Atom Bob

    Character » Atom Bob appears in 42 issues.

    Atom Bob is the idealistic member of the Strangers, but the temptation of power was too much for him. He became a secret villain known as Pilgrim.

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    Atom Bob was one of the fifty some people present on a cable car that was struck with a burst of energy from The Entity on The Moon, which imbued all of the passengers with superpowers. Bob Hardin was on the cable car with his friend who later came to use the moniker Grenade. They both joined the group of ultras known as The Strangers. Atom Bob was arguably one of the most powerful members, but his control over his power was tenuous at best . This later drove him to become the villain known as Pilgrim. 


    He had the ability to change things. Originally this was changing one object into another (sucha as baseballs to apples), but he later learned that he could also manipulate intangible things as well (love to hate, etc).

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