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    Malibu was a publisher born during the black and white comic boom of the middle 80s.It was launched by by Dave Olbrich and Tom Mason, with financing of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg,

    The new company absorbed lesser publisher as Eternity, Amazing, Wonder Color and Imperial the four also financed by Rosenberg). and specialized in some creator-owned black-and-white titles (like Ex mutants, Ninja High School or Dinosaurs for Hire), but soon began to have success with licensed properties like Tarzan, Robotech or Planet of the Apes.

    Another small publishers like Adventure and Aircel were bought and the variety of the titles increased, now having a division for mature and adult comics.

    In the 90s, Malibu created two shared universes of superheros: the Protectors and the Ultraverse.

    in november 1994, the company was bought by Marvel, but its titles soon ceased to be published and its characters haven't shown since 1997.


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