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    Originally consisting of former members of the Teen Titans, the Titans focused on the now 20 something ex-members. Having reformed with a similar roster during the Wolfman/Perez era, the team broke up as the members all went their separate ways. They have recently reformed once again.

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    The Fickle Hand

    Titans Together
    Titans Together

    The Titans are brought together because they are suddenly attacked in their daily lives, whether it be in their secret identity or as a hero. First Nightwing is scaling the roofs of Gotham City going to one of the many safe houses Bruce has set up. When Dick gets there he knows something just isn't right, while he jumps out the window the building explodes. He falls into an alley where several unknown, masked guys are wielding weapons. Then Starfire, whom is staying with Animal Man and his family, is sunbathing in the backyard by the pool. All of a sudden a huge worm like monster comes from out of the water. Then we go to a high school where Raven is going to school in her secret identity as Rachel Roth. She is walking down the stairs with some friends when she looks behind her to see a prehistoric horned creature breathing fire. Red Arrow who is on his bike talking to his daughter, then has stone like spikes keep trying to kill him as he drives by. At the headquarters of the Doom Patrol where Beast Boy is now leading, and all of a sudden lava starts to ooze out of everywhere. He turns into a flying squirrel and gets out of there. Donna Troy is in space with Kyle Rayner when they are attacked by tentacles. Wally West gets in the shower and some goo like substance tries to consume him. The rest of the Titans meet up. They know who has done this. Trigon has returned.

    Family Affair

    Now at their base of operations where Cyborg now resides in a floating wheelchair (due to him having and waiting on his new legs). Beast Boy is not his usual joking self because of the recent disaster of the Titans. Cyborg says there was something fishy about Powerboy's death. In the mean time, Raven is using an astral projection to go to Trigon's realm. She finds the realm a barren wasteland. Trigon is in a weakened state due to him having to fend off other-worldly raiders. When Raven tries to escape from Trigon's realm, the Titans Tower is struck by an earthquake. The team tries to save her but only the well placed bomb-arrow from Roy saves her. Raven isn't too pleased by the way Roy had saved her, but is more worried that Trigon isn't working alone anymore. Raven then tells the other of his plans and that he seems to have had another child. Starfire asks why he would want to kill all the Titans. Raven says there is magic in names. They have been the only ones to ever beat him. Raven says that when she was near Trigon she was able to physically pick up the names of three other brides Trigon had. They set out to find them.

    Flash and Donna discover that the lady they are looking for has been dead for almost three years, and there is no record of her death. Flash then mentions how it's sad not having contacts or family. He also states that Donna knows what that’s like. They fight about family. Flash says that being married, and having kids is a lot of work. Donna says she'd give up anything to have her husband and son back. They continue fighting until interrupted by Cyborg.

    Meanwhile Nightwing and Starfire visit the former home of the second wife. The neighbors tell them that she has been dead for about two years, but are uncertain if she had any kids. Starfire says it's sad to die alone. She tells Dick that when she's alone she thinks of him. Dick then replies he thinks of her when he's not alone. Costumes start coming off and they roll behind some boxes.

    Red Arrow, Raven, and Beast Boy visit the husband of the third wife. They are told she died about four years ago from a brain aneurysm. Raven, who right now is edgy, bluntly asks if she had kids with him or anyone else. The man starts to get offended, but Raven just keeps going and gets in his face. The woman changed her name twice and there was no record of her death. Beast Boy pulls her out.

    Once they're outside, Raven insists that the man was hiding something. Soon Raven and Beast Boy are trading insults and strikes. Roy has no chance but to shoot Beast Boy, who is now in the form of a giant bear. He's about to shoot when Nightwing uses a batarang to stop him, Wally picks up Raven away from the fight, and Donna helps Beast Boy off the ground. Donna says how they have been acting out of character. They have been caught up in lust, rage, and envy. Three of the deadly sins.

    A voice says it's one for each of them. The voice belongs to one of the three of Trigon's sons. All the Titans are in shock. The Sons of Trigon continuously attack the Titans until finally they use Beast Boy and Raven to open a portal to Trigon’s realm. Raven then uses her own powers of greed to make her half-brothers steal what little power Trigon had left. The portal then closes, and Trigon’s sons, believing they have gained great power leave the Titans. In the aftermath Raven starts sulking in her dorm half out of it when Beast Boy comes to see her in the form of a giant bear. Raven keeps freaking out that she is trying to keep her secret identity a secret and that he is practically destroying it by being here. Beast Boy tells her to relax, he told her classmates that he was a singing telegram. Raven asks why he's there. Beast Boy replies, "Look you have literally been through hell and back, I just want to talk with you. Let’s walk, let’s talk." She asks if it's a date then he starts freaking out saying her wants to just go somewhere and talk. Raven asks, "Where?" Beast Boy replies, "Wherever you want."

    Meanwhile back at Titans Tower, Wally, Roy, and Donna are sitting around. Then Cyborg comes out with his brand new legs. Cyborg tells them that it wasn't necessary for them to be here. Roy says that the whole team was supposed to be there. Nightwing and Starfire are in the hot tub. Dick says that he likes being back at Titan’s Tower, that it feels like home. Dick says they should talk about what happened. Kory says it was just Trigon’s son. She then says that they should not let it happen again. Starfire then asks Dick if he loves her, Dick says no. Kory then kisses him and exits the hot tub.

    At the docks Raven and Beast Boy are eating pizza. Raven tells Beast Boy that eating like that was nasty. Beast Boy says he was literally as hungry as bear. Raven then explains that she can't contain the evil inside her and that she thinks about killing the Titans. Beast Boy asks why she would want to. Raven then yells, "Because I'm wrong!" The Sons of Trigon then show up and Raven uppercuts' Beast Boy. Beast Boy tries with all his might to stop them from taking her, but he is beaten to a pulp. The four of them then teleport away leaving Beast Boy at the docks.

    Together with the Sons of Trigon, they become the seven deadly sins. Raven is meditating when the Titans come to this realm to rescue her. The Sons of Trigon take the Titans out quickly, Raven then attacks Sloth, saying that she is the original sin, Pride, and that the Titans will take their place. She then knocks out the Sons of Trigon and starts turning the Titans into the deadly sins, when, from Donna’s belt comes a ruby with part of Raven's soul in it. Raven then tells "Pride Raven" that she is facing her greatest fear, herself. Raven beats herself and they are teleported home. Raven then tells the team that she is afraid of what she is and the only way she will stay on the team is if they keep a magical artifact that will kill her. Then Match shows up at the base saying that it's Jericho and Match is in charge.

    Cyborg then hooks Match up to the computers to see what he can do. Beast Boy and Raven are at the computer and he asks her if it's really him. Raven replies that Dick and Donna asked him many questions that only Jericho would know. Jericho then loses control of Match again and throws Victor through the door, saying that he's still in there, and he can't stop him. Donna then tells him to work on the inside, and they will take care of the outside. They have an extensive battle, then finally he is put under Raven's cloak to stun Match, then by using his arm cannon Cyborg separates Jericho from Match. Raven then says that Match wasn't in control, Jericho was, and then Jericho makes contact and is in one of the Titans.

    Cyborg then accesses the Tower's computers to put it in lockdown so no one can get out. The team then discuss that Jericho could be hiding in one of them without anyone knowing. Cyborg then says they need to do their interviews to see who is who. Beast Boy says he forgot but he will use his from the Teen Titans. They then go into a booth and reveal secrets about themselves. Everyone passes, so Cyborg gets a ray gun that will force Jericho out. Nightwing says they should go two at a time. Cyborg says he will go first with Roy. However, just as Donna is about to blast them Jericho is behind them, so Cyborg lunges at him and Joey uppercuts him, sending Cic flying. They keep battling Joey and one by one he gets the better of them. The team finally gets the power damper around his neck but he breaks out and brings the whole tower down. The Titans are laying on the ground and Dick asks, "Why are you killing us?" He says he's not, this was all in you're head.

    End of the Titans?

    Nightwing, the Titans' leader, had to quit the team due to the death of Bruce Wayne and the Battle for the Cowl, which resulted in him becoming the Batman to try and keep the status quo in Gotham City. Donna Troy thus becomes the new leader. Beast Boy feels useless and sees more purpose in him going with the Teen Titans then staying with the Titans. Raven is the only one who sees that their team is separating and falling apart, and their family is growing apart from each other. She wonders what will happen to her if the Titans disband. After an incident with the Wyld, Raven goes to San Francisco with Beast Boy to help with the Teen Titans.

    The Flash (Wally West) has his own commitment to his wife, Linda, his kids, the Justice League of America and really wants to learn more from Barry now that he's alive. Red Arrow (Roy Harper) has lost his arm and is in a coma after what Prometheus did to him. The remaining time members of the team are: Donna Troy, Cyborg and Starfire.

    Starfire has since been offered a job in the Justice League of America by Vixen, a job which she temporarily turned down. She was scared to break the family that the Titans were but Batman convinced her to accept the job. Cyborg is also recommending her to accept the job.

    Wonder Woman convinced Donna Troy that she was destined for bigger things and to enter the Justice League of America with her friends. Donna thus asks Kory, Vic and Dick to join the JLA with her.

    With all of the members elsewhere, the short-lived Titans end their team.

    Villains For Hire

    Deathstroke's team of Titans
    Deathstroke's team of Titans

    The Titans team does not remain inactive for long, as Deathstroke founds a new team of villains. Slade's current team consists of Cheshire, Tattooed Man, Osiris, Cinder and Arsenal. Following the Slade's steps, the team murdered the new Atom (Ryan Choi), faced a new villain called Facade, and went to Arkham Asylum after a Hispanic girl named Allegra Garcia.


    The Titans have reunited once more, but they have forgotten Wally West. The team must work to figure out who has been altering their memories.

    In other media


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    Titans is a DC Universe streaming service, and later HBO Max series.

    In Season 1, Dick Grayson, retired as Robin and working as a police detectives, protects Rachel (Raven), a girl with supernatural abilities being pursued by her demon father, and his followers. This forces them to cross paths with other super powered beings, Koriand'r (Starfire), a fire powered alien princess, and Garfield Logan (Beast Boy), who can transform into green versions of animals, eventually reforming Dick's old team of heroes, The Titans, and working with his old allies, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove, as well as Jason Todd, The new Robin.

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    In Season 2, the Titans begin training to be superheroes, but after meeting a new arrival named Rose Wilson, they realize that they are targeted by an enemy of the original Titans named Deathstroke, who blames the Titans for the death of his son, Jericho, and now seeks revenge. Also new to the series are a Kryptonian clone named Connor and his dog Krypto, who are being hunted by a team of scientists led by Mercy Graves, with the intention of controlling and weaponizing superheroes. Meanwhile, Kori is found and challenged by her sister, Komand'r (Blackfire).

    No Caption Provided

    In Season 3, after the Joker supposedly kills Jason Todd, Bruce Wayne decides to give up being Batman, and leaves the fate of Gotham City in the hands of Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and the Titans, who now must save Gotham from a new criminal, named Red Hood, who is being mentored by Johnathan Crane AKA The Scarecrow. Meanwhile, Kori begins to bond with her sister Blackfire, who is trying to adjust to Earth life.


    • Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing
    • Teagan Croft as Rachel Roth/Raven
    • Anna Diop as Koriand'r/Kori Anders/Starfire
    • Ryan Potter as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
    • Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall/Hawk
    • Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger/Dove
    • Curran Walters as Jason Todd/Robin 2/Red Hood
    • Conor Leslie as Dona Troy/Wonder Girl
    • Joshua Orpin as Connor Kent/Superboy
    • Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne/Batman
    • Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson/Ravager
    • Chella Man as Jericho
    • Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake
    • Savannah Welch as Barbera Gordan
    • Seamus Dever as Trigon
    • Esai Morales as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
    • Demore Barnes as William Randolph Wintergreen
    • Damaris Lewis as Komand'r/Blackfire
    • Vincent Kartheiser as Johnathan Crane/Scarecrow
    • Kimberly-Sue Murray as Elaine Marsh-Morton/Lady Vic

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