annuals = 7

    4. Shadow (1987) 19 Issues

    5. Shadow (1994) 2 Issues

    6. Shadow (2012) 19 Issues, 2 Annuals, 1 Special = 22 (Still going on)