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Joe Meach used to be a world famous diver who had been having some bad times. He had an idea to make himself known again. His idea was to jump from a tall building into a tiny bucket. Unfortunately, the tank he was aiming for had already sprung a leak so he would be jumping to his death. As he was falling Superman came and saved Joe. Joe was mad at what he done but, Superman pointed out he would have been jumping into an inch of water. He was mad at the fact he had no job or anything now.

After hearing of his misfortunes Superman felt pity on him and offered Joe a job at the Superman museum. He had been working there for a while, until one night when it was raining and stormy Joe happened to be next to the Legion of Super-Heroes exhibit and lightning came through the window, striking him and the statues, knocking him out. When he woke up he had not only the powers of Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, but a new personality out to destroy Batman and Superman. He was known as Composite-Superman.

Joe had changed half his body to look like Batman while the other half looked like Superman and his skin color the same as Brainiac 5. He eventually called the two heroes and asked them to join their team and threatened if he could not he would expose their identity. He easily learned their identity by reading their minds. Then Batman and Superman had a talk with Composite Superman trying to see his face but Composite Superman had covered it with a layer of lead. They agreed to let Composite Superman join them, while in reality Composite Superman really just wanted to get back at Superman, Batman and his sidekick Robin (Tim Drake). He started trying to make the heroes look bad. He turned part of a building into Kryptonite and as it was falling Superman tried to stop it, but became weak and people watched while Superman struggled to lift it up. But then Composite Superman lifted it with ease, saving the day and embarrassing Superman by making him look weak.

Next he was with Batman and Robin late at night as they were tailing two crooks. Batman told him to stay back and let Robin and him handle this. As Batman and Robin were sliding down ropes to sneak up on the crooks Composite Superman instantly made them too heavy, forcing their ropes to break. Then he stretched his hands out to catch the bad guys and eventually he ended up saving the day. Superman and Batman started getting suspicious of Composite Superman and as they were speaking of a way to try and figure out what he was up to, Composite Superman was listening to them in disguise. Later he had changed into Robin and got in the Batmobile. Suddenly the top had closed on him and he was curious. He asked what’s wrong and Batman said he wasn’t Robin because Robin and Batman practiced wearing seat belts while driving. Composite Superman revealed himself and flew right through the roof of the Batmobile and knocked Batman out and took him away.

Eventually he met up with Superman in his layer but before Superman had been looking around and realized that Composite Superman wasn’t just trying to take over the planet but in fact the whole universe. Superman tried to talk to him but a fight broke out. Superman was outmatched and only getting one punch in. Composite Superman then put a Kryptonite ring on Superman. He then flew off with Superman and Batman to lay waste to the two but while flying Batman and Superman both noticed that Composite Superman was flying slower as the moments passed and that he also was lowering down. He then dropped the two heroes and flew back to the museum. Their he tried to zap the statues of the Legion of Super-Heroes and give himself powers again but he ran out of juice and couldn’t. Then he tried to write on the paper of how he could turn back but stopped about mid way. Meanwhile Superman and Batman were falling down to their deaths. Batman pulled the Kryptonite ring off Superman so he could fly them away from their death. Batman managed to pull the ring off waking Superman and then Superman flew the two to safety. Meanwhile in the museum Joe woke up with a piece of paper in his hand reading what Composite Superman had left behind for him to see but couldn’t make it out due to the fact that it wasn’t finished leaving the heroes clueless to who Composite Superman really was.

Composite Superman (Joseph Meach) was created by Edmund Hamilton, Curt Swan, George Klein and Shelly Moldoff.

Composite Superman (Xan) was created by Cary Burkett, George Tuska and Frank McLaughlin.


This creature was created by accident by Professor Ivo. He originally tried to make clones of the Justice League to serve him but had little success, or so he thought. He buried the failures and later made Amazo. Later his attempted clones merged into one being and dug its way out of the ground. He broke into a costume shop and took a Superman and Batman costume. He sewed them together down the middle and went on trying to live out both Superman's and Batman's life. He tried to get rid of them and took both Lois Lane and Tim Drake hostage. He was later attacking Metallo when Batman and Superman arrived, but the duo could not defeat him and he escaped. They tracked him down and told him if he wanted to be both of them then go ahead. They told him of many crimes taking place and he could not decide who to help first. He lost it and ripped himself apart before they could help him.

Composite Superman/Batman Rocket Ship

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When Asteroid X, a massive chunk of Kryptonite, was found to be hurtling towards the Earth, Superman and Batman contacted a young genius in Japan named Hiro Okamura to build something capable of taking care of the asteroid. Ultimately, he builds a large, anime inspired robot in the likeness of Superman and Batman made of the Metallo alloy. Superman was initially planned to pilot it, but Captain Atom instead volunteered, pointing out that even if the asteroid was destroyed, the radiation would still exist, which he could instead siphon into himself. The robot was presumably destroyed when Atom made contact with the meteor and broke it into smaller pieces.


The Pre-crisis Composite Superman.

Apparently possesses all the powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and all of Superman’s powers making him an almost unbeatable opponent.

He had the strength of Mon-El, Supergirl and Ultraboy making him 3 times stronger and 3 times as invulnerable as Superman.

He also had the powers of Cosmic Boy, Invisible Kid, Colossal Boy, Shrinking Violet, Star Boy, Light Lass, Sun Boy, Lightning Lad, Bouncing Boy, Elastic Lad, Saturn Girl, Matter-Eater Lad, Element Lad, Phantom Girl, Triplicate Girl, Chameleon Boy and Braniac 5.

The Post-crisis version of Composite Superman

Has displayed the powers and skills of Superman, Batman, Elongated Man, Firestorm, Red Tornado and the Atom.

Other Media


In the pilot episode, a similar character called Jeremy Creek appears. He has Electricity Control and doesn't age. When Clark removes his "charge", he has no memory of what has happened.


Composite Superman made a cameo in Justice League Unlimited in an episode called "The Greatest Story Never Told". Unlike the comic, this "Composite Superman" is the product of a battle with the dark lord Mordru. It's actually a fusion of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman with the appearance of Composite Superman, but Wonder Woman's voice, resulting from some twisted spell used in the intense magical conflict. The spell was undone by the time Mordru was defeated.

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