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List of Towers

First Tower

The Original Tower
The Original Tower

After Victor Stone a.k.a Cyborg joined the Teen Titans; his father Dr. Silas Stone realized that his son had finally found a group who accepted him and his differences, something he had never been able to provide for Victor after his accident. Afraid that the Titans would dissolve and leave Victor alone once more, Dr. Stone ensured that they would have a permanent place to live and work and designed this structure to serve as both their home and headquarters. He purchased a small woodland island park in the East River of New York City that was approximately 40 acres in size for the site of the Tower and after construction was completed, he gifted Titans' Tower to the group.

Containing living apartments and recreational facilities as well as laboratories, training areas, an advanced computer mainframe, telecommunication systems, aircraft hangers, and even a submarine pen; the Tower was used as the headquarters for the team throughout the The New Teen Titans and New Titans series. Access to the island was controlled via remote-controlled T-Barges from a private dock and could only be activated via a Titans ID Card.

At one point, the Tower was destroyed by Trigon; but the Titans commissioned an engineering and architectural firm to rebuild the Tower based on Dr. Stone's designs with some minor technological improvements.

During the Titans Hunt story arc, the Tower was destroyed by the Wildebeest Society and owing to the Titans having fallen out of favor with the New York authorities and saddled with massive debts; the authorities seized the island thus preventing the Tower from being rebuilt.

The Titans would be restructured under Roy Harper's leadership and move to a new headquarters based on Liberty Island before finally disbanding.

Second Tower

Tower II
Tower II

The second Tower was built in the same location by Cyborg himself in the JLA/Titans miniseries. When the Titans were reassembled, they once more retook possession of the original island site. This new Tower was actually a sophisticated hologram, designed for the purpose for decoying enemies to attack an invulnerable and false image while the real headquarters was buried below ground and almost entirely subterranean, for augmented security and protection.

This headquarters was an amalgamation of the various bases of operations utilized by all of the Titans' organizations ranging from the original Titan's Lair, Gabriel's Horn, the original Titans Tower, the Liberty Island Base, the USS Argus Satellite, and the Solar Tower. It featured living apartments, an automated hospital and surgical facilities, aircraft hangers, recreational facilities, submarine pen, laboratories, and conference rooms. The woodland park on the island itself contained a outdoor tactical training facility.

The second Tower was the Titans' base during the 1999 – 2002 Titans series, before being destroyed by a villain named Epsilon. Although it was planned for the Tower to be rebuilt, this incarnation of the team disbanded before repairs could be carried out.

Several years later, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the Terminator assembled his own counter to the Teen Titans known as Titans East which took possession of the destroyed Titans Tower as a mockery of the current group. Afterwards, Cyborg would construct a new building known as the Titans Compound, replacing the Tower to serve as the headquarters of the Teen Titans East briefly before the adult group of Titans took possession of it.

Third Tower

Current Tower
Current Tower

The current Titans Tower is located in San Francisco Bay. It was again designed by Cyborg, and was built by the city council, in exchange for the Teen Titans agreeing to escort super-villains for incarceration in Alcatraz Island, which has been rebuilt as a detention facility for metahumans. This tower resembles Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece Fallingwater.

Like the previous versions, this version of the Tower incorporates living apartments and state of the art training and recreational facilities.

The outside of the tower features a sculpture commemorating the original founders of the Titans; Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy. While the sculptures appeared to have crumbled in Infinite Crisis #5, but in Teen Titans #33 depicted the sculptures still standing.

After the death of Superboy during the events of the Infinite Crisis, a special memorial statue commemorating his heroism was placed at the entrance. After the death of Kid Flash shortly afterwards, a similar statue was placed there as well. Following their resurrections, Superboy would destroy both his and Kid Flash's statues as a statement of their return.

Other Media

Teen Titans (2003 - 2006)

Animated Logo
Animated Logo

Set in a fictional West Coast metropolis known as Jump City (which was apparently modeled after San Francisco), the Teen Titans' headquarters was a version of Titans' Tower and first appeared in the first season episode "Final Exam".

Like the comic books' incarnations, this Tower was also set on a private island and shaped like a "T". The Tower contains living quarters, a command center, training facilities, garage, and a submarine pen much like it's comic book inspired predecessors.

Jump City Tower
Jump City Tower

It was later revealed during the fifth season episode, "Go!" that the Teen Titans had built the Tower on the site where they had first joined together in order to defeat the Gordanian Invaders.

In the third season of the animated series; the Teen Titans had expanded their membership roster to include a sister team that later became known as Titans East. This branch of the Titans consisted of a team of young heroes who were pursuing Brother Blood who had fled Jump City and moved his operations to the East Coast; hence their nickname as Titans East.

Steel City Tower
Steel City Tower

Titans East decided to set up shop in Steel City and like their sister team; this group also boasted a Titans' Tower of their own which first appeared in the episode "Titans East, Part 1"; although it is built directly into the base of a cliff upon which Steel City stands.

Although very similar with many of the same facilities of the Jump City Tower such as living quarters, a command center, and training facilities; this version featured an augmented security system designed by Cyborg and a very large indoor pool in deference to the presence of Aqualad as a permanent member of the Titans East.

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

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A version of Titans Tower appeared in the Justice League vs. Teen Titans animated film. It was shown to house a training room that spawned holographic enemies to fight, living quarters, and a communications center.

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