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    Magical stones that grant the wielder varied powers...

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    The Norn Stones first appeared in Journey into Mystery #116. Loki snuck them with him in a bag to aid him against Thor in their trial. He used the stones for a multitude of purposes, first using them to display real life events on Earth, showing Thor that Jane Foster was in trouble.

    Then Loki manipulates molten lava to create a path for himself whilst making the task even harder for his opponent. After this task they encounter a field of barbed shrubbery, which has been made immune to magic. Loki turns the stones upon himself for the first time and they grant him intangibility. Loki and Thor are then attacked by Yagg the slayer. The mischievous god uses the stones to grant himself flight and dodges a multitude of energy blasts. After this, the stones create a magical whirlwind to shield him from the heat and repels carnivorous plants. Before Odin’s imperial guard appears, Loki throw the stones out of sight and reach.

    Next time around one of the stones fall into the hands of a Witch Doctor, The Demon, who is immediately granted superhuman strength, speed, durability and other magical powers. Using the newly acquired bauble he rallies a group beneath him ad begin amassing weapons. Eventually he battles Thor and loses, though the stones enabled the witch doctor to hold his own for a while.

    While appearing in Thor comics at times, they do not make a significant appearance until Loki has became a part of Norman’s cabal. After The Hood has lost a reliable source of powers, he is introduced to the stones at Loki’s behest. The Hood becomes super-charged and the stones allow him to perform such feats as firing explosive magical rounds and empower other members of his crew. Loki explains that the effect of the stones vary from person to person, depending on whether the stones accept the user and what they desire. Norman Osborn was unable to move or affect the stones in any way.

    During Siege, Loki took the Norn Stones back so that the heroes would have a chance at stopping the Void. After Loki was killed by the Void, it is unknown what happened to the Stones.


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