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    Home of the Supersons and the DC 90's characters. A crimeless utopia where the children of the superheroes live as supercelebrities.

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    Earth-16, nicknamed earth-me is one of the many worlds featured in the Multiversity saga. Originally the number was given by Young Justice animated tv series to the world were the adventures of such show happenend, but after Flashpoint the number was reassigned to a universe pretty much inspired in the DC universe characters of the 90s, like Kyle Rayner, Artemis, the New Bloods (Argus and Loose Cannon, Impulse, Wally West, Natasha Irons, with a heavy influence of the reality television shows as the Hills. In the comic book, the the animated show was hinted in a minor easter egg.

    Described also as the world of the Super-sons, earth-16 include an update of Bob Haney's Supersons characters, with the mantle of Batman Jr and Superman Jr used by most recent characters Damian Wayne and Christopher Kent. Also some elements from Kingdom Come universe (earth 22) exists too in this world.


    Earth 16 is a world where the superheroes finally won over the forces of evil. Thanks to the endless patrolling Superman robots, who had rid the world of disasters and crime, the sons and daughters of the olders teams had nothing to do but to live their boring hedonistic lives as supercelebrities, awaiting for something interesting.

    The surviving members of the Justice League had nothing to do but playing reenactment of old battles against enemies like the Red Amazo, meanwhile the second generation heroes, younger metacelebrities are spending their time in parties and social events.

    However the unexpected suicide of Saffi Mason was the first of several events (the malfunction of the robots, the depression of Green Lantern and Offspring, the deteriorating health of Kon-El) than revealed than that earth was under a parallel universe attack inducted by a nocive meme carried by the Gentry agent Dame Merciless, who corrupted the mind of Alexis Luthor. Depiste the Gentry invasion was averted thanks to the combined efforts of several heroes of different worlds, how the attack was stopped by the unready heroes of earth 16 had been not revealed.


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