Titans of Tomorrow

    Team » Titans of Tomorrow appears in 25 issues.

    A more vicious 10 year future version of the Teen Titans. These Titans kill to protect the citizens of Earth, and don't care about who is in their way. They've got a mission - They are the future!

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    Ten years in the future the Teen Titans sought to rid the world of hunger, famine and all other things that might come in their way. Unfortunately, the Titans now have a more strict code of morals. The first group of Titans Tomorrow consisted of Superman ( Superboy), Batman ( Robin), Wonder Woman ( Wonder Girl), Animal Man ( Beast Boy), Flash ( Kid Flash), Dark Raven ( Raven),and Aquawoman ( Aquagirl) They took control of the whole US, but some states were freed from their control when Cyborg (now Cyborg 2.0) and Bumblebee formed their own splinter group of Titans called Titans East. With Ravager, Captain Marvel (originally Jr.), Terra, Batwoman (Flamebird),and secret member Flash they tried to free the country from the Titans control. The Teen Titans from the current period got stuck ten years into this future when they were fighting the Fatal Five Hundred with  the Legion, but were soon brought back to the present. 

    Titans Tomorrow...Today

     The second group of Titans Tomorrow consisted of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Martian Manhunter (Miss Martian), and Red Devil (Kid Devil). They appeared in this time period and attacked our group of Titans,and kidnapped the members of the Justice League. Soon, they were forced to work together when Starro came and took control of some of this time periods villains, including Rampage, Livewire, Brimstone, Druid King ,and Scorch. Soon after this we are introduced to Lex Luthor and his Titans Army,an army of Titans formed to make sure the future stays in possession of the children. Members of this group include- 
    Cyborg 2.0 
    Animal Man 
    Dark Raven 
    (Shyleen Lao) 
    Toyman (Hiroku Okamaru) 
    Vulcan (Miguel Devante)
    Zachary Zatara 
    Huntress (Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe) 
    Shining Knight (Ystina) 
    Starwoman (Courtney Whitmore) 
    Terra (Atlee)
    Black Ray (The Ray)
    Red Arrow (Mia Dearden) 
    Batwoman (Cassandra Cain) 
    Luthor and his group desired to rid the world of the three individuals who there were no future versions of, Supergirl, Ravager, and Blue Beetle
    Our Titans and the Titans Army were forced to join forces when Starro takes control of some of their allies. After they are freed from Starro's control, Luthor then tries to kill Beetle, Supergirl and Rose, but are soon returned to their own time period.

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