The strongest weapons in the Marvel universe!

If you have any suggestions, let me know.

List items

  • The mighty hammer of Thor, constructed from Uru. Loki tried to sabotage it's creation by making the handle short, but Thor said F--k that noise and put a strap on it, making it potentailly more lethal.

  • Once the weapon of the mighty Thanos, this glove had the six Infinity Gems woven into it. Granting the wearer omnipotence, and omniscience. Like a glove!

  • The legendary tool used by Sorcerer Supremes, this mystic artifact can perform a multitude of magic feats, the most notible is granting it's holder mystic powers.

  • Of combination of the strongest metals synthesised into a symbol of American justice, Cap's shield is one of the most iconic weapons in the Marvel universe. I've always wondered, how heavy is that darn thing?

  • Mystical items only found in Asgard, these rocks instill their holder with a multitude of other worldly powers. Vegas, here I come.

  • The legendary ten rings of the Mandarin, each one with their own special ability. One controls ice, fire, light, minds, darkness, everything, I'd love to pimp slap someone around with those things.

  • Hercules' Golden Mace, crafted by the hands of Hesphestus. Able to break bones and laugh about it, this weapon shurly is more than just for looks.

  • Odins mystical spear. What more can be said, it's the freakin spear of Odin, nuff said.

  • One suit for each occasion, Iron Man's hall of armor is a playground for any one who wants some artificail powers. One to combat asgardians, one to take down the Hulk, one for deep sea exploration, one for stealth mission, one for doing laundry, one for everything! Each one with a unique ability. I'd love to get my hand on his Extremis model.

  • The legendary weapon used by King Arthur given to him by the Lady of the Lake. It was once used by Captain Britain. Now that's what I call shilverous.

  • The most reconized mode of transportation of the Goblin Family. Originally used by Normin Osborn, this thing comes with an arsenal of guns, blades, trackers, cloaking devices, pumpkin bombs, hell, it probably has wi-fi and TomTom.


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What about jarnbjorn,the berserker(gorr's weapon)

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Posted By amseaton

Don't forget to mention the Destroyer armor, Captain America's shield, the Phoenix Sword, the Ebony Blade, Quantum Bands, Soulsword, Grass Cutter, the list goes on.

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