Mandarin's Rings

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    Items of great power shaped like rings. They were taken from an alien spaceship in China by Mandarin who uses them as tools and weapons in his various endeavors. Recent revelations hint they in fact house the essence of long dead alien warriors which Mandarin is in fact serving.

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    Mandarin's Rings are ten rings which he found within a Makluan spaceship, which were originally intended as the power source for the ship. Mandarin used them for his own deadly needs after he took them. Each ring has a specific "power".

    • Left little finger: "Ice Blast Ring"- a ring which can shoot out intense cold rays at an enemy, cold enough to freeze that person solid.
    • Left ring finger: "Mental Intensifier Ring"- this ring increases the Mandarin's mental abilities to the point that he can control people, to the limit of one person within 10 feet.
    • Left middle finger: "Electro Blast Ring"- this ring can shoot out an unknown amount of electricity.
    • Left index finger: "Flame Blast Ring"- this ring can shoot out flames, in heat form or as infrared radiation.
    • Left thumb: "White Light Ring"- this ring can shoot out lasers, or on one occasion, create gravity strong enough that Iron Man buried himself by trying to walk forwards.
    • Right thumb: "Matter Rearranger Ring"- this ring can rearrange the shape of solid objects. It can be used on almost anything.
    • Right index finger: "Impact Beam Ring"- this ring can shoot out a force beam with concussive force.
    • Right middle finger: "Vortex Beam Ring"- this ring can create a vortex of air, which can be used offensively, defensively or simply as a means of transport.
    • Right ring finger: "Disintegration Beam Ring"- this ring can destroy all bonds of atoms and molecules of whatever it strikes. Unlike the other rings, it takes 20 minutes to recharge.
    • Right little finger: "Black Light Ring"- this ring creates an area of total darkness around the person it is used on.
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    Mandarin has a strong psionic link with his rings. If someone other than him wears the rings without his approval, the rings will not work. Mandarin can control the rings from a long distance, and can "see" out of a ring that is not near him. Mandarin can give a ring to a servant if he wishes, but if the servant dies or is knocked unconscious the ring or rings will teleport back to Mandarin. If Mandarin is knocked out, all his rings will teleport to him. If Mandarin uses the rings for an extended period of time, his hands will turn green and scaly, just like a Makluan's.

    In Invincible Iron Man #17, Mandarin has the rings surgically implanted into his spine.

    Other Media

    Iron Man 3

    Mandarin Rings in Iron Man 3
    Mandarin Rings in Iron Man 3

    Trevor Slattery, who is posing as the Mandarin is seen wearing multiple rings with different inscriptions on them. They are most probably fake and have no power, as he was a hired actor.

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    In the movie, the ten rings are bracelets, similar to the iron rings used for training in Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar, Yau Kung Mun and other styles. They were found by Xu Wenwu a thousand years ago and granted him powers and immortality. Inspired by these powerful rings, Wenwu created the criminal organization Ten Rings.


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