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    A teenage mechanical genius from Japan. Unlike Winslow who uses old-fashioned toys, Hiro's inventions are inspired by anime and manga, including a giant Batman-Superman robot.

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    Current Events

    Hiro Okamura appeared in the New 52 under the pen of Greg Pak and Brett Booth in Batman/Superman #5. He created a beta version of a game that connects the real world with a virtual reality with the only desire for gamers to kill Batman. When he tried to attack Batman they chose Nightwing to be the one to strike but since things got out of control Hiro helped Batman against Dick.They stopped him but later they were attacked by Mongul.


    Hiro Okamura, is a teenage mechanical genius from Japan. He targets Metallo, claiming the cyborg's body was based on a material stolen from his grandfather. Hiro later becomes an ally to Superman and Batman in destroying a kryptonite meteor that threatens the Earth by building a giant Composite Superman robot, in which Captain Atom willingly volunteered himself to piloting the robot and seemingly sacrificing himself once hitting the meteor on impact.

    Okamura fakes his own kidnapping at the hands of the original Toyman, Winslow Schott, forcing Superboy and Robin to search through his complex to save his life. Realizing his loneliness, Superboy and Robin extend their friendship to the boy. Okamura joins Robin and the other Teen Titans at Titans Tower for Superboy's funeral, clutching a Superboy action figure. Okamura later offers to assist Batman and Superman in their quest to rid the world of Kryptonite, using spider-like nanobots to collect Kryptonite molecules in the air. But the duo refuse his help. His offer becomes a necessity as Lana Lang, in a last-ditch effort to get rid of Kryptonians and keep LexCorp afloat, turns a set of Kryptonite caches into "dirty bombs", which irradiate the entire planet. Hiro comes to the rescue, settling for a Power Girl-bot to "date". Instead, he gets his dream date, a dinner in Paris with the real Kara, and the status of honorary member of the Justice League.

    A future version of Hiro, allied with a power-hungry group of Titans, travels back in time to modern day to cement their power-base. Hiro appears as one of Schott's androids.


    Okamura is a noted genius who uses and creates more technologically advanced devices than the traditionally-constructed contrivances Winslow Schott uses and his work is largely whimsical in nature. Many of his inventions are inspired by anime and manga, including giant mecha (notably his giant Composite Batman-Superman robot).

    Other Media

    He appeared in the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies movie. He is still in love with Power Girl. The Compsosite Superman bot is used to destroy the kryptonite meteor.


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