The greatest Cosmic Marvel heores!

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  • Mar-vell, one time decorated kree soldier, after discovering the nega bands, became one of marvels greatest heroes. Many have worn the mantle of this fallen hero, but all pale in comparison to the original.

  • The most renown herald of galactus, Norrin Radd sacraficed himself to save his homeworld. Once imbued with the power cosmic, he became the celestial surfing hero we know today. Able to take on some of marvels most heaviest of hitters, he stil comes out on top.

  • Richard Ryder was just a normal earthling, until a dying Nova Corp named him his successor. After fighting alongside some of earth's mightiest heroes and joining the ranks of the Warriors, he found his true calling in cosmos. After absorbing the worldmind and becoming nove prime, he delivered the final blow to Annihilus, cementing his reputation as a true cosmic hero.

  • Christopher summers may be the father of earth's most famous mutants, but he was also one of spaces most famous heroes. Captured and imprisoned by the Shiar, he escaped after years of slavery. Him and a rag-tag group of prisoners formed the StarJammers, bringing peace throughout the galaxy. His legacy now lives through his son Havok.

  • Wendell Vaughn was just a security guard for stark industries when he came across the quantem bands. After placing them on his wrists, boom, Quasar was born. Known as the Cosmic Avenger, he stood for peace and equality for races and planets. Not only resurrected once, but twice, he is a true hero no matter what the universe.

  • The noble king of the Inhumans and probably and the most powerful, Black Bolt rarely ever spoke, but when he did, you listened. He helped the X-men rid the planet earth of Apocolypes, survived a plot against his throne during the secret invasion, and sacraficed himself to destroy Vulcan. Although a king, he was a true warrior.

  • The Kree Accuser started off as a threat to marvel heroes, but during the Annihilation wave, he took up his weapon and fought admirably against Annihilas' wave of destruction. A credit to the Kree race, he also defended the Inhumans during the War of Kings.He is truly a hero.

  • Peter Quill may be an alien, human, cyborg mix, but he's all hero. After becoming an astronaut, he fell in love with the stary heavens. After meeting the master of the sun, he became Star Lord. He may have thrown down the title once or twice, but he always runs back to the mantle.

  • A true warrior closely resembling the god of war Kratos, Drax did the universe a favor by executing the Mad Titan, Thanos. Though not known as a being a great hero, his commitment to ending the life of Thanos drove him the ends of the universe. Now a member of the gaurdians of the galaxy, he is now policing the cosmos.

  • Whether fighting along side his asgardian brothers, or defeating cosmic threats, this alien has made a name for him self, breaking away from the shadow of thor. A scientific creation designed to protect his peple, he valiantly fought against thor, after realizing his strength and the rightousness of his heart, Odin the all father made Bill his own hammer, Stormbreaker. Thus Bill fled to the cosmos, becoming the cosmic god of thunder.