Naruto #22

    Naruto » Naruto #22 - The Arrival released by Viz on April 2018.

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    The Arrival

    Includes vols. 64, 65, & 66

    When Obito is revealed to be the masked man, Kakashi’s resolve is no longer unwavering, and it falls to Naruto to inspire his old master to continue the fight. As the battle rages on, Naruto then must summon all of his Nine Tails power in order to stand against the devastating team of Obito and Madara. But the Allied Shinobi Forces might be in for a much-needed and lucky break…

    Chapter Titles

    • Number 608: Kakashi's Resolve
    • Number 609: The End
    • Number 610: Ten Tails
    • Number 611: The Arrival
    • Number 612: The Allied Shinobi Forces Jutsu!!
    • Number 613: The Brains
    • Number 614: Because of You
    • Number 615: The Ties That Bind
    • Number 616: Those Who Dance In the Shadows
    • Number 617: Those Who Dance In the Shadows, Part 2
    • Number 618: The All-Knowing
    • Number 619: A Clan Possessed By Evil
    • Number 620: Senju Hashirama
    • Number 621: Hashirama and Madara
    • Number 622: It Reached
    • Number 623: View
    • Number 624: Even
    • Number 625: My True Dream
    • Number 626: Hashirama and Madara, Part 2
    • Number 627: Sasuke's Answer
    • Number 628: Here and Now, And Hereafter
    • Number 629: Hole
    • Number 630: Something To Fill the Hole
    • Number 631: Cell Number 7
    • Number 632: A United Front
    • Number 633: Onward
    • Number 634: The New Three
    • Number 635: A New Wind
    • Number 636: The Current Obito
    • Number 637: The Ten Tails Jinchûriki


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    Story Arcs

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