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Gay Chik!- LGBT Superheroes

Comics have taught me a lot over the years and one of the most important to me is tolerance and acceptance of everything different or what some would deem strange. God made all men equal and judge not lest you be judged this group is a tribute to homosexuals/Transexuals/Bi-sexuals/ cross dressers and their portrayal in comic books.

Thanks for teaching me tolerance....

List items

  • a regular dude trapped in a woman's body, and still likes females. Though he had a drunken one-night stand with a dude too.

  • initially a dude...in the form of an Arabian-looking man called Paragon. when she had the realization she was meant to "mate" with adam worlock she went into a cocoon and became a girl to solve the .....incompatibility problem.....

  • Not many things in this world can bring out my emotions but while reading GL back in the day my heart reached out to young Mr. Berg after he was beaten into a-comma by homophobic bigots. Young mr berg has no special skills but is an example of how one can rise above it all.

  • has the power to mesmerize, only works on women and hes gay................... bummer

  • To me Tara was even more of an icon than willow, she was not a stereotype in any way. She was beautiful yes but she was not some skinny big chest either she was voluptuous and man her death was a powerful piece of cinematic triumph that ill remember till I'm old and gray.

  • enough suggestiveness and his flamboyant appearance =a possibly gay yet never confirmed character.

  • bi agent lady who shagged allison mann

  • The first lesbian i had seen in a comic book, sure most people cant stand her but that has more to with love of the original quasar than anything else.Having saved the universe she is one powerful chick as well.

  • Destiny has had relations with men but we all pretty much know her soul mate is mystique despite that mystique was often in man form.......oh the complications of love!

  • bisexual sorceress

  • Transsexual damsel in distress

  • lesbian lover of agent 355

  • I love Wiccan, not because of his orientation but because he's the child of my favorite heroin Wanda Maximoff, wiccan was a star overnight with his stint in Young avengers and is a very recognizable gay icon.

  • rawhide kid...no seriously there's a gay character named rawhidekid! lol

    While I'm sure no pun is intended you have to admit that a very broke back name

    for a gay cowboy!

  • lesbian villain

  • The twin brother of the late jenny Hayden, he was the first gay dc hero i ever knew about and it was around the time i read Kyle being earths GL. Good stuff

  • lesbian hero of astro city

  • Who can forget the sensation and waves it created when it was announced that the new batwoman would be the first gay bat family member? i know i cant

  • rookie policeman and friend to dick grayson

  • When an established character turns gay its a big deal but the love story of phyla and Moondragon touches us all.

  • Brian Augustyn and priest envisioned him as gay yet he shagged gypsy....so he bi

  • Batwoman's main squeeze, made for the cartoon in the 90's she sure blossomed into a worthwhile addition to Dc.

  • all but expressly stated in the series runaways.

  • When joss made her realize she was gay, i went along for the ride and learned the beauty of love does not mean just man and woman.

  • Wiccan's prince charming...literally! as the child of the late captain marvel and a skrull princess hulking is indeed born to be a hero and a leader among men.

  • Grace oh my sweet grace. Grace is the road not taken by many writers. She is un-apologetically a bisexual promiscuous girl. Now to me that takes balls! (pun intended) All Hail Grace Choi of the outsiders!

  • A green skinned bad attitude next generation X-man. Anole is proud of who he is and has no problems admitting he's GAY

  • Rob Liefild is having kittens over this one his "gladiator" is gay.....he plans to retcon that the first chance he gets....i would love to hear him explain star's smooch and grabs with long time friend rictor, GOOD LUCK LEIFILD!!! LOL

  • justice of avengers and new warriors fame's gay dad

  • This scythe wielding pretty boy/girl had me fooled during the anime it was only after reading the manga i realized "Kamatari is a man!" and in love with shishio too......who could have known?

  • Clearly Bi, having slept with Wolfsbane and lip locked with Shatterstar during his run on X-factor. Rictor is bringing sexy back indeed!

  • Mystique could technically be called the first lesbian but marvel tip toed around it so much she just appears to be bi sexual with more a taste for men than anything else, nonetheless Destiny was her soul mate so she makes the list!

  • Dark wolverine! This Machiavellian man loves playing around sexually with people.....he's a bisexual dude who has shagged boys and girls for his own gain, flirted with Bullseye, Venom and Moonstone...lol...I just love his personality really!

  • Hal jordan's bisexual fling! oooh juicy indeed, ms pearlman has had relations with the very famous Hal Jordan and the lesser known icemaiden. For a time she wielded the ergano power.

  • .....hmmm...a super flat 2 dimensional dude......who likes dude.......cant see how a relationship would work out but hey! dont knock it till you try i always say lol

  • A former avenger, this high profile gay is one to keep your eyes on for sure!

  • A former spetznaz hard man, turns out he might be burly and macho but he's in love with partner Savant (oh my)

  • Publicity seeker who pretended to be in a relationship with teammate Phat only to really fall for him...

  • sexy bad ass who also happens to be gay.

  • Man this one! Superboy and Knockout have shagged a few times they had a major "thing" back in the 90's but now she is all cozy with scandal savage....Bi chick man? I dig it!

  • the son of the deceased hero judo master this is one guy who will not be a victim of any hate crime, he's kicked both bane and katana's asses in one sitting!! all hail the man who fight back!

  • Gay woman fused with a crippled genetically modified str8 man, the gay woman is the dominant personality

  • tranny enemy of the Cenobites!

  • The temporary catwoman Holly has a stable relationship with friend Karen.

  • Knockout lookalike lesbian dancer

  • Lipstick lesbian bisexual member of Gen 13. Used mostly for purposes of straight-boy titillation.

  • Daughter of DC supervillain Felix Faust, lesbian member of supervillain team Strike Force Kobra. Killed in action.

    is it me or does she look like lady gaga? :P

  • Emma frost's gay brother. Apparently he has great taste in men as his sister Adrienne called his last bf a "hot tamale" huba huba!

  • Marvel claimed he was them being more "open" to gay characters.....Freedom Ring however has his finger sliced off and then killed with 28 spikes impaling him, including one through the groin and protruding from his anus. yah!

  • Longtime villain in the DC Universe, dressed, laughably, as a musketeer with a feathered dart, snuff, and handkerchief as his weapons. Mostly forgotten, reappears in Justice League #3, vol 3, as living on skid row and trading information for cash

  • Gay hero of DC’s Global Guardians team.

  • Comicbook superhero come to earth to find a lover....a boy who read his comics when he was a kid.....

  • Enigma's boyfriend/lover

  • Expert assassins, homosexual lovers/villains-for-hire in the pages of DC’s “The Vigilante.” Saber takes a blade to the shoulder, and Cannon felled by a bullet in the abdomen.

  • Expert assassins, homosexual lovers/villains-for-hire in the pages of DC’s “The Vigilante.” Saber takes a blade to the shoulder, and Cannon felled by a bullet in the abdomen.

  • Member of DC’s long-running book “The Legion of Superheroes” who have each been featured in storylines hinting at their homosexuality None ever came out of the closet.

  • Member of DC’s long-running book “The Legion of Superheroes” who have each been featured in storylines hinting at their homosexuality None ever came out of the closet.

  • Iconic gay from watchmen!

  • Legs Weaver is based on Ellen Ripley of the Alien series.

    She is also a lesbian.

  • Former lover of Legs Weaver.

  • She-male from Banana Games.

  • Anarcoma is a transsexual prostitute.

  • lover and gf of hero brown

  • likes chicks and is married to one

  • lover gf of beth deville

  • Ryntha's wife

  • transsexual

  • transsexual

  • lesbian lover of hazel

  • lesbain lover of foxglove

  • (Alvin) is a transsexual

  • lover of carrie stein

  • lover of risa

  • she was in love with lcifers girlfriend/lover

  • This one is really complicated, which is why I love it. Xavin is a shapeshifting warrior alien, arranged to be married to Karolina, another alien, for political peace. But oops, Karolina is a lesbian. No, worries, Xavin changes sex when he's 'with' her. After a shaky start the pair seem to fall in love, but all concepts of gender and sexuality are thrown out the window - it's the definition of 'queer'.

  • bi sexual vixen

  • Black lightning's daughter who also happened to be dating Grace Choi, you lucky girl!

  • Rose was Allison Mann's gay lover

  • lover of laura phillips