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    A famous big game hunter, who became a mercenary and later, developed an intense obsession with restoring honor to his name. Kraven has been known as a major threat for Spider-Man and leaving a legacy during his demise.

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    For the current Kraven the Hunter see: Last Son of Kraven


    The young life of Sergei Kravinoff was very difficult as the son of Russian Aristocrats in Volgograd and St. Petersburg, Russia. With Dimitri becoming the illegitimate son of Sergei’s father, Sergei would torment his talented half-brother in response from the beatings he received from his own alcoholic father. Yet the relationship among the Kravinoff’s were unstable, Dimitri still admired his older half-brother as he entertained Sergei with his mimicking abilities. Life would hit hard for the Kravinoff’s when the Bolshevik Revolution forced the Kravinoff’s into immigration. When Sergei’s father died, his mother was forced into an asylum as both Sergei and Dimitri were forced into becoming orphans. Upon visiting his mother, Sergei would gain arachnophobia after seeing his mother mentally tormented in a spider-infested asylum. Later his mother would commit suicide and this would increase Sergei’s fear for spiders and be the first step for developing an unstable and obsessive personality. Sergei learned that the only way to life was survival, and this caused Sergei to travel broadly throughout various parts of the world as he managed to sneak aboard on stowaway ships and trains. Living within various cities located in throughout Asia and Europe, Sergei and Dimitri would eventually depart and go their separate ways.

    As a young adult, Sergei would finally relocate himself in Africa where he found a natural talent for hunting. Changing his name to Kraven, Sergei pursued his talents as he increased his hunting and survival skills throughout the safari. As years passed, Kraven became notorious and extremely wealthy as big game hunter. Kraven would eventually stumble upon the lair of a local witch doctor in the Belgian Congo and take notice of an herbal potion that was believed to give increased strength, reflexes, and stamina. Blinded by the need for excitement with his hunting career, Kraven stole the potion and consumed it, causing to gain the potions benefits. With his new found abilities, Kraven’s reputation increased worldwide as he became a game hunter who tested and challenged himself with each dangerous and rare hunt. Eventually Kraven partnered with Smerdyakov in a business that exported extremely rare and possibly illegal animal skins and ivory. Not only did Kraven gain a reputation with his hunting career, but also became a very well known ladies man who fathered several children with several women throughout various countries. Even though Kraven hardly participated any acts of being a father to any of his children, he only favored one son known as Vladimir who was mostly watched by Kraven's assistant. It was also known that within this time period, Kraven was secretly recruited by Nick Fury to join his selected team to infiltrate the Nazi forces and assassinate the Red Skull. After his stint with Nick Fury, Kraven returned to Africa to continue pursuing and challenging his career as a game hunter.


    Kraven the Hunter made his first debut in comics in Amazing Spiderman #15 August 1964. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, Kraven’s character would be inspired from the short story made by Richard Connell known as The Most Dangerous Game. Strictly resembling the antagonist of the story, Kraven would be the first villain who introduced the “man hunting man” concept as he displayed his obsession with hunting and hunting a greater prey than man, which was Spider-Man. Even though Kraven became a successful and recurring villain, his main concept soon began to fade as he found himself becoming nothing more than an unsuccessful mercenary.

    Kraven never had any solid background or definition within his character until the story known as Kraven’s Last Hunt was introduced. Written by J. M. DeMatteis and artwork by Mike Zeck, Kraven’s Last Hunt would supposedly be the last of Kraven the Hunter as he successfully gained recognition and also became one of Spider-Man’s greatest threats despite his unsuccessful attempts to take down Spider-Man.

    Later, Marvel mentioned that Tom DeFalco tried to make an attempt to have Spider-Man fight against another Kraven like villain known as Puma. Even though Puma displayed similar skills, later he would steer on his own path as an uneasy ally and a hired mercenary.

    Marvel had also found themselves making more than one attempt to have a Kraven-like villain be properly introduced and succeed in Kraven’s footsteps. Three Spider-Man villains would make this attempt, which of course all three were known to be Kraven’s own children who were born separately. Yet, none could match the gained reputation that their father gained among the fanbase.

    Even though Kraven was deceased, he was still introduced in other Spiderman related media such as cartoon shows, toys, and video games and later would be recognized from IGN as the 53 Greatest Comic Villain of all Time.

    It wouldn’t be until the event known as The Grim Hunt where Kraven would finally be resurrected into the Marvel Universe and continue his career as a Spider-Man villain once again alongside with his daughter Ana.

    Character Evolution

    The Silver Age

    Kraven the Hunter made his first debut in Amazing Spiderman #15 as a villain who was obsessed with a challenge that his half-brother known as the Chameleon offered, which was hunting Spiderman. Managing to become a serious threat for the new hero, Kraven still faced defeat in the hands of the hero and continued on as threat against Spiderman and also battling other heroes such as Iron Man, Ka-Zar, and Daredevil.

    The Bronze Age

    During the Bronze Age, Kraven changed his tactics as a hunter and continued his career as a hired mercenary and occasionally made an attempt on gaining vengeance against Spiderman on several occasions. Finding new enemies such as Ka-Zar and Tigra, Kraven still kept his hatred for Spider-Man and began developing a sense of honor within his tactics that found itself becoming halted because of his manipulative lover Calypso who manipulated Kraven into killing Spider-Man after proclaiming his retirement as a mercenary and holding a vendetta against Spider-Man.

    Kraven's Last Hunt

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    Kraven would later be defined as an obsessive fanatic who feels the need to restore honor in his name and must be better than his main enemy Spider-Man, who also would be revealed as the main source of his worst fears. What is known to be his last hunt, Kraven kidnapped Spider-Man and buried him alive for two weeks before going on a vigilante spree as Spider-Man. After Capturing and forcing Vermin to fight Spider-Man who just escaped from his grave, Kraven would be fully convinced that he was better than his fears and he finally became convinced that he found honor in his name.

    With Kraven deceased, he would spiritually return to haunt Spider-Man in an attempt to find peace with his enemy so that his spirit would be free. After fighting Spider-Man as a revived zombie, the hero forgave Kraven and that was supposedly the last he would ever see the Hunter.

    The Legacy

    Over the years, many have taken the role of Kraven the Hunter and found themselves unsuccessful against Spiderman. Even though each of these individuals were identified as Kraven’s own children, who were loved, neglected, and unidentified by their own father.

    The Grim Hunt

    Kraven’s return would finally be revealed in elaborate scheme set by one of his wives. After successfully forcing Spider-Man into intense hardship and loss, Kraven would finally be revived through means of sacrifice and sorcery. Proclaimed as an immortal, Kraven is now extremely unstable and is currently residing in the Savage Land with his daughter Ana.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Hunt for the Menace of New York City

    Dimitri, who was currently residing in America and a criminal spy known as the Chameleon would later contact Kraven. Enticing the hunter into assisting him gain revenge on Spider-Man for his recent capture, Kraven accepted his half-brother’s offer out of curiosity and publicly made his travel towards America. Upon his arrival to New York, Kraven was introduced with fanfare and demonstrated his abilities to the public after single handily capturing dangerous zoo animals that managed to escape from their cages. Secretly meeting with Dimitri and also sharing his potion with his half-brother, Kraven would take a special interest with the proclaimed menace known as Spider-Man. After Dimitri hired henchmen to stage a robbery to attract Spider-Man, Kraven would study this menace that wore and represented the symbol of his greatest fears. Instantly knowing the good nature in the hero and that he was of young age, Kraven would also gain more interest with Spider-Man after witnessing him in action. Seeing him as an equal, Kraven felt that Spider-Man was more than a coincidence, but the ultimate challenge that Kraven must accept to restore honor in his family’s name. Kraven engages against Spider-Man to test his skills and abilities only to find the hero fleeing from Kraven. Spider-Man would later encounter Kraven once more when this time the hunter was assisted by Dimitri to trick Spider-Man while he was disguised as Kraven. Even though Spider-Man quickly caught on to the act, the web slinger still managed to take down both Chameleon and Kraven and left them for the authorities. Even though Kraven never committed a crime by fighting against Spider-Man, his partnership with a wanted criminal spy forced both Kraven and Chameleon to face charges as criminal spies and be deported back to Europe.

    The Sinister Six

    Managing to escape the ship that was deporting them, both Chameleon and Kraven would wash up on the shores of Long Island. Coming across a Stark industries plant, Kraven entered the facilities only to find himself fighting and quickly being defeated by Iron Man. However his half-brother Chameleon who was seeking to be better than Kraven did manage to fair better as he was responsible for manipulating Iron Man and Captain America into fighting each other. Managing to escape authorities, Kraven was now a common criminal who was blinded by the goals of hunting down Spider-Man before leaving America. After being offered by Dr. Octopus to join his group of villains who were each obsessed with gaining vengeance against Spider-Man, Kraven took the offer of joining Dr. Octopuses Sinister Six, despite his attitude by joining forces with other criminals who stood in his way of hunting down Spider-Man. As Dr. Octopus staged each member in a gauntlet style to fight against Spider-Man, Kraven was confident that he would be able to take down him while being assisted by two Leopards. As Kraven tried his skills against the hero, he still found himself unable to take down Spider-Man as the hero left him defeated and left for the authorities while he took on the next Sinister Six member.

    More ways to hunt a Spider-Man

    Kraven would later be hired the Green Goblin (who was secretly Norman Osborn at the time) to kill Spider-Man, however Kraven was overconfident on killing Spider-Man that he demanded half of the payment which was obviously denied. Angered as to how his demands was shrugged off, Kraven sworn that after killing Spider-Man he would kill Green Goblin as well. Managing to track the Goblin to one of his lairs, Kraven deduced the fact that both Norman Osborn and Green Goblin were the same man. As a way to attack Spider-Man, Kraven disguised himself as the hero and attacked J. Jonah. Jameson at the Daily Bugle to have New York City against his prey. With Jameson posting a hefty reward for Spider-Man that caused local gangs to hunt after the hero, Kraven found the better opportunity to defeat Spider-Man. Spider-Man managed to fend off against both Kraven and a local gang; the on looking Green Goblin would distract Kraven. With Kraven unable to defeat Spider-Man and facing another defeat, Kraven would respectfully admit framing Spider-Man and attacking Jameson. Forced into deportation once again, Kraven was angered as to how he almost managed to defeat Spider-Man if not for the meddling Green Goblin. Feeling that he rightfully deserved the offered payment from the Goblin, Kraven returned to New York once again to track down Osborn and collect payment. Unable to find Norman Osborn, Kraven decided to kidnap his son Harry at a local party and hold him as a hostage as a way to drag out Norman Osborn. Managing to attract Spider-Man as both men fought a construction site, Norman Osborn would come onto the scene only to be snatched by Kraven. Demanding his payment from Osborn, Osborn would have no memory of being the Green Goblin or making an offering. Seeing that Osborn wasn’t lying, Kraven released Osborn and escaped capture from both Spider-Man and the authorities. With his reputation and pride challenged by being fooled by Green Goblin and fleeing from Spider-Man, Kraven would be angered when the local papers published an article that mentioned the Vulture (Blackie Drago) not only defeated Spiderman but was also labeled as the most feared man throughout New York. Feeling that this Vulture would take down his enemy that was rightfully his to kill, Kraven attacked the new villain and ironically both villains would form into an alliance. With both Kraven and Vulture planning on taking each other out after defeating Spider-Man, Kraven only agreed to form an alliance with Vulture as a way to gain a better chance of claiming victory over Spider-Man. As both villains fought the Spider-Man at a designated location, the hero managed to bring down both villains and leave them for the arriving authorities.

    King of the Savageland

    Deciding to sharpen his skills and take a career as a fully hired mercenary. After being hired by Mister Sinister alongside with Blob to infiltrate the X-men compound to obtain their mutant DNA, Kraven managed to break in and managed to blackmail Beast into assisting him. However, Beast overcame Kraven’s blackmailing scheme and attacked the hero in a berserk fury. Even though Kraven proved successful, he was unaware that Mister Sinister secretly obtained Kraven's own DNA for his own purposes. Fearing public exposure, Mister Sinister erased the incident from the mind of Kraven and released him with no recollection. After taking notice of the rare Saber-tooth Tiger known as Zabu, Kraven traveled to the Savage Land and successfully captured Zabu. Managing to return to New York with Ka-Zar in pursuit, both men would desperately fight each other until Ka-Zar proven victorious over Kraven and saved Zabu from Kraven’s clutches. Angered as to how Ka-Zar ruined his capture over Zabu and facing a humiliating defeat, Kraven returned to the Savage Land to gain revenge on Ka-Zar only to find himself coming across an extraterrestrial alien. Adopting the strange alien, Kraven named it Gog as it quickly grew into gigantic proportions. Seeing Gog as a chance to help him gain revenge against Ka-Zar and rule the Savage Land, Kraven would use Gog to kidnap Gwen Stacy to be his queen after Jameson, Peter Parker, and herself were investigating attacks on a research team. This quickly caught the attention of both Spider-Man and Ka-Zar. The web-slinger managed to trick Gog into sinking in quicksand pit and Ka-Zar saved Gwen Stacy from Kraven as the hunter fell from a cliff and was presumed dead.

    Hunter and Mercenary

    Managing to recuperate from his recent defeat, Kraven went through a two-week recovery period while searching for the remains of Gog. Finally finding the deceased alien, Kraven swore vengeance against Spider-Man and traveled to America to hunt down Spider-Man once again. Managing to track the hero, Kraven felt that attacking Spider-Man would be pointless while still healing from an injured arm. However, Kraven found something else interesting when he noticed the costumed Gibbon (Martin Blank) desperately trying to impress Spider-Man into being his partner. Noticing how Spider-Man denied his requests, Kraven took interest on how furious Gibbon was at Spider-Man turning him down. Kraven decided to manipulate Gibbon into helping him gain revenge against Spider-Man for ridiculing him. After introducing himself to Gibbon and offering to help Gibbon’s costumed career, Kraven gave Gibbon one of his potions that increased Gibbon’s powers but also caused Gibbon to go mad. Even though Kraven was forced to subdue the insane Gibbon, he sent the temporary calmed Gibbon to go after Spider-Man and use the rage he had against the hero as a way to defeat him. Even though Gibbon’s powers were increased, Spider-Man still managed to defeat Gibbon as Kraven’s attempt for revenge was foiled again.

    Later Kraven took his skills back to being a mercenary when he was hired by Kerwin J. Broderick to kill Daredevil. Managing to kidnap Daredevil’s partner Black Widow as a way to lead the hero into a trap, Kraven managed to almost succeed on killing Daredevil when the hunter threw him off a cliff. Believing that the hero died from the fall, Kraven didn’t know that Daredevil was transported away by Moondragon. Even though Kraven was arrested, he managed to escape confinement as he was hired by Harrison Turk to capture Man-Wolf and to kill J.Jonah, Jameson and his fiancée, Kristine Saunders. Deciding to pit both Jonah and his son against each other before taking out the survivor, Kraven gave Jonah a rifle to use against his own son. However Kraven would be arrested once again before he could properly fulfill his contract. When Kraven managed to free himself, he decided to find a way to augment his powers by kidnapping Dr. Herbert Malraux. Even though Kraven did manage to kidnap Malraux, he also captured the attention of Tigra who pursued Kraven to an abandoned circus arena. Even though Kraven posed as a greater threat against Tigra, she managed to ultimately defeat Kraven as he suffered from fatal injuries.

    Failing Honor and Reputation

    After healing from his wounds, Kraven would face another defeat from Tigra when she was investigating a murder caused by Kraven. Captured and left for the authorities, Kraven managed to avoid the murder charge because of Tigra being unable to testify in court by not making her appearance. Still apprehended, Kraven easily escaped custody to pursue his mercenary career but was forced to hire his services at a lower price because of his bad reputation. Hired alongside with Tarantula by Dr Edward Lansky, both men were ordered to kidnap and deliver Richard Gorman. With Spiderman catching onto both villains, Tarantula managed to deliver Gorman while Kraven desperately fought Spiderman on the roof of a movie marquee. Spiderman would defeat Kraven when he accidentally electrocuted himself and was left for the arriving authorities. Before being sent back to prison, Kraven made his escape and returned to one of his original hideouts. When Tigra learned of Kraven's escape, the confident hero made her attempt on bringing Kraven to justice once again only to find herself being trapped and enslaved by Kraven. With Tigra at his command, Kraven knew how dangerous and useful Tigra can be for another attempt on gaining revenge against Spiderman. Managing to kidnap Spiderman and bring him to his lair to force Tigra into killing the hero, Kraven’s plan backfired when Tigra escaped from Kraven's clutches as both heroes successfully overpowered and defeated Kraven. Defeated and humiliated by another loss, Kraven left America to the Carribean islands to rethink his plans and how to restore honor in his name. Knowing that Spiderman was his primary challenge and that his tactic of using Tigra to kill his prey was an unhonorable attempt, this was the developing step of Kraven's unstable ego that slowly became an obsession.

    For Calypso's Love

    Taking a different path on restoring his name, Kraven respectfully returned to his hunting lifestyle and transporting zoo animals to various countries. He also would encounter and became romantically involved with Calypso Ezili who was a local voodoo priestess. Taking an interest within Kraven because of his former criminal nature and obsessive need to hunt, she would quickly be disappointed by the fact that Kraven strictly followed his own morals of gaining honor. As Kraven denied her goading as she pressured and taunted Kraven into returning to his pointless vendetta against Spiderman, Calypso would frame Spiderman of releasing Kraven’s animal shipments in New York City. Managing to subdue all animals with the help of some civilians, Kraven would suspect foul play when Calypso quickly blamed Spiderman for the incident. However her continuous gloating managed to pressure Kraven into fighting Spiderman as he tricked the web slinger into meeting him at the Museum of Natural History. With Spiderman showing up to investigate a break in, Kraven showed himself to Spiderman before confronting the hero of zoo animal incident. As both Spiderman and Kraven began fighting, Calypso was watching elsewhere until the arriving authorities managed to capture her. With Kraven nearly succeeding on killing Spiderman and becoming overconfident, Spiderman managed to save himself from near death and continue his struggling fight with Kraven. Overcoming Kraven and chasing him as he began to flee, Spiderman caught up to the hunter as he gave him a devastating punch that Kraven out the door of the museum and next the feet of the authorities. With both Kraven and Calypso arrested, both of them managed to escape custody as the obsessed and angered Kraven plans his next step alongside with Calypso.

    Remembering how close he came to fully accomplishing his primary goal with his recent encounter with Spiderman, Kraven desperately trained himself for his next hunt against Spiderman. With Calypso still at his side, Kraven cared less for her continuous gloating and attempts on manipulating her lover for her own twisted desires. Prepared and ready for his final challenge against Spiderman, Kraven managed to track the hero down and attack him with a variety of hunting weapons. Even though Kraven was confident that Spiderman would be defeated, the on-looking Calypso realized that Kraven was outmatched and secretly decided to use a blowgun and shoot Spiderman with a rare hallucination dart. As Spiderman started to feel the effects of the dart and fend off against Kraven’s continuous attacks, Kraven would suspect something wrong when he began realizing that Spiderman was acting differently. Seeing the hero frantically fall victim to the hallucination, Kraven would be disgusted by Calypso’s tactics and decided to save Spiderman from being hit by an oncoming bus. Believing that victory was cheated from him again, Kraven left Calypso to her own fate as he honorably surrendered himself to the authorities.

    First Blood

    After being freed from prison by an AIM agent who was seeking his services to capture Ka-Zar alive, Kraven cared less about what the agent wanted and decided to gain vengeance on Ka-Zar for his recent defeat. Nearly successful on killing Ka-Zar, Kraven would ironically be saved by his enemy when both men nearly fell to their death. Out of respect for Ka-Zar saving his life, Kraven gave up his vendetta against Ka-Zar and helped him recover from his recent injury by AIM.

    After his incident with Ka-Zar, Kraven’s mind started becoming unstable because of how he felt limited and that achieving honor was the cause for his ruined reputation. Giving up his moral code, Kraven continued his career as costumed villain who began robbing stores and various buildings. Kraven would later run into another enemy, when the furious Tigra encountered Kraven after investigating a robbery at a local museum. Not wishing to fight Tigra, Kraven made the attempt to avoid the hero only to find himself forced into fighter to the death after she drew first blood. As the fight took itself to Griffith Park where several onlookers were witnessing the fight, Kraven was unaware the among the crowd was the villain murderer known as Scourge of the Underworld who was planning on killing Kraven. As Kraven fought against Tigra dishonorably, he nearly could have killed her if it wasn’t for the arrival of the West Coast Avengers. Apprehended once more, Kraven would be released by an agent of Mephisto known as Mr. Bitterhorn to recruit Kraven to join a massive army against the arriving being known as the Beyonder. Instead Kraven was one of the many villains who were defeated by an empowered Thing and quickly finding himself returning to jail.

    Kraven's Last Hunt

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    One of the darkest chapters in Kraven’s history was when he finally realized what has become of him. After being released from prison, Kraven began suffering from night terrors and feared that his sanity was lost because of how he lost honor to his name for all the prior defeats he suffered from. Believing that Spider-Man was the source of all his problems and fears, Kraven needed to find a way to regain honor by overcoming his fears and seeing himself better than Spider-Man. Kraven obviously altered his self-proclaimed ways to achieve honor and decided that if he couldn’t beat Spider-Man, he could be better than Spider-Man at what he does. With a hunting rifle loaded with tranquilizers, Kraven quickly tracked down Spider-Man and easily overpowered him because of his change of methods. Managing to have Spider-Man deeply unconscious, Kraven buried Spider-Man alive as he moved onto the next step of his plan. Wearing the Spider-Man costume, Kraven patrolled the streets like Spider-Man usually did and expressed his violent form of justice as a desperate attempt to be the better hero. Kraven would encounter and save Mary Jane from two muggers as she quickly realized that it wasn’t her husband after witnessing Kraven viciously beat the muggers to a pulp. Upon learning of the cannibalistic murders of a monster known as Vermin, Kraven knew of Vermin’s history with Spider-Man and how the monster nearly killed Spider-Man and also finally found the chance to prove himself better. Hunting the creature down as Spider-Man, both Kraven and Vermin viciously fought each other until Kraven proved more dominate over the monster.

    Taking him back to one of his lairs to be tortured and caged like an animal, Kraven would wait for the final part of his plan, which was the resurrection of Spider-Man. Buried for two weeks straight, Spider-Man revived and escaped from his grave, first thing that Spider-Man did was hunt down Kraven. With Kraven expecting Spider-Man, the hunter would take Spider-Man’s beatings as he revealed himself successful against Spider-Man. With Spider-Man confused, Kraven had to be sure that he was better as he claimed to be and led the angered Spider-Man into trap that forced both Spider-Man and the scared Vermin into fighting each other. With Kraven watching the fight, Kraven stopped the fight when Vermin was seconds away from killing Spider-Man. Letting the monster escape, Kraven helped the defeated Spider-Man to his feet to pursue the monster. But before Spider-Man left, Kraven sworn that he would never hunt again as he finally found honor within himself because of Spider-Man. Kraven later committed suicide that night after signing a confession with pictures that Spider-Man was innocent of Kraven’s vigilantism during his time as Spider-Man. With Spider-Man left traumatized from the event, Kraven was laid to rest next to the same grave that Spider-Man was buried in. Even though Kraven's tombstone was marked that he died honorably, it was a fact that it was only a self-proclaimed delusion that forced the desperate Kraven to find honor within his name.

    Legacy of Kraven

    It would be years before Kraven would haunt Spider-Man once more. When Peter was visited by Kraven’s spirit to help him be free from eternal torment, Spider-Man finally gave in and accepted Kraven’s challenge by visiting his grave and found himself fighting a zombie version of Kraven that risen from his grave. Feeling guilty because of recent events, Spider-Man was challenged of giving up his life until he realized that his life was worth something to live for and found himself proclaiming Kraven’s spirit to be free. It’s unclear if this was indeed the real Kraven himself or another entity seeing how another Kraven would later be temporarily revived and claiming to be a tormented soul from hell.

    Spider-Man would eventually be hounded by another Kravinoff named Vladimir Kravinoff (the Grim Hunter), who was one of Kraven’s children that swore to avenge his father’s death and succeed on making his attempt against Spider-Man. Even though Vladimir was possibly much more powerful and skilled than his father, his career as a hunter was cut short when the insane Spider-Man clone known as Kaine murdered Vladimir. Kraven’s half-brother Chameleon also made his short attempt as Kraven and devised a plan of regaining revenge on Spider-Man for Kraven’s death. Chameleon would suffer a mental breakdown from all the torment he received from Kraven when they were children.

    Another one of Kraven’s children would take up the hunter mantle as this one would convince several people that he was indeed the resurrected Kraven himself. Alyosha Kravinoff would strictly resemble his father, but later would follow his own footsteps rather than his fathers and cared little for gaining honor as he continued his career in the film business and eventually went mad after digesting one of his father’s herb potions.

    After the event where Spiderman restarted his life after making a deal with Mephisto, another one Kraven’s children made her appearance. Dangerous as her own father and extremely dedicated to her father’s twisted self-proclaimed morals, Ana Kravinoff was dedicated on gaining vengeance against Spiderman and fulfilling her father’s hunt against the hero. Guided by her mother and one of Kraven’s wives known as Sasha Kravinoff, both Sasha and Ana would spend their time underground and planning a way to both revive Kraven himself and see to it that Spiderman finally becomes the hunted.

    The Grim Hunt

    After Sasha learned how to revive her deceased husband through means of sacrificing the one thing that Kraven feared, which was spiders. Forming an elaborate plan to capture and kill/sacrifice all those who wore the spider symbol, Sasha ensured that Spider-Man himself would be the last victim of her scheme. Managing to kidnap Madame Web and use her as an advantage, Sasha formed the Kravinoff family and managed to capture Araña, Arachne, and Mattie Franklin. With the help of Diablo, Electro, and Mysterio, Sasha first sacrificed Mattie that revived Vladimir who has reformed himself into a monstrous beast. With the belief that they later captured Spider-Man in a trap, Sasha would finally revive her husband from the grave after sacrificing the hero. Revived and angered that he was taken away from eternal happiness that was given to him years ago with the help of Spider-Man. Kraven was disgusted with what became of his family besides his dedicated daughter Ana. What angered Kraven the most was the fact that he can no longer die because of the sacrifice and that only Spider-Man himself can kill Kraven.

    Knowing that the Spider-Man Sasha sacrificed was the clone known as Kaine, Kraven would take the advantage of the situation and force the real Spider-Man into a fight that would end with Kraven’s death. As Spider-Man gained extra strength and abilities because of his rage, the enraged hero managed to take out each individual of the Kravinoff family and finally face Kraven in a fight to the death. As both Kraven and Spider-Man faced each other in a brutal fight, as Kraven predicted, Spider-Man gained the upper-hand and was one kill-blow away from ending Kraven’s life. Yet, Spider-Man would spare Kraven’s life after witnessing the future outcome of Kraven’s death and deny Kraven from his demanding request. Managing to escape the scene with his family, Kraven and his family moved to the Savage Land as a way to rebuild a better and much more stronger Kravinoff family. With Sasha angered with Kraven’s decision, Kraven finally killed Sasha by snapping her neck for the recent events. As an expression of love for his favored son Vladimir, Kraven gave his son the one thing that he wanted, which was death. With two members of the Kravinoff family dead by Kraven’s own hands, Alyosha left Kraven in a fit of disgust. Noticing that his daughter Ana was the only dedicated member and wasn’t afraid of her father, Kraven offered her chance to help rebuild a better family after giving the command to go hunt and kill her brother Alyosha.

    The Hunted

    Ever since his family brought him back from the dead, Kraven has never felt like himself. He believed he could only be killed by Spider-Man, so he worked with Arcade and a clone of himself that he raised like a son to create a trap. Pretending to reclaim his former glory, Kraven set up a game hunt with New York's rich and powerful against the Spider-Man's many animal themed villains, whom he targeted for stealing the valor of the animal kingdom, in Central Park. When Spider-Man showed up to rescue his foes, Kraven cornered him and requested he kill him. Spider-Man refused. Not surprised, Kraven dressed in a copy of Spider-Man's uniform and positioned himself to be killed by his clone-son. His son succeeded, but it broke his spirit. He attempted to commit suicide using his father's rifle, but he found a note. It explained that his son has passed his test and that the hunt is now his. His clone-son was last scene cutting his hair and putting on father's gear, thus becoming the new Kraven the Hunter.

    Powers and abilities

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    Kraven is a very skilled and experienced hunter. With his developed and taught abilities, Kraven’s hunting skills were world- renowned. He was possibly the worlds greatest hunter. Kraven studied his prey to find any possible weakness before making an attack; because of this, Kraven could individually hunt the most dangerous and challenging animals with success. Even though Kraven had gained his experience within the environment of the African safari, he could easily analyze and study any type of environment and use it as an advantage over his prey. Even within urban areas such as New York City and San Francisco, to nearly undiscovered lands like the Savage Land.

    Kraven had also developed a self-taught fighting style that strictly focused on capturing and gaining an advantage over an opponent. Most likely developed from his experience with taming animals, Kraven was very well known for his nerve punch attack that could even paralyze super powered opponents. Aside from his experience in hand-to-hand combat, Kraven was very proficient with all forms of hunting and animal taming equipment. Even though Kraven was seen using tribal-like weaponry and equipment such as spears, shields, and axes, he had been seen using conventional forms of hunting equipment such as rifles and bows despite the fact that he prefers more antiquated weaponry.

    Kraven was also a very experienced animal tamer and a manipulator for any type of super powered individual who displays any animalistic features or traits. Mostly through methods of physical restraint, usage of mind-altering herbs, and manipulation, Kraven was experienced in having any form of animal bend to his will through means of dominance, even if they are extra terrestrial.

    Aside from his knowledge and experience with hunting and animal taming, Kraven was also very experienced with foreign and exotic jungle herbs and creating and designing a variety of potions with them. After digesting the special herb potion that he found from a local witch doctor, Kraven's body became faster, stronger, and more agile than a normal man at his highest peak. Kraven could lift approximately 2 tons and run in short sprints approximately at 60 mph, and he can do a standing broad jump up to 20 feet long, as well jump or land from great heights. Even Kraven's senses became slightly enhanced to where his sight, hearing, and smell increased. Kraven's physiology also increased to where his body could endure a slightly greater amount of fatigue and pain tolerance before tiring. Another result of the potion managed to halt Kraven's age. However, the increased powers and abilities were temporary, which forced Kraven to digest another potion periodically as a way to retain his powers and halt his aging.

    After being fully revived, Kraven has found himself becoming immortal through mystical means that are connected to Spider-Man himself. Capable of healing from fatal injuries and not needing the use of the potion, Kraven still retained his abilities and possibly found them slightly increasing. However the full nature of Kraven's new display of powers and immortality isn’t fully explained besides the claim that Kraven can only die by Spiderman’s own hand. So far we have seen Kraven recover from a stab to the chest from his daughter, Ana, and appear fine when stabbed in the shoulder by Venom.


    • Height: 6' 0"
    • Weight: 235 lbs
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Hair: Black

    Weapons and Equipment

    Kraven has carried and owned a massive collection of weapons, tools, and equipment that are mostly used for hunting. Because of his fanaticism with “hunting out of honor”, Kraven has deduced his collection down to spears, knives, and mostly other tribal used weaponry and equipment. Among his arsenal of weaponry that Kraven used was Bantu war clubs, javelins, spears, bolos, hunting nets, axes, machetes, tribal swords, whips, bowie knives, blowguns, and a custom made gauntlet that’s made from animal claws.

    Even though Kraven shuns himself from using conventional weaponry, he has used hunting rifles, gas grenades, garottes, and other scientific equipment like electromagnetic collars and magnetic iron manacles.

    Kraven's Lion's Head Vest

    One of Kraven’s former well-known trademark weapons that he naturally used was his vest, another form of weaponry that Kraven shunned himself from because of its nature. The vest is custom made and also made from leather that’s lined with real lion’s fur that covers the shoulder and back portion of the vest. The interior of the vest is lined with silk and has two secret compartments that holds two elbow pumps which emits various forms of attacks that could stun, tranquilize, and a double ray electro-burst or ultra-sonic blaster. The right elbow pump acts as the main pump which discharges the attack through plastic tubing that’s also lined within the vest and emitted through the eye’s on the outer chest portion of the vest. The main pump also features a safety valve and a valve for the airflow mixture. The left elbow pump is the safety release, which is pumped twice through plastic tubing that’s connected to the main pump.

    Even though Kraven has made attempts on avoiding the usage of poisons, he naturally carries a vast array of poisons that specifically slows down his enemies. When using these poisons, Kraven adds the poison onto the tips of darts, spears, or other weaponry he uses in fighting. Aside from poisons, Kraven also carries certain chemicals and potions that could alter his victim’s perception, even capable numb Spiderman’s spider sense. Kraven naturally keeps these poisons, potion, and other chemicals with his tusk belt, which is another form of equipment that he never wears anymore.

    Alternate Versions


    In the Marvel Zombiverse, Kraven transformed into a zombie after having his throat bit off by a zombified Spider-Man and later joining a zombified version of the Sinister Six.


    Sergei Kravinoff was an Australian and the host of his own reality show in which he hunted down dangerous animals.

    He intended to hunt and kill Spider-Man on live TV in order to boost his ratings. But when he finally confronted Spider-Man, he was knocked out with a single punch (revealing that he was actually a fraud), only to be arrested by the police moments later.

    His defeat was captured on live television and after this public humiliation his show was cancelled.

    In the Ultimate Six story arc, Kraven genetically tampered with his DNA, allowing him to become a gruesome werewolf-like monster. He did this to be able to get revenge on Spider-Man and try to get his show uncanceled.

    Unfortunately he was arrested by the Ultimates for illegal genetic tampering before he could face Spider-Man. They imprison him with Spider-Man's other genetically altered enemies Dr. Octopus, Electro, Sandman and the Green Goblin.

    After their escape he joins them in a plot to regain their permanent freedom. Unfortunately their plan fails and it ends with a big showdown between the Six and the Ultimates. Kraven, on the cusp of attacking Spider-Man, gets hit by one of Thor's thunderbolts in a moment of dramatic irony and is recaptured by S.H.I.E.L.D. He mentions that his battle with Spider-Man lost him his wife and job.


    In this reality, Kraven the Hunter is turned into an anthropomorphic Raven named Raven the Hunter.


    Craven is a train robber who came into confrontation with the cowboy themed spider-hero, Web-Slinger.


    Kraventooth the Hunter is a sabretooth tiger who feuds with Spider-Rex.

    Other Media


    The Marvel Super Heroes (1966)

    Kraven made his very first debut on television in 1966 in an Iron Man episode within the cartoon show. Alongside with his half-brother Chameleon, both villains would cross Iron Man after making the attempt of stealing his magneton laser weapon. He was voiced by Chris Wiggins.

    Spider-Man (1981)

    No Caption Provided

    Kraven makes his appearance within the episode known as "The Hunter and The Hunted". Within this episode Kraven is hired by Jameson to kidnap Ka-Zar's pet animal Zabu for publicity which actually attracts Ka-Zar's attention as the hero finds himself trapped by Kraven himself. Eventually Kraven kidnaps both Jameson and his nephew as well and this captures Spiderman's attention where the hero managed to foil Kraven's publicity attempts and save both Ka-Zar and Jameson.

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    In another plot unrelated to Kraven's character within comics, Kraven makes his appearance within the episode known as "The Crime of All Centuries" where brings proof of the dinosaurs' existence after returning from the Savage Land and makes an unsuccessful attempt to create his own dinosaur army after kidnapping and using Firestars powers. He was voiced by Robert Ridgely.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    No Caption Provided

    Kraven's appearance within this show displayed him mre of a heroic character rather than the obsessive villain in comics. Making his first appearance within the episode known as "Kraven the Hunter", Kraven was described as a dying man who suffered a fatal Hyena attack and his fiancee known as Dr. Mariah Crawford used a serum on him that healed his wounds but also sent Kraven into a violent state of fury that caused him to go mad. After encountering and fighting Spiderman, the hero would cure Kraven from the serum's violent effects and restore Kraven back to normal, Kraven also retained his abilities that he gained from serum as well. Kraven would later reappear to hunt down Spiderman who was mutating into a rampaging monster and found himself allying with Punisher as both men later found the monstrous Spiderman and helped the hero to be restored to normal with Crawfords asistance. Kraven would make his last appearance when his fiancee was subjected to the serum and was forced to halt her rampaging attacks. After doing so with Spiderman and Black Cats help, both Kraven and Crawford left New York together and was never seen from again. He was voiced by Gregg Berger.

    Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

    No Caption Provided

    Kraven appears in "Mind Games," the two-part series finale, voiced by Star Trek actor Michael Dorn. It is stated that Kraven had been defeated by Spider-Man in the past, but escaped from the Ukrainian gulag where he was being held. After showing up in New York, he partners with Silver Sable to get revenge on Spider-Man. Their initial encounter goes bad, with Sable being captured and Kraven only barely managing to evade the police. Kraven returns for another battle with Spider-Man, and kills Mary Jane in the ensuing fight. However, this all turns out to be an elaborate ruse and not reality.

    It is revealed that in the backstory of the show, Kraven helped the KGB track down and experiment on a husband and wife back in Russia. Though the couple eventually died, their twin children, Roland and Roxanne Gaines, survived and gained powerful mental abilities from the serum that killed their parents. It turns out that the Gaines twins implanted memories in Spider-Man's mind to make him think that Kraven had murdered Mary Jane, which they hoped would drive the hero to kill Kraven in retaliation. An enraged Spider-Man tracks down Kraven and nearly kills him, but stops after Kraven says that this is the first time he's seen Spider-Man in years. Kraven is ultimately taken away by the NYPD, while Spider-Man sets out to stop the Gaines twins.

    Spectacular Spider-Man

    Kraven appears in the episode "Destructive Testing. A well skilled hunter who is determined to hunt Spider-Man. He first appeared in the episode "Destructive Testing." Garbed in a lion-

    No Caption Provided

    themed vest similar to his comic book counterpart, he is the most skilled hunter in the known world, relying only on his natural skills to subdue his prey. He arrived in New York with Calypso and his pet lion (who was trained to track anything) and had confronted Spider-man. However, following his first defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, he becomes convinced that the only reason he lost was due to Spider-Man's genetically altered physiology. As such, he enlists the aid of Professor miles Warren for his own powers, which transforms him into a lion/man hybrid. He then joins the Sinister Six, but is eventually defeated by Spider-Man. He was voiced by Phil LaMarr.

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    No Caption Provided

    Kraven appears in the second season of the show, voiced by Diedrich Bader and debuting in a self-titled episode. This version of the character collects mystical artifacts that he takes from his victims, and uses more high-tech weaponry than his traditional comics incarnation. He also killed White Tiger's father, and seeks to kill her as well to take possession of her Tiger Amulet. Though he is thwarted, he appears as a recurring villain throughout the series, and joins the show's version of the Sinister Six.

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    No Caption Provided

    Kraven appears in the episode "Kraven's Amazing Hunt," where he arrives in New York to hunt down Spider-Man and Miles Morales for his reality show. However, it is revealed that he'd actually been hired by Norman Osborn to turn over both Spider-Men for experimentation. He was voiced by Troy Baker. He returns in "Spider-Island: Part 3," where he hunts Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn after they're turned into human/spider hybrids by the Jackal's chemicals.

    This same version of the character also appears in the Avengers: Black Panther's Quest episode "T'Challa Royale," with Baker reprising his role. He hunts Black Panther on the island of Pele Pele after being given permission to film by Erik Killmonger, but is ultimately defeated.

    Video Games

    • Kraven in Shattered Dimensions
      Kraven in Shattered Dimensions

      Spider-Man 2: Sinister Six - Kraven is a major boss battle in the game for Gameboy Color, and has taken over Central Park. Spider-Man goes there, and defeats all of the Hunter's henchmen before discovering the Zoo. When Spider-Man finally reaches the end of the zoo, Kraven is there, and tells him that he regrets kidnapping Aunt May because it lacked honor. Nontheless Kraven attacks Spider-Man, using his spear and throwing knives. After defeating him Kraven complements Spidey's skill and tells him Aunt May can be found at the empty Empire State University labs.

    • Spider-Man: The Movie - Kraven appears as a boss battle exclusive to the Xbox version of the Spider-Man video game, inspired by the film of the same name. He is hired by Norman Osborn to kill Spider-Man, but he turns down Osborns money, using the thrill of the hunt as his payment. He lights a massive spider-shaped pyre aflame to bring Spider-Man to him, and fights him with poison gas, his rifle, throwing knives, a machete and an arsenal of potions. After defeating him he gives Spider-Man the antidote to his poison but refuses to tell Spidey who sent him,. He is then left for the police to pick up.
    • Spider-Man 3 - Despite taking place in the same continuity as the first game, this game assumes the first game's events didn't happen- both with Kraven and Scorpion. Kraven and his lover Calypso arrive in New York to hunt the Lizard, only to be interrupted by Spider-Man now wearing the Symbiote. He fights with mainly with his machete, but at various points in the battle consumes potions. The first one, a yellow potion, gives him energy bear-claws and a bear head, and greatly increases his melee damage. His second potion, a blue one, uses bird shapes, giving him energy recreations of a bird's wings, feet and head. In this mode Kraven can fly, drop bombs and makes him harder to hit. His final potion, the purple one, gives him the energy features of a Panther, and greatly increases his speed and melee damage. After the fight Kraven and Calypso escape, and Spider-Man goes to confront a giant version of the Lizard.
    • Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Kraven the Hunter only appears in the 2D sidescroller version of the game for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PSP, and Playstation 2. In this version of the game he is in the sewers, and Spider-Man just happens to run into him. They fight and Kraven is quickly defeated. It is unknown if he was infected by a symbiote after this point or not.
    • Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Kraven appears in the game, receiving his piece of the tablet from the internet. The tablet greatly increases his strengths and speed. In order to recover the piece of the tablet, Spider-Man journeys to Africa, where he confronts the Hunter in a Thunderdome-style arena. Kraven dual wields blades and can raise spikes out of the floor. After defeating him, Spider-Man kicks him through the colliseum and recovers the tablet. He is voiced by Jim Cummings.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Kraven appears in the video game adaptation of the film, voiced by Steven Blum. This version of the character arrives to New York and acts as a mentor to Spider-Man, seeking to help the hero become a great hunter like him. Spider-Man eventually turns on Kraven after the hunter is willing to let Cletus Kasady murder a man. Spider-Man defeats Kraven and leaves him webbed to a tree.
    • Spider-Man 2 - Kraven the Hunter appears as one of the main villains of Insomniac's sequel. After receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, he has come to New York City hoping one of the superhumans will give him a dignified death on his feet, rather than succumbing to illness in a hospital bed.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Kraven was featured in ToyBiz's line for the 90s Spider-Man animated series.
    • Kraven was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Universe line.
    • Kraven was featured in ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics line. This same figure was featured in Marvel Legends Spider-Man vs. Sinister 6 box set with a new headsculpt.
    • Kraven was featured in ToyBiz's Stunt System line.
    • Bowen Designs, XM Studios and Diamond Select produced statues and busts of Kraven.
    • Eaglemoss produced a lead Kraven figurine.
    • Kraven was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Kraven was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Kraven was featured in Hasbro's line for the original Spider-Man movies, despite not appearing in any of them.
    • Kraven was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Hasbro produced a Marvel Legends figure of Kraven for the Rhino Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Kraven was featured in the Funko Mystery Minis line.
    • Kraven was featured in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • Kraven was featured in the Ultimate Spider-Man "Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge" Lego kit.
    • Hasbro later released a special Marvel Legends "Kraven's Last Hunt" two-pack as a Target exclusive.

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