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The Wager

Containing volumes 16, 17 and 18 of Naruto!

Operation Destroy Konoha finally ends. But when a long-lost ninja returns to the Leaf Village with a dangerous entourage, Naruto finds his life in more danger than ever before. Meanwhile, Jiraiya attempts to train Naruto to push beyond his limits while Orochimaru uses threats to coerce a legendary kunoichi into helping him. But will her tragic past play a part in destroying Naruto’s future?

Chapter Titles

  • Number 136: The Last Blow...!!
  • Number 137: The Shinobi of Konoha...!!
  • Number 138: Operation Destroy Konoha, Terminated!!
  • Number 139: Eulogy...!!
  • Number 140: Contact...!!
  • Number 141: Uchiha Itachi!!
  • Number 142: Kakashi vs. Itachi
  • Number 143: The Fourth Hokage's Legacy!!
  • Number 144: The Pursuers
  • Number 145: Memories of Despair
  • Number 146: Along With Hatred...!!
  • Number 147: Its My Fight!!
  • Number 148: Itachi's Power!!
  • Number 149: The Legendary...!!
  • Number 150: Training Begins...?!
  • Number 151: The Hook...!!
  • Number 152: The Second State
  • Number 153: The Searchers!!
  • Number 154: Convergence...!!
  • Number 155: The Third State
  • Number 156: The Offer
  • Number 157: Tsunade's Answer...?!
  • Number 158: No Forgiveness...!!
  • Number 159: The Wager...!!
  • Number 160: The Necklace of Death...!!
  • Number 161: Tsunade's Choice!!
  • Number 162: A Vulnerable Heart...!!


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Story Arcs

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