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    Kakashi Hatake is a jonin of the Hidden Leaf Village and the leader of Team 7. With the Sharingan eye, he can copy any jutsu he sees. After then end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, he becomes Konoha's Sixth Hokage. His teacher is the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. His father is the White Fang of the Leaf, Sakumo. His rival is Might Guy and his best friend is Obito Uchiha. Before becoming leader of Team 7, he was an Anbu captain and befriended Yamato, a fellow Anbu and comrade.

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    General Information

    • Birthday: September 15
    • Height: 181 cm
    • Weight: 67.5 Kg
    • Hair: White
    • Eyes: Black
    • Ninja Rank: Jonin
    • Village: Konoha


    Hatake Kakashi is a tall male shinobi with white spiky hair. He always wears a mask that covers the lower half of his face. He wears a forehead protector that he regularly uses to cover his scarred left eye. He wears the standard Jonin uniform with metal plated gloves from his days as a member of ANBU. He was a long thin scar running over his left eye down to his left cheek. His left eye was damaged in battle while he was young, where it was replaced with an active sharingan of the Uchiha clan.


    Kakashi has a dynamic personality. He was shown to be a very stern and serious ninja when he was much younger. He strictly followed orders and scorned anyone who disobeyed them. This caused some friction between him and his then team-mate, Obito Uchiha. Obito was eventually mortally wounded in battle and this caused a change in Kakashi's attitude. He now has a more carefree and laid-back personality. His personality is further emphasized by his generally lazy expression, aloof manner, relaxed voice, and minimalist attitude. However, Kakashi can still be as emotionless as he was during his youth, often speaking bluntly about sensitive topics. In serious situations, he is shown to be extremely serious and calculating. During battle, Kakashi is known to first send out clones of himself in order to study and analyze his opponent. Despite his increasingly growing reputation and prowess as a ninja, Kakashi has shown no signs of arrogance, and is rather modest about his abilities.Kakashi is often late for appointments because he of his frequent visits to the memorial where Obito's name is engraved, where he loses track of time. He once said that he lost everyone that was close to him. This has caused some reluctance to allow himself get attached to people or allow people get close to him. Despite this, he cares deeply for the members of his team and his friends.


    Team 10
    Team 10

    Hatake Kakashi is the son of one of Konoha’s greatest ninjas, Hatake Sakumo A.K.A The White Fang. Kakashi lost his mother at a young age and somehow blamed his father for this loss never truly forgiving him. Following in his fathers footsteps, Kakashi became known as a prodigy and one of the best in his generation. He scored top marks in his test and graduated within one year at the top of his class and is one of the youngest Chunin to dates, achieving this rank at the mere age of five. But soon things would change, his father returned from a mission in disgrace in the eyes of Konoha he had failed, during a battle he chosen to save the life’s of his team rather the complete the mission set out for him. Sakumo was never the same after that and it showed in his skill, soon enough Kakashi's father found depression as his only friend and took his own life. After his fathers death, Kakashi became cold and distant, but was soon placed within a team ( Team Minato) to start the rest of his training. Obito Uchiha and Rin would be his team along with Minato Namikaze the soon to be The Fourth Hokage. As time went on it was noted that he shared a complicated relationship with his teammates which would later turn into a great bond much like that of Team 7 which he would later train.


    Kakashi became a Jonin and was sent on a mission along with Obito and Rin, They where to destroy a bridge that was being used by enemy forces to enter Konoha and therefore help in the third great shinobi war effort. But disaster struck when Rin was taken by two Iwagakure Jonin. Obito wanted to rescue his teammate; But Kakashi said that the mission came first. Kakashi found himself in the same situation as his father had been in the past and did not want to make the mistakes that his father had. Obito disagreed and left Kakashi not before telling him that what his father did in the past made him a hero not a disgrace. Obito was confronted by Taiseki one of the Iwagakure ninja’s and was soon over powered, just then a flash of silver filled the air and using his father’s sword Kakashi entered the battle just in time to save Obito. As the battle raged on Taiseki managed to strike at Kakashi left eye, Kakashi had used his own body to block an attack meant for Obito. terror took over as he watched the blood escape his friends eye and wanting to fight back past the fear his Sharingan awakened , using it he killed Taiseki and helping Kakashi they headed for Rin.

    It was here that Kakashi life would change forever, Obito and Kakashi fought against the last ninja and save Rin, As the battle progressed Obito and Kakashi worked as an unbeatable team and freed Rin, But the victory was short lived as the final Ninja caused a cave in, Obito dived in time to save Kakashi from a falling rock which landed on him instead. As Obito lay dying he gave Kakashi a final gift for becoming a Jonin, his left eye ( Sharigan). Rin, using her medical techniques, implanted the eye into Kakashi. He then used Chodori break free of the cave in and killed the Ninja who had caused Obito's death. Just then enemy reinforcements arrived and Kakashi fought to protect Rin, Telling her that he would not let her die as Obito loved her. Just as the battle was about to be won by the enemy Minato Namikaze and saved the two students and finished the mission with their help.

    Kakashi soon became known within all the five great countries and picked up many different nick names along the way some even called him the ninja who has copied over a thousand jutsu. Kakashi soon joined the Anbu black ops and served as a captain and soon began training new members for Anbu such as, Tenzo and Yugao Uzuki. Leaving the team he soon became a teacher within Konoha training new teams but still had strong ties to Anbu, This is where we meet Kakashi for the first time as a few year later he meets his new team consisting of three young ninja’s, Naruto Uzmaki, Sakura Haruno and one of the last serving members of the Uchiha clan Sasuke Uchiha. The young team soon reminded him of team ten and this is where Kakashi story in Naruto starts.

    Character Evolution

    Kakashi at 26
    Kakashi at 26

    We first meet Kakashi when Team 7 is formed, Kakashi arrives late and Naruto Uzumaki decides to pull a prank on the late sensei, The members of Team 7 are Naruto Uzmaki, Sakura Haruno and one of the last serving members of the Uchiha clan, Sasuke Uchiha. Kakashi was known for being one of the hardest teachers, failing all of the Genin that had come before Team 7. Taking the three young members into the woods he gave them a simple test of trying to take two bells from his belt. Those who did not have a bell by the end of this test (which was noon) would fail.

    So the test started with Naruto Uzmaki, who instead of staying hidden with his other teammates, decided to fight Kakashi head on. The first thing Kakashi did was pull out his Icha Icha Paradise book, Naruto hesitated and Kakashi told him to continue, to give it all he's got. Naruto proceeded to attack Kakashi but ultimately failed when Kakashi dodged all of his attacks while reading Icha Icha Paradise. Kakashi after dodging one of Naruto's punches, he appears behind Naruto crouching, that is when he uses Thousand years of death (basically a powerful ass-poke with two fingers), Naruto ends up landing in a river, Kakashi turns to walk away when Naruto using his Famous Shadow Clone Jutsu, and while Kakashi is concentrated on them, a clone jumps on his back and Naruto attempts to punch Kakashi but Kakashi ends up using substitution jutsu where he switched his place with a clone and then Kakashi hid in the bushes. This causes confusion between Naruto and the clones since they think Kakashi used transformation jutsu and is one of them, they begin to fight amongst their selves till Naruto ends up undoing the justu and he is left standing there. Then Naruto noticing that Kakashi had "dropped" a bell when he escaped goes to pick it up and is caught in Kakashi's rope trap, and is left hanging upside-down. Kakashi appears again and picks up the bell. Sasuke jumps out of a tree and throws multiple shuriken at Kakashi. Only to be foiled by a substitution technique (but instead of a person like last time it was a log).

    Sakura goes looking for Sasuke when she spots Kakashi from some bushes, thinking that she wasn't seen,she only turns around to find Kakashi behind her. (meanwhile Naruto ends up freeing himself only to be caught in the same trap below him) Kakashi uses a genjutsu on Sakura where she believed that she see's Sasuke dying..She ends up falling to her knee's screaming.Then she passes out (or in a different version of the manga it shows her laying there, tears in her eyes, and foaming at the mouth)

    Kakashi ends up appearing behind Sasuke and they fight. Sasuke kicks Kakashi but his foot is caught,then he punches Kakashi only to find his arm caught too, Saskuke twists his body only to get a finger on one of the bells. At that point Kakashi tosses him away. Sasuke uses Fireball jutsu and when the flames clears, Kakashi is gone. Then Kakashi's hand grabs him from under ground and buries his whole body (except for his head) under rock.

    Naruto finally gets free and decides to eat the food instead of trying to waste his energy on trying to get a bell from Kakashi, as he sits down to eat, Kakashi appears behind him, and ties him to a log as the bell signaling the end of the test.

    Kakashi tells them that he wasn't going to send them to the academy, all of them assuming that they passed until Kakashi told them that they shouldn't even become shinobi. He tells them that they wouldn't ever get that answer to the test, and that is Teamwork. Kakashi says that if they were working together then they may have gotten the bells but they didn't. He tells them of how if they didn't work together it could even get them killed.

    Kakashi tells them that they can try again after lunch but if they try to feed Naruto then they will automatically fail and can never become ninja . Naruto was now tied to a wooden post and the rest of the team began to eat. After Kakashi leaves then Sasuke and Sakura gives Naruto some food, since if they were to try after lunch then everyone would need full strength. Kakashi appears right in front of them, looking angry he tells them "YOU ALL..." then he smiles and says "Passed"

    He tells them that those who break the ninja code are trash but those who don't care for their comrades are lower then trash. Then he tells them their first real assignment as Team 7 begins tomorrow. Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura all leave, but they forget that Naruto is still tied up to the log.

    Major Story Arcs

    Land Of Waves

    Kakashi leads Team 7
    Kakashi leads Team 7

    Team 7 was originally assigned small missions, one of which was capturing an escaped cat. After returning from this Mission Naruto demanded something more challenging and after throwing a tantrum and being subdued by Kakashi, Team 7 was given a mission to protect the bridge builder Tazuna and escort him to the land of waves . While on route the team was attacked by two Ninjas who turned out to be the Demon Brothers. During the attack Naruto was froze and Sasuke had to save him. After removing the poison from his hand Naruto gave a speech and Kakashi said that it was cool but now he may bleed to death. After seeing to Naruto wounds Kakashi turned to Tazuna and confronted him, This was not the mission he had said it was and convinced Tazuna to tell him why they where just attacked by two powerful ninjas. Tazuna went on to explain about his village. Gato a local crime lord had taken over the village and Tazuna needed protection to build the bridge in order for new revenue and aid to enter the land of waves At first Kakashi is reluctant to help but after the rest of Team 7 push him they deiced that they will be his protectors till the bridge is finished.

    On their trip they are once again attacked, but this time it is by a much stronger ninja Zabuza Momochi a hired killer. Using strategy they over power Zabuza, but he manages to capture Kakashi in a bubble of water known as the Water Prison Technique. Kakashi realizes his mistakes and tells his pupils to escape and protect Tazuna. But Naruto refuses to go saying he will never run from a fight, not after what happened before. Naruto looks at Sasuke and the two works with each other, Naruto helps Sasuke throw a ninja shuriken towards Zabuza who dodges it but then realizes there is a second one hidden in the path of the first one. Dodging the two he starts to gloat just when one of the shuriken he had dodged turns into Naruto who catches the second shuriken and sends it back towards Zabuza. This time Zabuza has no choice but to dive out the way. As Zabuza stands he laughs saying they missed, Just then Naruto smiles and said they where not aiming for him. Turning round Zabuza realizes what the plan was all along, to break his concentration and set Kakashi free. Now Kakashi shows us the Sharingan, his greatest weapon, for the first time. The Sharingan is a technique that only the Itachi clan can use, but a past accident gave Kakashi the eye as he took it from a dying friend. Using the eye Kakashi is able to copy all of Zabuza’s attacks and send them back towards the ninja faster then Zabuza could make them.

     Kakashi's Sharingan
    Kakashi's Sharingan

    Just as Kakashi is about to make the finishing blow, a flash of silver struck Zabuza body and he fell down apparently dead. Then from the Shadows a young boy appears named Haku appears claiming he is Kirigakure Anbu and that Zabuza was a rouge ninja from his clan. Haku then went onto explain that he would have to take the body as it contained secrets that only the Kirigakure could have, As Naruto went to argue, Kakashi passed out tired from overusing the Sharingan. Later after some rest Kakashi did not trust what Haku had said about Zabuza body. He explains that some medical ninjas can use needles to make it look as if someone had died when they where still alive. So he sets out training Team 7 to better control the Chakra. Naruto and Sasuke both found the training hard and it was Naruto that first asked for help. The two of them set about trying to beat the other and by the end of the week they had all mastered the training.

    While protecting Tazuna, Team 7 where once again confronted by Zabuza and this time Haku. Naruto was not at the scene and was back resting up from the last days training. When he awoke he rushed off to the bridge but not before stopping a bunch of thugs from attack the family that had looked after them. Back at the bridge Zabuza had learned much from his first encounter with Kakashi and changed his attack pattern and used sneak attacks to strike at Kakashi preventing him from using his eye technique , Zabuza enjoyed watching Haku beating Sasuke and mentioned to Kakashi how there was no escape from this attack, Kakashi replied with “You forget something” just then a loud noise broke the scene as Naruto entered the battle and aided Sasuke, During this battle Naruto unleashed the power of the nine tails for the first time and almost beat Haku, but Haku left the fight as Kakashi. summoned the ninja hounds Kakashi pin pointed Zabuza and the dogs pinned him allowing Kakashi to use his most dangerous and famous attack the song of a thousand birds (Chidori), a lightning based attack. But just as Kakashi went to strike the final blow he was once again stopped by Haku who used his own body to block the attack.

    Ninja Dog.
    Ninja Dog.

    The battle seemed over but then Gato turned up with all of his hence men and ordered them to kill Zabuza for failing in his mission, it looked as if Zabuza would be unable to fight as both of his arm's where damaged from fighting Kakashi. Naruto screamed at Zabuza calling him a monster for not caring what had happened to Haku. Asking for a kunai in his mouth Zabuza stood, Gato order his men to attack, Zabuza went on a killing spree and headed straight for Gato, using the blade in his mouth he cut a path and slit Gato's throat before falling to the ground. Kakashi used his own version of the shadow clone technique along with Naruto to scare away the remaining hence men. Going to Zabuza’s side he brought the body of Haku over to the fallen ninjas side so they could pass away with each other. Kakashi and team 7 buried the two of them with each other and returned to Konoha after their successful mission.

    Chunin Exams

    Training Saskue
    Training Saskue

    After the events in the Land Of Waves Kakashi felt his students where ready for the Chunin Exams. Team 7 managed to get past all of them and then came the battles between the different teams. This is where we find out about Guy, another Jonin who has a rivalry with Kakashi, in fact it is ten to nine in Guys favor after they had battled last. During the fights that take place Sasuke is branded by Orohimaru and Kakashi seals the brand using the Evil Sealing method to prevent it growing anymore then it has. Then Kakashi deiced to train Sasuke alone.

    Kakshi trains Sasuke in the use of Chidori (the song of 1000 birds) the attack he used on Zabuza, to help control the cursed seal that now marked Sasuke. Their training runs over and they arrive late to their final battle. Before the last battle between Gaara and Sasuke can finish the sand village along with Orochimaru attack the hidden leaf village. In the commotion Gaara flees and Sasuke follows him. Kakashi orders Naruto and Sakura along with Shikamaru to follow Pakkun (one of the ninja dogs) and stop Sasuke and bring him back.

    Kakashi and Guy are fighting off the other Jonin that have attacked their village and they watch as the battle between the 3rd hokage and Orohimaru takes place and Kakashi asks why the Anbu are just standing there. Soon he confronts a former Konoha ninja posing an Anbu black ops and the ninja flees the scene.

    The Third Hokage was killed in the battle and as all the village say goodbye, Kakashi visits another grave of an old friend who gave him the eye he uses now (Obito). Yuhi Kurenai appears at his side and says that he is going to be late, the two share a moment as friends before heading to the 3rd's resting place..

    Itachi Returns

    Itachi Vs Kakashi
    Itachi Vs Kakashi

    After the invasion, Konoha had returned to almost normal. Naruto was off on a mission with one of the Jiraiya one of great three and the village was peaceful, But something was off. Kakashi saw two strangers and something about them bothered him. While standing at a ramen bar, he saw Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi heading towards the bar and asked if they where on a date, the moment he took to say that the two strangers vanished. He then warned them of the two strangers and went off.

    Later Asuma and Yuhi come across the two strangers and try to apprehend them. The two ninjas show themselves to be Itachi Uchiha (Sasuke's older brother who murdered his entire clan) and Kisame Hoshigaki both members of a secret group known as Akatsuki. The group battle and soon Itachi over powers the two just then Kakashi intervenes and it seems as if Kakashi has the edge until Itachi becomes more serious. Itachi uses Tsukuyomi, a technique that allows Itachi to trap whoever he is fighting in an inescapable illusion. Kakashi falls to the ground and says they are after Naruto. Itachi orders Kisame to take Kakashi but is stopped when Mighty Guy (Kakashi friend and Rival) jumps in the fight. After the battle the Konoha ninjas took Kakashi to the hospital.

    Naruto manages to convince Tsunade to come back to Konoha and she soon becomes the 5th Hokage. She heals Kakashi and Sasuke. After a week in hospital Sasuke and Naruto face off against each other and just as Sasuke goes to deliver Chidori, Naruto powers up Rasengan. Kakashi jumps in and breaks the two of them up. Turning to Sasuke he tells him he taught him that technique not so he could use it on friends. Sasuke breaks free and leaves the scene as he does he looks up at the water tower Naruto hit to see the back of it blown apart. “how strong have you become “ he whispers to himself before leaving. Kakashi confronts Jiraiya and tells him he should never have taught Naruto such a dangerous move, Jiraiya points out that Chidori is just as dangerous, the two discuss the paths that Naruto and Saskue are on.

    Sasuke Vs Naruto

    After the battle on the roof against Naruto, Sasuke is faced by Kakashi who explains that Sasuke is on a dark path and revenge is not the answer, Sasuke confronts him asking how he could ever understand and Kakashi points out that everyone who wanted Kakashi dead was already dead. The difference is that Sasuke had friends.

    After Naruto lost to Sasuke, Kakashi came and took Naruto back to the village.


    His Greatest Weakness
    His Greatest Weakness

    Naruto returns from his training as does Sakura it has been two years since the group have seen each other and Kakashi has spent this time refining his skills in hopes of being able to stand up to Akatsuki when the battle comes. Naruto gives Kakashi a welcome home present of the latest Icha-Icha series, a group of romantic novels that Kakashi reads and first read as he was fighting Team 7 with the bell test all those years ago. Kakashi wishes to see how the two have grown and challenges the two of them to the bell test again, this time they have to capture the bells from Kakashi. Once again Naruto charges head first and it seems as if Kakashi is about to use the same devastating move he did when they did this test the first time, but is caught of guard by Naruto who was using double clones and is almost shot into the river himself. Shortly after Sakura slams her fist into the ground causing a shock wave. Kakashi is impressed at their new skills and decided to keep a distance. Now with Kakashi hiding in the woods, he sits down and starts to read the book Naruto gave him only again to be attacked. Once again the crafty Jonin escapes and Naruto and Sakura realize they will not beat him like this. Lying in wait they spring their attack, jumping from the trees, Kakashi instantly goes on the defensive waiting to be attacked, but then Naruto starts to scream out the ending of the new Icha-Icha book which Kakashi is reading. Kakashi covers his ears and closes his eyes only to open them to find his two former pupils holding the bells.

    Saving Gaara

    Team Kakashi save Gaara.
    Team Kakashi save Gaara.

    During their reunion Team 7 had no idea that the village of sand had come under attack by Akatsuki and Gaara of the sand had now been captured. Konoha and the Sand village where once again at peace with each other after a treaty was made after their failed attack against the hidden leaf village. Tsunade now the Hokage sends team Kakashi to aid the sand village. When arriving at the village they are teamed with Chiyo a elder of the Sand Village and are sent off on the trail of Akatsuki. As they make their way they are confronted by a ninja who looks like Itachi. Kakashi found it strange that he could go toe to toe with Itachi and said that his power level was different. Getting the upper hand Kakashi holds Itachi giving Naruto the chance to do the finishing move. When the body falls it turns out that his was only a mere look a like and not the real Itachi.

    Shortly after this battle Kakashi and the rest of the team meet up with Team Guy outside the lair of Akatsuki, It turns out that Team Guy had been forced to fight double gangers and a member of Akatsuki before arriving there. Kakashi and Guy come up with a plan. As Team guy tries to take down the barrier preventing them from getting in the lair, Team Kakashi would find another entrance. This is where team Kakashi come across Gaara and Deidara

    Sasori tries to flee using one of his clay creatures to make a large bird that carries him and Gaara away. This is where Kakashi new training is shown, using his new technique Mangekyo Sharingan, Kakashi creates a portal and tries to remove Deidara's head. But Kakashi has not had much chance to profect the technique and ends up removing Deidara's arm instead. But this allows Naruto the chance to regain Gaara’s body and so Deidara returns and a battle starts, as it looks lost Deidara makes a clone that will explode taking team Kakashi and Team Guy along with it. Once again using the Mangekyo Sharingan, Kakashi destroys the body but passes out from using to much chakra. It looks as if Gaara is dead but Chiyo gives her life so that Gaara may live. Guy picks up the knocked out Kakashi and runs him all the way back to Konoha where Kakashi lays for weeks until he is better.

    Student and Teacher

    The Pupil surpasses the teacher
    The Pupil surpasses the teacher

    Orochimaru found Kakashi heals and is sent on a tracking mission, an Anbu gives his life to get information to Konoha about Orochimaru new base and Tusande decides to send Kakashi. She tells him not to take Naruto as he may run off looking for Sasuke but to instead take Team 8 who are better suited for tracking then Team 7, soon Kakashi sets out on his mission. But when they arrive at their mission Orochimaru’s base has been destroyed in an attempt to destroy any evidence of what he was doing in this area. Kakashi talks to the team and they all decide to go on even when their mission is complete and look for anyone who was still in the area. When scouting the area they come across four large crystal that hold four escaped prisoners. Kakashi mouths to himself “It can’t be” soon after this the team find out they are being spied on by bats.

    Team 8 are attacked by the last of Orochimaru’s hence men left in this area and then by Guren who traps them within a crystal maze. But just as all looks lost Team Yamato appears and free’s them the two teams join up and set off in search of their attackers but soon discover a lake. They find out that his is no simple lake but in fact is the home to the giant three tailed turtle. Summoning Pukkan one of the ninja dogs Kakashi sends him back to Tsunade and ask how she would want this mission to procceed. Much later Kakashi is told by Naruto of a young boy called Yukimaru.

    Back up arrives from Konoha and Kakashi breaks them all into three teams two defensive teams and one team to create a seal for the three tails. But he also orders a team to retrieve Yukimaru knowing the boy is important to Naruto. The plan is a disaster and the three tails escapes. Kakashi finds Yukimaru knocked out and brings the young boy back to the teams base. He leaves Yukimaru and set out trying to find Naruto who has gone missing after the attack.

    Yamato Arrives as back up
    Yamato Arrives as back up

    Returning Kakashi finds Yukimaru is awake and the young boy tells of how Naruto along with Guren have been trapped inside the three tails. They return to the lake and along with Yamato. Kakashi breaks down the field that hides the three tails. As they start the sealing tech, they are once again attacked by Orochimaru’s men. Kakashi and his team fight a large battle but soon win and with that He sends the last of his team to help with the sealing. Now with the three tails safe they head back to Khonoha with a completed mission.

    Saving Sasuke

    While Kakashi and the teams where away a spy returns with information that Sasuke has defeated Orochimaru. Kakashi takes this chance to try once again to save Sasuke and sets up an eight man group/ As they move they are faced with a man in a mask his name is Tobi and every attack that Kakashi and his team use turn out to be pointless. It is not until Tobi learns that Sasuke has now killed Itachi that Tobi breaks off his attack. Naruto is able to find Sasuke but is soon defeated by his old friend as the teams meet up again the trail has gone cold and Tobi has caught up with Sasuke. The squads now with injuries return home with out Sasuke.

    Pein's Invasion

    Pein Vs Kakashi
    Pein Vs Kakashi

    A new enemy arises and attacks Konoha , In the form of Pein, leader of the Akatsuki. Kakashi attacks Deva Path after realizing that the attack was just a diversion. However, he is badly injured by the two Peins. Kakashi tells Choji to inform Tsunade about the abilities of pein but Asura Path attempts to kill choji. Using his Mangyeko Sharingan, he uses up his last bit of chakra as he blacks out. Naruto says to Tsunade that he cannot sense Kakashi's chakra, implying that Kakashi would probably be dead as he used up his chakra.

    After the invasion, Naruto is able to reach Pein and spoke with him at length. Naruto proved himself worthy of continuing Pein's legacy as he had originally intended before he gave up hope. In thanks for rekindling his old beliefs, and as penance for all the harm he had caused, Pein revived all of those he killed in the invasion: this is including Kakashi.

    Kakashi was shown having spoke at length to his father in the in-between afterlife. Sakumo had been waiting for him all that time before moving on, as he was unable to do so without making amends with his only son. Kakashi forgave his father for all he had done, and said that he understood the sacrifices he made in order to protect his friends and the reasons for his decisions: to never give up on your loved ones no matter what. That while those who forgo their mission to protect their friends are seen as trash, those who sacrifice their friends for their mission/work are the real and worse trash. Sakumo then was able to pass on to the afterlife in contentment, having been able to make amends and come to an understanding with his son. Kakashi was then revived back to life by Pein's jutsu, along with all the others who had died in Konoha.

    With Tsunade in a coma, a new Hokage was needed. Shikamaru's father supported Kakashi. However, in the end, Kakashi was not chosen. Instead, Danzo was chosen.

    Summit of the Kages

    Danzo Become Hokage
    Danzo Become Hokage

    Kakashi joins Naruto and Yamato on a mission to try and prevent the Raikage from killing Sasuke. In this time Sasuke is made a official rouge ninja by Danzo and Shikamaru approches Sakura for permission to hunt Sasuke down before one of the other villages do. He explains if that happens Naruto will want revenge and if Naruto or Sasuke is killed by another village then Konoha would go to war. It was now time for them to face Sasuke and put an end to all this.

    Naruto catches up to Raikage and begs him to not go after Sasuke to stop the cycle of revenge from carrying on. The Raikage mocks him and leaves, Kakashi and Yamato do not head straight back to Konoha, but camp for the night when Tobi appears. Naruto attacks him but he gets away only to be captured by Yamato and Kakashi. Tobi explains he only wishes to talk about Sasuke and tell a tale of when he first fought the first Hokage and how Sasuke was a direct descendant of hatred and Naruto was born to fight him as the embodiment of the Sage.

    When Sakura finally finds Naruto and tells him that she loves him. Yamato goes forward to stop Naruto from grabbing her when he calls her a liar, but Kakashi stops him and ask what has happened for all of this to come about. When Naruto goes to explain why Sasuke is acting the way he is and that Sakura should not give up on him Kakashi stops him and reminds him that this may not be the truth and the others are not to know.

    Gaara Informs Naruto
    Gaara Informs Naruto

    Unable to bend Naruto's will Sakura leaves with the others that came with her. Sai creates a copy of himself and leaves it behind to speak to Naruto and tell him why Sakura really came to see him. Sai explains that Sasukra wanted to break him free of the promise he made her to save Sasuke and how Konoha now see's Sasuke as a criminal and that his team mates and fellow members of Konoha have decided that he must die in order to keep the peace of the five nations. Before Naruto can react to what Sai has told him, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro appear with news of Danzo's deceitful acts and escape at the Kage Summit and that Madara Uchiha had proclaimed the start of the Fourth Great Ninja War. After realizing that he might be selected Hokage and preparations would be needed for the coming war, Kakashi initially decided to return to Konoha however the Sand Siblings and Yamato Tenzo told him that politics is not of any use to them at the moment. Yamato convinces him that action is needed now and that he should become the Hokage. Agreeing, Kakashi takes his place amongst the Hokages.

    After the Sand Siblings depart Yamato said that he and Naruto would go back to the village and inform everyone there, Sai offered to help them so Kakashi decide that he and Sai will go after Sakura and stop her of killing Sasuke and order Yamato and Naruto return to the village as soon as possible. Kakashi also sent his ninja dog to tell Kage about their plans. But before they do their jobs Naruto started hyperventilating and fainted.

    Team 7 meet again

    Leaving Naruto in the care of Yamato, Kakashi heads out with Sai's ink clone and starts to track down Sakura. As they rush to catch up, the Sai clone informs Kakashi that they have found Sasuke's tracks and are close to him. Just then Sakura tries to throw a Sleeping bomb but is stopped by Sai for a moment, just long enough for his clone to tell Kakashi of the change. Sakura confronts Sasuke. Sakura tells Sasuke that she is willing to go with him, even if it means destroying Konoha, but he does not believe her and tells her the only way to prove it is to kill the girl at his feet. Sakura tries but cannot. She goes to kill Sasuke but is about to be killed herself , when Kakashi shows up, blocking Sasuke's attack.

     Team 7 meet again
    Team 7 meet again

    Kakashi tells her, that it is his responsibility to burden and not hers, he told her that everything would be alright but he was wrong and as her sensei he had failed her. Turning he finally faces Sasuke. who tells him that he is not a member of his clan how dare he use that eye. Kakashi tells him that he knows part of the old Sasuke is still there and the two battle. Kakashi reminds him of how he use to laugh with the others and this only seems to enrage, Sasuke who over exerts himself. Just then Sakura tries to attack the weakened Sasuke but is soon caught in his grasp. Kakashi runs trying to prevent the blow but is weakened from the battle, just as the blow is about to make contact, Naruto saves her and gets cut on the cheek, Team seven is reunited but what will happen next.

    Powers and Abilities

    Kakashi is a very powerful and experienced shinobi with advanced proficiency in countless areas including mastery of all three main ninja skills. Naruto has said that Kakashi is better at taijutsu than Rock Lee, smarter than Shikamaru, is more adept with the Sharingan than Sasuke, and has a better sense of smell than Kiba. Kakashi's hand seal jutsus are very fast. He is able to performed highly complex jutsu much faster and with much fewer hand seals. Kakashi is able to create shadow clones of himself to distract or attack his foes.


     Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan
    Kakashi's Mangekyo Sharingan

    Perhaps Kakashi’s most dangerous feature is his left eye, which was surgically implanted at the wish of a dying friend (Obito Uchiha). The Sharingan allows him to copy any jutsu he sees (provided it is not a kekkei genkai jutsu), but also allows him to see and predict the movements of his enemies before they make them. The original owner of the eye, Obito was a member of the Uchiha clan and therefore this eye belongs to the clan and should only be able to be used by them. It was surgically taken from its original owner and replaced with Kakashi's non-functioning eye, his body has not adjusted itself to the eye. It is this reason that Kakashi can never deactivate the eye and keeps thus is forced to keep it covered with his headband, so as not to consume chakra unnecessarily. Kakashi even prefers not to use it in certain battles as the eye consumes a lot of his chakra. It is unknown how Kakashi has made his Sharingan stronger as he is not an Uchiha, however he managed to evolve the eye to three tomoe. Later in the series, Kakashi pushes the Sharingan even further during training and creates his own version of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Also in the series it comes to light that Kakashi has been training with the Sharingan as he can now use it for a full day while fighting Naruto and Sakura.

    Mangekyo Sharingan

    As his students are training with others, Kakashi takes this time to improve his own skills. During this time he learns a Mangekyo Jutsu “Kamui”. It allows him to create small black holes near his enemy, which has the power to pull them into another world or rip of body parts. He uses this while fighting Deidara. Deidara is impressed saying he rivals Itachi control but Kakashi admits that he is nowhere near finished and only achieves in taking off Deidara's arm as he needs more practice telling Naruto he was aiming for Deidara’s head. After this Kakashi is able to use it once again in the same battle against a speeding attack, Blocking it with the Jutsu . But the technique almost kills him after he uses too much chakra and is taking to hospital where he remained in a coma for a week; this was the result of only using the new jutsu three times in one day. Since that day Kakashi has not used the Jutsu again to this day.

    Chidori: A technique that was created by Kakashi. However, he now uses an even more advanced technique called Raikiri (Lightning Blade). This technique channels a lot of lightning chakra to the user's hand and sounds like a lot of birds chirping. The user then runs and thrusts his hand into the target. The technique can pierce through most substances, however it has drawbacks as the user must run in a straight line and he must have the Sharingan or his foes will be able to counter the attack with ease.

    Rasengan: Kakashi was either taught or copied the Rasengan by/from his teacher, Minato. The Rasengan does not have a fixed amount for it and the user can use it as much times as he wants as long as he has the chakra for it. The Rasengan damages internally in a horrific spinning motion, literally tearing the opponent apart inside. This attack cannot be used in places where it drains chakra like Jirobou earth release barrier.

    Summoning Jutsu: Kakashi has signed the summoning contract with the dogs and he can summon eight dogs to help him track his opponents or hold them in place like what he did to Zabuza before charging the restricted foe with chidori or lightning blade.

    Evil Sealing Jutsu: This jutsu takes up a lot of chakra and can be used to seal off Orochimaru's curse mark. However, it depends on the wearer of the curse mark's will to see if he wants to use them as well.

    Water Clone Technique: Kakashi copied this jutsu from Zabuza. The clone is often used for distracting or for attacking his enemies. If the clone is injured, it will turn back into normal water.

    Headhunter Technique: Kakashi emerges from the earth and pulls the opponent down until only his head is not in the ground. After that, Kakashi can torture or kill them.

    Silent Homicide Technique: Kakashi uses this technique along with the hidden mist technique. The user of this technique slits the throat of his opponents with a blade. This attack be defended against.

    Hidden Mist Technique: This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area. The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick that the user and the people inside cannot see through and has to rely on sound alone to know each other's place. This technique can be used to prevent people from using genjutsu as it requires eye contact. This attack is used by Kakashi alongside the silent homicide technique.

    • This technique can be used to defend the user against attacks.

    Thousand years of pain: A joke technique he used to humiliate Naruto in combat, the user thrusts his finger at the opponents rear, causing immense pain and embarrassing him.


    Kakashi is known as a very capable and experienced ninja, as he was once an Anbu captain and a jonin. He is able to remain calm in battles and formulate a battle plan to defeat his opponents. He has been lauded to have the 'intelligence of Shikamaru, the scent capacity of Kiba, and the fighting skill or Rock Lee.

    Additionally, he is an Elite Jounin. This is a prestige rank that is bestowed upon only the best of jounin, with the rank of jounin alone already signifying an elite and powerful ninja. Only four known Ninja from Konoha have reached this rank: Kakashi, Maiito Gai, Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai.

    Other Media


    Naruto Clash: In The Land of Snow

    In this movie Team 7 was ordered to go on an A-Rank mission that involved them escorting a famous actress named Yukie Fujikaze to the Land of Snow. As they arrived in the Land of Snow, Team 7 and the actress were attacked by three ninja from the Snow Village that Kakashi had fought years ago during his time when he was still an ANBU. Shortly afterwards it was revealed that Yukie Fujikaze was in fact actually Koyuki Kazahana the true heir as daimyo to the Land of Snow. It was then revealed that Kakashi had saved her years ago from her deceitful uncle Doto. Using his Sharingan eye Kakashi copied some of the ninjas ice-based jutsu allowing them to escape quickly.

    After realizing what Doto was actually searching for, Kakashi replaced Koyuki's crystal necklace with a fake one in an effort to stop Doto. When Koyuki Kazahana was kidnapped, Kakashi along with his team except for Naruto engaged in a rescue mission. Moments after this Kakashi returned Koyuki's necklace to her however Doto captured his niece taking the necklace along with him as well.

    Later Kakashi was intercepted by Nadare Roga and knowing that his opponent had a high protection from both ninjutsu and genjutsu because of his armor, Kakashi relied solely on his taijutsu and defeated Nadare Roga by using his "Front Lotus" technique. Shortly after Doto was defeated and Koyuki took her rightful role as daimyo of the Land of Snow, to his joy Kakashi learned that Koyuki would be playing a lead role in a new "Icha-Icha" movie.


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