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Spectral has the power to surround himself in a sheath of flame, with different colors giving him a different ability.

Red - berserker strength

Orange - fire and heat generation

Yellow - flight and wind bursts

Green - healing, plant control

Blue - water control and ability to survive underwater, unassisted

Indigo - the ability to survive, unassisted, in space as well as those within in close proximity

Violet - invulnerability
Dave Castiglione runs an Italian bakery in San Francisco's North Beach which has been in his family for three generations. Not even his new powers can keep him from making sure his customers get their daily bread ! When the Jumpstart hit Dave , he gained a spectrum of ultranormal abilites, The powers in his spectrum come in seven forms, each marked by a flame of a different color--so he could be the most powerful Stranger of them all !

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