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    The legendary sword of King Arthur.

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    The sword originally given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.

    In the past, Sir Percy of Scandia, the original Black Knight, battled alongside Arthur when Kang the Conqueror attacked from his future in an effort to rule over Arthurian Britain. After most of their forces were defeated in battle, Arthur had the idea of giving up Excalibur to Percy, (who would then wield both Excalibur and the Ebony Blade), but Percy declined. After the Human Torch and the Thing were contacted by the Watcher to prevent Kang from changing history, the heroes were both transported to Camelot. Shortly after they left Arthur, his kingdom came under attack by dragons who really were Makluans.

    New Excalibur traveled back in time to prevent the Makluans from winning and taking over Britain. While Captain Britain and New Excalibur fought them, Percy was knocked unconscious and Dane Whitman (the modern day Black Knight) took both Percy's Ebony Blade and Excalibur and became immensely powerful, but filled with rage. When Whitman had completed his task, Percy grew angry, saying both blades in one man’s hands could contaminate someone. New Excalibur then returned home to the present.

    Upon Arthur's death at the hands of his own son Mordred, Excalibur was thrown back into the mystic river from whence it came. Dr. Doom read of this event in the future and tried to travel back in time and obtained the blade, but was stopped by Iron Man.

    Excalibur next appeared in the present when it was taken from Avalon by the newly resurrected Captain Britain as part of Britain's fight against the Skrull invasion. Captain Britain wielded the blade against the magically powered Super-Skrull leading the invading forces of Britain. Captain Britain was able to defeat the Skrull and save Britain using the sword.

    He then impeded Excalibur in the rubble of the bridge, where the fight had taken place. Faiza Hussain who had been assisting in the battle and performing battlefield triage using her newly acquired powers felt compelled to pull Excalibur from its resting place to take to Captain Britain and MI:13. She pulled the sword from the stone and therefore became the new owner and wielder of Excalibur. She took Excalibur as her code name and continues to fight using the sword as a part of the team.

    Notable Wielders of Excalibur


    Excalibur is part of a trinity of swords molded from a meteor rock. Two other swords are: Draconis - Sword of Darkness and Caliburn - Sword of Purity. Excalibur was given to King Arthur and he ruled United Kingdom with its aid. One of the swords powers were to heal the bearer of the blade, and King Arthur had lived though many battles due to it. One time however the sword failed him and King Arthur was killed along with his Knights of the Round Table.

    Guinevere rode to the battlefield to see her husband, but fates had carried him away. Guinevere was pulled towards the sword and she was chosen as the next wielder of the sword. She tried to heal her country but ultimately failed. Now named Lady Pendragon she used Excalibur and the Ark of the Covenant to drive away Saxons. Still not able to defeat the armies of the church that arrived from Rome, Lady Pendragon retired to Avalon and gave the Excalibur to Jennifer Drake, the future Lady Pendragon, through the Avalon's well.

    Centuries later, a young woman named Jennifer Drake returned magic to the world when she picked up Caliburn. She also took the name of Lady Pendragon, as she was of royal blood. Battling reborn Mordred, Lady Pendragon happened on a well, and the Lady of the Lake gave her the Excalibur. Now wielding two out of three swords, she set the prophecy in motion.


    There are two versions of the fabled sword Excalibur in the Fables universe. The first was the more traditional sword in the stone, and object that was stored in the business office of Fabletown. Flycatcher was able to remove that sword from the stone under the guidance of Lancelot. He then began a journey back to the Homelands and eventually established the Kingdom of Haven. Flycatcher, now calling himself King Ambrose, became known for his benevolence, justice, and good judgment.

    The second version of the sword, said to have been procured from the Lady of the Lake, was carried by an elderly man who had sworn to find a safe place to keep the sword until the next bearer came along. He stumbled upon Jack Horner and a ragtag group of escapees and former captors, plunging the sword into Jack's chest before he died. When asked what was going on, Gary the Pathetic Fallacy hypothesized that since Jack had made himself such a well-known and powerful Fable that he had become a story magnet. And since, it could be argued, that the stone was the center of the Excalibur story, he was doomed to be that center.

    When Gary also revealed that Jack was only a copy of Wicked John, another Fable who had been revised and forgotten, Jack withdrew the sword and plunged it into John's chest instead. Not wanting to draw undo attention to his magical nature--and thereby endanger all Fables--Wicked John was abandoned by his friends and forced to wait in the Grand Canyon for the next bearer of the sword to arrive and withdraw it.

    Although it may seem inconsistent to have two versions of the same sword, such things happen in the Fables universe. It is explained away by saying that different versions of stories exist independently--therefore the sword and stone origin of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake version were both correct but happened independently of each other.


    Excalibur is a legendary sword holding the ultimate power. Only the true master has the power to wield it fully and completely. Whoever wields this sword will become invincible.

    In legend, it is the sword given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. At Arthur's death, Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur into the lake; a hand rose from the water, caught the sword, and disappeared. Another legend says Excalibur was drawn from a stone by Arthur to prove his royalty.

    The only two capable of holding it now are Piper and Wyatt Halliwell – its new Lady of the Lake and destined master.


    In Matt Wagner's series Mage: The Hero Discovered and Mage: The Hero Defined, Excalibur takes the form of a glowing green baseball bat. It is held by Edsel, a reincarnation of the Lady of the Lake, until Kevin Matchstick, the avatar of Arthur Pendragon, is ready to wield it. It is capable of killing powerful fairie creatures such as dragons, shooting energy blasts, healing, and shielding the wielder from attacks such as dragon breath.

    It returns to Matchstick's hand when thrown. It could take many forms; it seems that either Edsel's or Matchstick's imagination had something to do with the form it took for their incarnations. It was described as the conduit by which the magic of the fairie realm was supplied to Matchstick. It was destroyed at the end of The Hero Defined when he used it to save Kirby Hero.

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    Excalibur is one of the Holy Sword Created by the Biblical God. In contrary to this, according to Rias, the Excalibur is a holy weapon that was created through means of magic and alchemy by those who reached the territory of God.

    The earliest known wielder of Excalibur is The Legendary King, Arthur Pendragon, of Camelot. At some point in history, Excalibur is broken into seven pieces, those pieces were re forged into seven different swords each representing the power of the original sword.

    The Seven Excalibur

    Excalibur Destruction

    Excalibur Mimic

    Excalibur Rapidly

    Excalibur Nightmare

    Excalibur Transparency

    Excalibur Ruler

    Excalibur Blessing

    The seven swords where divided among the Catholic Church Headquarter Vatican, Protestant Church, and Eastern Orthodox Church.


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