Off my mind... Super hero workout regiments!

Okay. Being in the service isn't a picnic. It involved the most disciplined training I've ever had to put my body through. Also, being a good for nothing lazy pants before joining didn't help either. All branches of the military train to make their bodies elite physical weapons. Heck, the crucible was nothing but ten miles of pain and suffering! So, then I
started wondering, what kind of regiment do heros put themselves through. I've never seen a flabby hero,( exept big bertha, Blob, but they're supposed to be big.) What kind of training do they put themselves through. Are they naturally fit. I've only read a few issues that showed any heroes working out, and not even that hard! To get in the shape most those heroes are I'd have to puush my body past it's boundaries and then some! They're unbelievable. Tredmills and jitjusu lessons do not make you that physically fittastic! No way, and trust me, I know!


Uber nerd...

So I was doing my usual 5 mile run with my running buddies, and we shot the breeze about upcoming comic movies. Super hero flicks are widely watched by everyone, more than just comic readers. But being the token comic reader,( sometimes I feel I'm the only service man reading them), they ask all these questions. Like, what's his origin, or, who he date, and me being the Marvel nerd I am, I answer. Well, one of my fellow privates aske," yo Miner, how long you been reading comics"? I answered," Since I was nine bro". They said well at least your not one of those uber nerds who has posters and action figures and all that jazz. Then I remembered, I do have all that jazz. Action figures, posters, I left them with my Fiancee back home in S.C. My old room was plastered in them, and fully decorated with collecter item toy still in packaging, certain toys proped up to look like they're fighting. I had a giant posable Venom toy strangling an amazing spider-man movie collectible for christ sakes! I am an Uber NERD!!!!!!!! Any one else share in this level of over nerdiness?