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    Kevin Green is a teenage boy who transforms into the extremely muscular and powerful superhero known as "Prime."

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    Prime was one of the characters created for Malibu's Ultraverse, as one of the main characters of that imprint. He appeared in his own title, Prime and in the team group Ultraforce. Later, after Marvel acquisition of Malibu, he appeared in Power of Prime, until the cancellation of the line in 1995.

    Because of Marvel refusal to publish new Ultraverse content, to present day most appearances of Prime are parodies and non canon cameos, as in Spider-verse.


    The two Kevins
    The two Kevins

    Prime protects the innocent and expose the guilty. That is the Prime directive! He considers a protector, an avenger. He don't want people be afraid of him.

    Prime is actually a young teen-ager whose Ultra-Power allows him to create a "goo" that encases him, changing not only his appearance into that of an extremely muscular grown man, but giving him numerous super-human powers as well. He retains the thoughts, memories and consciousness of his young self as Prime.

    When transforming into Prime, liquid flesh projects from his torso. When changing back the goo melts off. The change back happens either when Kevin wills it or when he tires. Once depowered, he must crawl out of the blob or be suffocated.


    Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and flight. He also has the ability to concentrate and release energy as a concussive blast. All of his powers are manifested by his own consciousness so his powers are limited only by how strong he thinks he should be. He also has assumed other forms such as Space Prime, Rogue Prime, Final Prime, and Spider Prime (the form he became while helping Spider-Man fight the Lizard in the Marvel Universe).

    In Other Media



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    Prime appears in the animated superhero show from Malibu, Ultraforce.


    Ultraverse Prime

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    Prime is the main character in a Sega Mega CD console. The game is often bundled with another game Microcosm. Ultraverse Prime is a side-scrolling beat 'em up.


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