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After establishing himself and becoming a favourite with the fans, Grell began to write as well as draw. His best known creation is The Warlord, a fantasy comic which was one of the best read books in the latter part of the 1970's.

Grell was also to work on books such as 'Batman', Phantom Stranger, Green Lantern/Green Arrow and Aquaman for DC as well as a respected run of Tarzan books. At 'First Comics' he developed strips such as 'John Sable' and 'Starslayer'during the 1980's.

He is probably best loved for his portrayal and redevelopment of Green Arrow. After writing and drawing the classic 'The Longbow Hunters' series in 1987, Grell went on to do another 80 issues!

This period is best remembered for a new look Ollie (who Grell never called 'Green Arrow' except on the cover title), away went the feathered 'Robin Hood' hat and in came the cowl. Published (up to n. 62) under the "suggested for mature readers" label, and aimed at mature readers, Ollie was now a more believable vigilante going up against non-meta thugs, gangsters, ninja and terrorists. Grell can also be credited as the man who first showed 'Green Arrow' intentionally kill someone.

He also drew the cover to the issue featuring the first appearance of Power Girl in All Star Comics Presents #58.

Characters created by Mike Grell

  • Warlord
  • Blish
  • Calorie Queen
  • Chameleon Kid
  • Dawnstar
  • Deimos
  • Esper Lass
  • Grimbor
  • John Sable
  • Joshua Brand
  • Laurel Kent
  • Magno Lad
  • Micro Lad
  • Phantom Lad
  • Pulsar Stargrave
  • Saarek
  • Shado
  • Starslayer
  • Tyroc

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