Joker's Daughter

    Character » Joker's Daughter appears in 22 issues.

    One of the new breed, wild metahuman from Kingdom Come reality.

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    This is the page for the Kingdom Come Joker's Daughter/Harlequin.


    Created by Alex Ross and Mark Waid for Kingdom Come mini-series this new version of Joker's Daughter is said to be a riot girl and follows certain ways of the Joker. Visually based in artist Jill Thompson.

    Kingdom Come

    The original Joker's Daughter was seen as an inhabitant of Earth-22, aka Kingdom Come earth.

    Joker's Daughter was one of the wild, careless metahumans of the new breed with a reckless behavior and a disdain for the security of innocent bystanders. Because of this she was among the vigilantes put in prison by Superman in the Kansas' Gulag.

    During the riot and massive escape planned by Luthor Joker's Daughter was trapped by Fate inside his dimensional cape and she survived the bomb send by the UN against the heroes of the world. She was seen later among the metas resident in Themyscira.

    TheJust: #EarthMe

    In the limited series Multiversity, a very similar version lives in Earth-16, as friend of Alexis Luthor. This other version of Joker's Daughter is more interested in parties and social events than any criminal activity. It was revealed her identity is Jill Scott.


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