Character » Prototype appears in 93 issues.

    Prototype is the mascot of UltraTech, a leading company in technology.

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    He was his corporate "shock troops", the super-suit auditor.Jimmy Ruiz was surgically implanted with cybernetics to allow him to control a suit of battle armor and dubbed Prototype. Unknown to Ultra-Tech, Jimmy was an Ultra who possessed his own internal energy source allowing him to power the armored suit himself, which allowed them to reduce the size of the armor and replaced Bob Campbell who was their original spokesperson, with Jimmy.

    Jimmy was a Latino young man with a gang background. He enjoyed the new advantages of the better life as Ultratech employee. He has an old girlfriend called Angela, that he left behind after he begin his work with Ultratech.

    Later in the story, Jimmy with Bob, uncovered Ultra-Tech's corruption and opted to overthrow the company and become independent heroes. The conflict ended with the fall of Ultratech and his takeover by Nuware in the Hostile Takeover. By this time, Jimmy had joined Ultraforce and battled the villain Attalon. Later, the Japanese mafia called Techuza attacked Jimmy and Bob and kidnapped Angela. A gang war between Techuza and Terrodyne followed, with Prototype as a wild card.

    It's unknown what happened with him after the Black September event.

    Powers: Jimmy possesses his own internal energy source, which alone does nothing. However, he is able to power the suit of armor himself, allowing him super human strength, flight, and energy blasts.


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