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The greatest symbiote host in Marvel history.

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  • The progeneter of all symbiote activity in the Marvel universe, Peter Parker takes the number one spot. Having met the the venom symbiote on battle world, he foolishly allowed it to be brung back to earth until he learned what it truly was. Bonding to many host including Eddie Brock, Angelo Fortunato, Mac Gargan, and now Flash Thompson to create the iconic and deadly Venom, he was the first wearer of any symbiote, and therefore without the old web head, my favorite character wouldn't exist.

  • The first and best Venom, Spider-man might of brung the symbiote to earth, but Eddie Brock started the whole symbiote fiasco. From him stems Carnage, Scream, Riot, the Planet of the Symbiotes arc, anti-venom, the whole shabangabang.

  • Known as the mad symbiote, who else did you think was going to take the #3 spot. Cletus Kasady was just your average psycopathic serial killer until bonded with the Carnage symbiote. Mutated by Kasady's blood stream becoming a crimson red, this symbiote might have bonded with a few other host, but there's only one real Carnage!

  • Second most recognizable host to the Venom symbiote. After getting his tail handed to him as the Scorpion for several years, he decided to upgrade to symbiote powers. He had all Brocks powers, and none of his morals. One time Thunderbolt and Sinister Spider-man, he prefered to eat people whole instead of just brains. One of the more villianous incarnations of Venom lands him at #4.

  • Donna Diego, so called leader of the Life Foundation symbiote pack was one of the more famous offspring of the Venom Symbiote. Possessing similiar powers to that of her father and brother carnage, her flowing hair double as a million razor sharp hook tipped tendrils. Worse than my wife, she comes in at #5.

  • Ben Rielly comes in at #6. Playing host to the Carnage symbiote during the web of carnage stroy arc, Ben Rielly proved how corruptable the Carnage symbiote could really be. His power plus the Carnage symbiote equals one bad situation.